A simple majority of the membership shall constitute a quorum at regular or special meetings of the Board.

The only action that may be taken in the absence of a quorum is to adjourn the meeting to another time in the expectation of a quorum.

  1. A quorum being present, at the hour established for meeting, the President should take the chair, call the members to order and proceed to business.
  2. Should a quorum be assembled at the hour appointed, and the President be absent, the Vice- President shall chair that meeting or until the President appears.
  3. Should a quorum not assemble at the hour appointed, the member or members present shall be competent to adjourn from time to time, that an opportunity may be given for a quorum to assemble, without which no business can be legally transacted.

Ref: LA-R.S. Sec. 42:4.2, LA-R.S. Sec. 17:83.