child e-learning with teacher


Register Online

Students enrolling in STPPS for the first time and students transferring to the Virtual School from another STPPS school can register online. STPPS Virtual School will be an option in the “Attendance Zone” dropdown menu of schools when you are completing the registration form.

After completing the registration process online, the submission will be reviewed and a staff member will follow-up with any additional information or documents needed to complete registration.

Please log into the registration portal to check your status. You will be able to see if your application has been accepted or if is still pending. If the application says it is still pending, continue to check back regularly. We are processing a large number of registration applications, so approval will not be immediate. Once the registration is accepted, no additional action is needed to register. Parents and caregivers will receive information about the next steps and information about the virtual orientation and course selection prior to the beginning of the school year.

We ask that parents and caregivers register their children as soon as possible if they determine the virtual school is the best option for their child so we can accurately plan for the number of students who will be enrolled in the virtual school and traditional schools.