The School Lunch/Breakfast/Snack Programs should be developed as an educational experience for the students in St. Tammany Parish. The entire school staff should provide opportunities through the School Lunch/Breakfast/Snack Programs for nutrition education for health and social development, and for correlating the program with other curriculum areas.

  1. Lunch Schedule
    1. If at all possible, the lunch program should not begin before 11:30 a.m. Younger children should be fed first.
  2. Duty in Cafeteria
    1. A teacher or lunchroom monitor assigned by the principal must be on duty while the students are in the lunchroom. Food Service employees are not responsible for the discipline of the students.
    2. Teachers of elementary school children are encouraged to participate with their classes in the School Lunch Program.
  3. Free and Reduced Lunches
    1. Every student, upon his entrance in school, every school year, must receive a letter describing eligibility to receive free or reduced lunches.
    2. Using the Administrative Guidelines is the responsibility of the principal or the designee to review each application and determine the eligibility of the student for free or reduced lunches.
    3. Parents and students are to be advised of the principal's decision within 10 days of receiving application.
    4. Changes during the school year in the financial status of students, making the child either eligible or ineligible, are to be noted and parents advised of eligibility change.
  4. Food Service Other Than School Food Service Program
    1. Reimbursement for Lunch or Breakfast Program(s) may be withheld from schools if competitive food sales violate existing state policy for elementary and junior/senior high schools.
    2. Clubs and organizations shall not sell food items in violation of the existing competitive food policy.
    3. Any "for profit" food service in a school, in the lunchroom, or on campus is considered a "competitive food" and must adhere to current state policy.
    4. Lunches brought to school by students are to be eaten in the cafeteria, or in areas designated by the school and approved by the State Departme

Ref: School Food Service Policies of Operation Bulletin, issued by the State Department of Public Education, Bulletin No. 1196, 1995, Revised; LA-R.S. 82, Sec. 17:191 et seq.