Frequently Asked Questions

General Information:

Q: What do I do if I am not certified but want to teach in St. Tammany?

A: Refer to our information regarding alternative certification.

Q: Should I apply if I have not passed all parts of the PRAXIS? Could I be hired on a provisional basis?

A: Practitioner’s Licenses (PLs) are issued to applicants that qualify and allow applicants to work while obtaining their certification. Please refer to the alternative certification section of our website for the requirements to obtain a (PL).

Q: Where can I find each school’s location and contact information?

A: A comprehensive list of our fifty-five (55) schools can be accessed via our School Map and our School Directory.

 Q: What is the curriculum like in St. Tammany?

 A: You can view offered curriculum by referring to our Curriculum and Instruction Programs and Guaranteed Curriculum.

 Q: Does St. Tammany Parish pay any relocation costs?

A: Currently, we do not reimburse you for any costs related to relocation.

Q: Do teachers get tuition exemption in St. Tammany?

A: Teachers are able to apply for Teacher Tuition Assistance.

Salary and Benefits:

 Q: What is your starting salary?

A: Please visit our “Your Salary and Hidden Paycheck” section of our website.

Q: How often are teachers paid?

A: Teachers are paid either monthly or semi-monthly on either a ten (10) or twelve (12) month disbursement; depending on the choice of the teacher at the time of sign up.

 Q: When can I expect my first paycheck?

A: Teachers starting to work on the first day of the new school year receive their first paycheck in August.

Q: What types of benefits are available?

A: Information regarding benefits offered by the St. Tammany Public School System can be found in the “Your Salary and Hidden Paycheck” section of our website.

Q: When does benefit coverage begin for a new employee?

 A: Once an employee is hired, there is a 30 day waiting period and then coverage begins on the first of the following month.

 New Teacher Support

 Q: What opportunity does St. Tammany offer for professional growth and development?

 A: Professional Development is job-embedded. Professional development opportunities are provided at the school and district levels.

Q: Are there supportive parents?

A: The parents of St. Tammany Parish are very involved in and supportive of their children’s education.

Q: Are the administrators supportive of their teachers?

A: Our administrators believe that in order to have successful schools, they must have a successful staff and in order to do that, there has to be full support from them.

Application Process



Q: How do I apply for a teaching position?

 A: To learn about the application process for these positions, please visit the link below:

St. Tammany Parish Public School System Online Jobs Website

Online Applications Process Begins May 7, 2013

Q: How long does my application stay active?

A: Applications, unless otherwise notified, are kept on file for one (1) year.

Q. May resumés be sent to principals?

A: Yes, resumés may be mailed directly to principals. Please refer to our School Directory for addresses.

Q: When are new teachers hired?

A: We fill vacancies throughout the school year as needed; however, our main selection process takes place at the job fair in June. Please visit the “Job Fair” section of our website for more information.

Q: What openings or vacancies are available?

A: Vacancies occur often and are filled as needed. A cumulative vacancy list is posted during job fair season.

Q: Can I visit or observe schools? How do I go about doing so?

A: Yes, you may either contact the principal directly using the information listed on our School Directory or contact Dorable Dangerfield or Charnetta Robinson via email or by calling our department using the contact information listed under “Contact Us”.