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General Maintenance Worker M-01 (8 Hours)- Slidell Maintenance

General Maintenance Worker M-01 – 8 hours per day 

Location: Slidell Maintenance 

Annual Salary: $28,536.00
Salary is adjusted according to effective date of employment 

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Employees shall remain in their current position at their current site for two years prior to being eligible to request a transfer; however, if the time spent in the current position at the current site is less than two years, but the position the employee is requesting would provide a salary increase, then the employee may request the transfer to the new position. Once the employee accepts a new position, the two-year requirement to be eligible to transfer shall commence once again. 

Employees in a temporary position may submit a transfer for a permanent position.

Persons interested in applying for this position must submit an online application found on our website at 

Please direct questions regarding the online application to our Human Resources Department at 985-898-3254.

Questions regarding job responsibilities may be directed to Bradley Taylor, Assistant Director of Maintenance, Slidell Warehouse at 985-646-4951 or at