The St. Tammany Parish School Board is committed to providing an excellent educational system that focuses on outstanding student achievement and preparation for lifetime success.  The School Board believes that its mission is enhanced by the professionalism of its employees.  The professional status of staff members is reinforced by appropriate dress and appearance.  Since students learn by example, it is important that employees serve as role models for students.  Moreover, the community’s attitude toward the School System and the education profession is related to the manner in which employees present themselves.


All employees shall exercise good judgment in their choice of appearance at work by dressing in a way that is appropriate to the situation and in a manner that will invoke a positive impression with students and the community.  Such professional dress should promote a working and learning environment that is conducive to high student and staff performance. Inappropriate clothing, paraphernalia, grooming, jewelry, accessories, or body adornments that are in any way disruptive or potentially disruptive to the learning environment are prohibited.


Principals and other administrative supervisors are delegated the authority and bear the responsibility for ensuring compliance with this mandatory policy and are expected to counsel and/or discipline employees whom they supervise on professional appearance in conformance with this mandatory policy.


Items that are not acceptable in the workplace include the following:


  1. Skirts, dresses, and other articles of clothing that are inappropriately short for working with or around students.

  2. Spaghetti strap dresses and tops without jackets.

  3. Athletic wear such as jogging suits, except for physical education teachers.

  4. Shorts of any kind (Physical education teachers may wear appropriate coaching shorts during physical education classes.  Teachers may wear wide leg, walking shorts only on field trips or system wide teacher days as designated on the official School System calendar.  Bus operators and bus aides may wear wide leg, walking shorts on the job. Custodial and maintenance workers may wear wide leg, walking shorts, with approval of supervisor, while performing outdoor duties.)

  5. Garments (e.g., “midriffs”; halter tops; backless clothing; “tube” tops; garments made of fishnet, mesh, or similar material; tank tops; “muscle” tops, etc.) that inappropriately bare or expose private areas of the body.

  6. Jeans of any nature, except for field trips or system wide teacher days as designated on the official school system calendar (Agricultural and Industrial Arts teachers, bus operators and bus aides, custodial workers, and maintenance workers may wear jeans.)  If no students are on campus on the Professional Development Day/Record Keeping Day at the end of the First (1st) and Third (3rd) Grading Periods, teachers may wear jeans as long as they are not going off campus for a workshop.

  7. Inappropriately sheer or tight clothing.

  8. “Flip-Flops” or other beach-style sandals.

  9. Leggings may be worn under tunic tops or skirts that are fingertip length or no more than five (5) inches above the knee.


Adopted:  January 11, 2018



Ref:    Board minutes, 1-11-18


St. Tammany Parish School Board