Attendance at conferences and seminars or other meetings outside of St. Tammany Parish can provide significant information relative to School Board Members’ educational policy-making role. Board Members are encouraged to participate in state and national conferences associated with their professional organizations.

Each year, the Board shall set a budgeted amount for School Board Members’ travel expenses. Request for travel by individual Board Members shall be submitted to the Board President in advance of any travel arrangements for approval. Allowable expenditures shall follow the guidelines established for all employees of the School System. Prior approval by the Board President shall be necessary for reimbursement. In instances where it is necessary to limit the number of Board Members attending a conference, the Board President shall make the selection of participants. When approval for travel has been received, the Superintendent will make the necessary arrangements for registration, lodging, and travel, in accordance with System travel procedures, or the Board Member may choose to handle travel arrangements and apply for reimbursement, in accordance with all applicable laws, policies, and System financial accounting procedures.

Following attendance at State, Regional, or National conference or seminar, the Board Member shall submit a trip report to the Board President, which will include information on sessions attended and knowledge gained to benefit our School System.

Adopted: August 14, 2008