Surrogate –Parent Training

St. Tammany Parish ensures that all children with disabilities are represented by appropriate educational advisors in the special education process. In most instances, parents function as the advisor for their children. When parents are not able to do so, St. Tammany Parish Special Education Department ensures that there are surrogate parents available to assist the school district in developing an appropriate educational plan for the child. To assist our school district in meeting the need for surrogate parents, the following training is being provided:  

Surrogate –Parent Workshop
St Tammany Parish School System

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

9:00 – 11:00 am

Instructional Technology Center
2024 Livingston St
Mandeville, LA 70448

For further information please contact Kim Cochran at
or 985-646-4900.

*Only non school system employees are asked to attend. This can include those who are retired from a school system.



College Transition
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Special Education Parent Advisory Committee

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Adapted Physical Education Program

The purpose of the Adapted Physical Education Program is to provide a specially designed physical education program to those exceptional students who have a significant gross motor deficit or who, for various reasons, are unable to successfully and safely participate in the regular P.E. setting.  The APE curriculum is based on the Louisiana Standards and Benchmarks of regular physical education, focusing on motor, perceptual, cognitive, and social development.  In addition to teaching APE classes, the staff also screens and evaluates students to determine eligibility for services.  When needed they go into the regular P.E. class to consult with P.E. teachers, providing input on safety issues, determining success of student in PE setting, adapting equipment to better accommodate the students’ needs, and team teaching when appropriate.