The Board recognizes that all employees are covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance while acting in their official capacity as an employee of the Board. Should an employee become injured or incapacitated while on duty, said employee shall be entitled to receive, at the employee's option, the appropriate benefits under state workers compensation laws and/or appropriate sick leave benefits under applicable state law. In no case, however, shall the total amount of benefits received exceed the total amount of regular salary the employee was receiving at the time of injury or incapacitation.

Should an accident occur to an employee while in the course of the employee's duties, a detailed report shall be submitted to the Superintendent or his designee. Periodic reports of pro-longed disability shall also be required.

Ref: LA-R.S. 17:1201, 23:1034. Board Minutes Approved October 13, 1983, and Collective Bargaining Agreements.