The St. Tammany Parish School Board shall provide school transportation service for eligible students based on safety, efficiency, adequacy, and economy. Through the use of publicly owned and privately owned buses, the following shall be taken into consideration in developing the school transportation system:

  1. Every school bus ride in itself is a learning experience and the school bus ride should also leave pupils in the proper frame of mind to take full advantage of the instructional program offered.
  2. Certain Louisiana State rules and regulation items pertaining to the transportation of public school pupils are as follows:
    1. Specifications governing school bus equipment, purchasing and ownership of buses.
    2. Establishing bus routes.
    3. Inspection of buses.
    4. Operating and maintaining student transportation services.
    5. Qualification procedures for hiring school bus drivers.
    6. Driving regulations and providing for pre-service and in-service training of school bus drivers in accordance with the guidelines established by the Louisiana Department of Education.
    7. Insurance.
  3. The Board shall establish its school bus system to conform to and ensure compliance with federal and state pupil transportation laws, regulations and policies, including drug/alcohol testing as required in the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 and in compliance with 49 CFR, parts 40 and 382.
  4. School employees may ride school buses to and from school if they so desire and where and if space is available on the bus.