The St. Tammany Parish School Board recognizes the following duties and responsibilities of the Superintendent of Education in St. Tammany Parish:

  1. General Leadership and Guidance:
    1. To provide educational leadership for the entire School System.
    2. To assist the School Board in maintaining a factual perspective of the total school program.
    3. To recommend to the School Board guiding principles for the business administration and professional supervision of the schools.
    4. To help develop and maintain working relationships and professional understanding between administrators and teachers.
    5. To help the School Board interpret the school program to the people and to keep the public intelligently informed concerning school needs.
    6. To coordinate all educational forces in the System.
  2. Financial Support, Records, Reports, and Special Services:
    1. To recommend plans to the School Board for providing adequate financial support for the School System.
    2. To direct the preparation and be responsible for the execution of the budget.
    3. To see that the school funds are spent in a manner which provides the maximum amount of good education for each dollar spent.
    4. To formulate and recommend to the School Board salary schedules for employees.
    5. To serve as purchasing agent for the School Board.
    6. To keep accurate records of all business transactions.
    7. To make financial reports to the State Board of Education and to the St. Tammany Parish School Board.
    8. To see that economic, safe, and efficient transportation is provided for all school children, in accordance with regulations of the School Board.
    9. To prepare recommendations for serving lunches to children and to be responsible for the management and operation of the Lunch/Breakfast/Snack programs.
  3. School Personnel:
    1. Responsible for the appointment, retention, transfer, and promotion of school personnel.
    2. To select, employ, and direct the work of a competent business, professional, and clerical staff in the School Board Office.
    3. To develop and maintain mutual respect and confidence among administrators, supervisors, and teachers.
  4. School Plant Facilities:
    1. To recommend to the School Board provisions for adequate utilization, operation, maintenance, and insurance of all School Board property.
    2. To make recommendation which will ultimately provide adequate buildings and equipment for the entire School System.
    3. To direct the planning, construction, and means of financing new school buildings.
    4. To make recommendations for providing modern, comfortable, and congenial teaching conditions for teachers.
  5. The Education Program:
    1. To provide for intelligent, cooperative, long-time planning and development of the educational program.
    2. To make recommendations to the School Board concerning school curricula.
    3. To direct principals and supervisors in the development and operation of a supervisory program for the improvement of instruction.
    4. To make periodic reports to the School Board and the public on the effectiveness of the school program and instructional needs of the schools.
    5. To keep the School Board, the public, and the teaching personnel informed concerning modern trends and practices in education.
  6. General Requirements:
    1. To notify each member of the School Board of the regular meetings of the Board at least two days in advance of such meetings, furnishing them a list of items of business that will probably come up for consideration, and such other information as may be pertinent to the operation of the public schools of St. Tammany Parish, containing also copies of any legal resolution necessary for the School Board to pass, and to notify all members of the Board in writing of special meetings of the School Board when directed to do so by the President of the Board, giving the item or items of business to be considered at such special meetings.
    2. To provide for the organization of advisory councils composed of principals, teachers, and staff personnel giving them an opportunity to participate with him in broad planning for the School System, the plan or organization for these advisory councils to be generally acceptable to the principals, teachers, staff members, and Superintendent.