The Board will elect a Parish Superintendent of Schools, having such qualifications as may be fixed by the State Board of Education, for a period not to exceed four years. The Parish Superintendent of Schools shall not be required to be a qualified elector or a resident of the Parish which he is to serve as Superintendent. He shall be requested to devote his entire time to the office of Parish Superintendent of Schools.

If at any time a Parish Superintendent shall be found incompetent, inefficient or unworthy, he may be removed for such cause by a majority vote of the membership of the School Board at any regular meeting or at any special meeting after due notice of said charges against him.

Among the duties assigned to the Superintendent by the legislature is to act as secretary and treasurer to the Board, to devote his entire time to the office of Superintendent of Schools, make recommendations to the Board regarding the hiring and placement of all personnel for which state certification is required, consult with all principals of schools for the hiring and placement of any teacher or other certified personnel at the school in which the principal is employed, consult with teachers regarding recommendations for the hiring or placement of a principal at the school at which the teachers are employed, execute all contracts with teachers employed by the Board, visit as often as possible each school, make quarterly reports to the Board upon the conditions of the schools within the district and to maintain and publish all records of proceedings of the Board.

Ref: Constitution of the State of Louisiana of 1974, Art. 8, Sec. 9(B); LA-R.S. 17:54(B), 17:91, 17:95.