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St. Tammany Parish School Board is committed to accountability and transparency for the local, state, and federal funds that are received. The School Board has provided easy access on this page to the budgets, the annual financial statement, and monthly financial statements. The School Board has also included an online checkbook which indicates all expenditures made by the school district.  

The Finance Department is responsible for accounting, purchasing, payroll, school accounting monitoring, financial reporting, budgeting, and district wide internal control and compliance monitoring. All finances of the School Board are maintained according to School Board policies and governmental generally accepted accounting standards.  

The St. Tammany Parish School Board has a bond rating of AA which is issued by the Standard & Poor’s Rating Services. Very few school systems in Louisiana have a AA rating, and no school system in Louisiana has a higher rating. This high credit rating allows the School Board to continue to save millions of dollars in interest costs on bonds. The savings in interest costs results in substantial savings to property taxpayers.



Accounts Payable



Financial Statements, Budgets, Online Checkbooks and Credit Cards

Finance Internal Controls

Any taxpayer who has questions, concerns, or suggestions should contact Terri Prevost at (985) 898-3217 or