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Teach St. Tammany Alternative Certification

teach st. tammany training

Interested in enrolling in Teach St. Tammany?

Complete the Teach St. Tammany application for the 2024-2025 school year.

Teach St. Tammany Application


Raphael Tillman

Steps to Apply

Determine the area you’d like to teach. This decision determines the Praxis II test you must take before applying for the program and the teaching certificate you will receive. The area you choose can be based on your degree coursework and interests.

Take the Praxis II test aligned to your selected teaching area.  The test must be taken, and scores must be received before completing the application.

Members of the program shared their experiences with Teach St. Tammany.

Teach St. Tammany has been such an incredible experience for me. I have made connections through this program with educators that will impact me for the rest of my life. I am so excited to teach in St. Tammany Parish and can't wait to see where my cohorts and I go.Teach St. Tammany Participant

I am so grateful for this experience. Teach St. Tammany has given me such a strong foundation to move into the classroom. The instructors gave me so many great tools to use and gave a fantastic insight into what it means to be a teacher. Teach St. Tammany Participant

The Teach St. Tammany program has given me an experience I’ll never forget, new friendships and colleagues, and specific strategies and tools to implement in the classroom. The engagement opportunities in class to learn hands-on gave me even more confidence that I will be able to help prepare our children for the future.Teach St. Tammany ParticipantThe Teach St. Tammany Program did such a great job preparing me for the classroom. It laid the foundation for classroom management, literacy, child psychology, and many more important aspects. I am so grateful for every class and instructor we had. They have set us up for success!
- Teach St. Tammany Participant