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Every school in the district participates in this program. The goal is to involve parents in the child’s education through active participation in school operation and activities (first-aid assistant, library aide, classroom tutor, parenting workshops, chaperones, etc.) Thousands of hours are donated each year by parent volunteers.

Partnerships in Education is a cooperative program between St. Tammany Parish schools, businesses, and other groups in the community. The partnership program offers “partners” the opportunity to get involved with area schools and learn more about the schools and about public education. Involvement ranges from resource speakers, tutors, internships, and sponsorships to donation of materials, supplies, and equipment.

A variety of preschool programs are offered in many of the elementary schools in the district. These programs provide developmentally appropriate learning activities for children in an environment designed to address their social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and creative growth. All classrooms are organized and evaluated using the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS).

A limited number of Pre-kindergarten programs offered for four-year-old children who are eligible to enter public school kindergarten the following year. These programs are funded by federal and state grants (LA 4, Title I, 8g) and are primarily for students considered either economically or academically at risk.

This Special Education program is provided for three through five-year-old students who exhibit developmental delays in one or more areas. Developmentally age-appropriate, pre-school activities and language techniques geared to individual developmental needs of the students are used in the classes. Student placement is decided by the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Committee, following completion of an evaluation based on state criteria.

These classes consist of children from the Pre-kindergarten and Preschool Early Intervention Programs. Special Education and regular education personnel work together to address the individual needs of all students in the classes.

D.A.R.E. is designed to equip elementary children with skills for resisting pressure to experiment with drugs and alcohol. D.A.R.E. instructors are police officers who visit classrooms once a week to present the curriculum to students in fifth grade. The officers have been trained in an intense educational program. Law enforcement agencies parishwide have devoted officers to this program.

Project Read is an intervention program for students in grades one through eight who may have difficulty acquiring language-related skills. The program provides a systematic learning experience with direct teaching of concepts and skills through multisensory techniques. The four components of Project Read are phonics, writing, grammar, and comprehension.

all students in grade one are screened for language-related disorders and placed in the Project Read program if needed. Students are provided instruction in the regular education classroom or in a special education setting (if appropriate).

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