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Bus Stop Locator


The bus route information is as accurate as possible, using the most current information sources available. Bus information listed using the Bus Stop Locator is for general information purposes only and should not be considered a legal representation. Parents must call the bus drivers named on the listing to verify bus stop information and determine at what times a bus stops at a particular location.

The Bus Stop Locator may identify more than one bus stop location. Parents should evaluate the location options and choose the location that best serves their children.

The Bus Stop Locator is available for regular education transportation only. Drivers of special needs buses will call parents with transportation information. Parents also may call the Transportation Department at 985-898-3373 for information concerning special needs transportation.


The Edulog Parent Portal Bus Tracking App provides the latest bus times and location of a student's bus stop. Parents can also see the up to the minute location of the school bus and receive an alert when the bus is near the bus stop.