The following regulations regarding safeguards applicable to the transportation of pupils on public school buses by the St. Tammany Parish School Board:

  1. Pupils who board school buses will be delivered only to their authorized place of delivery, which would be either the school where they are enrolled, or their normal and regular pick-up and drop-off sites. Exceptions to this rule will be exercised only through the authority of the principal of the school where the pupil is enrolled. Notes from parents or guardians to bus operators will not be considered as an exception to this rule.
  2. In cases where pupils are transported to places where there is an exchange of buses before the final destination is reached, the pupils will be required to make the exchange without exception unless authorized by the principal or principals in authority. The principals would grant such exceptions only after having been in contact with parents or guardians of the pupils concerned.
  3. School personnel will not knowingly allow pupils who normally ride school buses to ride with other than parents or guardians as they depart from school.
  4. Buses are assigned to particular schools for the purposes of reporting school bus attendance, for reporting leave time and substitute drivers and verification of route mileage.
  5. Pupil discipline is the direct responsibility of the driver and the principals of the schools which the pupils attend.
    1. Any disciplinary measures used by a bus operator must be sanctioned by the school principal.
    2. Only a school principal or the Director of Transportation may suspend a child from a bus.
  6. The school principal may require a bus to wait for a period of time before departure in cases where the bus is awaiting pupils at the final bell in the afternoon.
  7. Any deviation from regular routing of any child from home to school or vice-versa should have school and/or Transportation Department clearance.
  8. Special bus trips for field trips, etc., are a matter of agreement between the school and the bus driver.

Ref: Board Minutes Revised 1977.