Under authority granted by the laws of Louisiana, the St. Tammany Parish School Board shall vigorously prosecute acts of vandalism, i.e., willful defacing, damaging, or destroying property or properties belonging to the School System. Further, rewards leading to the arrest and conviction of vandals may be an item of the current expense budget if so authorized by the Board.

The School Board will cooperate with juvenile authorities where students are involved in acts of vandalism in the schools of the Parish.

Every citizen of the parish, students, and members of the police department are urged by the Board to cooperate in reporting any incidents of vandalism to property belonging to the School Board and the name(s) of the person(s) believed to be responsible. Each employee of the parish shall report to the principal of the school every incident of vandalism known to him, and, if known, the name(s) of the one(s) responsible(s). Principals shall forward reports to designated personnel.

The Superintendent is authorized to sign a criminal complaint and to press the charges against perpetrators of vandalism against school property, and is further authorized to delegate, as he sees fit, authority to sign such complaints and to press charges. He is, further, authorized to delegate said authority to Assistant Superintendents and principals of respective elementary, middle and high schools.

Principals shall be authorized to suspend from school any pupil who cuts, defaces or injures any part of St. Tammany Parish Public School buildings or any property belonging to the buildings; or who writes any profane or obscene language or draws obscene pictures in or on any school material or on any St. Tammany Public School premises.

Observance of procedural due process safeguards shall be followed as prescribed in regulation with current policies outlined in Handbook on Attendance, Discipline and Student Records and Smoke Free Workplace.

Ref: LA-R.S. 17:416.