Employees will earn vacation days in accordance with their years of employment with the St. Tammany Parish School Board, as follows:

Years of Employment
Total Number of Vacation
Days Earned Annually
Over 1 but less than 5
Over 5 but less than 10
Over 10 but less than 15
Over 15 but less than 20
Over 20

12 _
17 _

Employees are to use their vacation beginning with the first year in which it is accrued. A maximum of five (5) days of vacation may be carried forward to the next calendar year. Any vacation not carried forward will be lost.


The following holidays will be observed:

New years’ Day
Martin Luther King Day
Mardi Gras
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

In the event any of the foregoing holidays should fall on a Saturday or Sunday, they will be observed on a Friday or Monday, respectively. A minimum of thirteen (13) holidays per year shall be granted. As long as Fair Day is observed by the Board, it will be a 14th guaranteed holiday. Depending on the days on which holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Day and Independence Day fall, holidays may be increased as in the 1991-92 school year. Additional holidays may be declared by the Superintendent. Notification of such additional holidays shall be posted in a timely manner. When the Fourth of July falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, the prior Monday or following Friday will be a holiday for all employees.

Ref: Collective Bargaining Agreement, Revised August 1998