A person is legally qualified to become a member of the Board provided:

  1. The person at the time of qualification has attained the age of eighteen (18).
  2. The person is a resident of the state for the preceding two years.
  3. The person has been domiciled for the preceding year in the parish, ward or district from which he seeks election is eligible for membership on the School Board.
  4. The person is able to read and write.
  5. The person is not serving on certain other boards specified in the Constitution of Louisiana.
  6. The person must swear or affirm to the prescribed oath.

It is desirable that members of the Board have a genuine interest in and devotion to public education; a willingness to give time and effort to the work; a capacity for understanding people; and the ability to work cooperatively with others.

Each Board member should recognize that he is a public official charged with an important responsibility. In view of the fact that Board members are elected to their position, each member has a responsibility to the voters who have elected him; however, representation should serve the best interest of the School System as a whole rather than that of a single district.

Ref: LA-R.S. 17:52, Constitution of the State of Louisiana of 1974, Art. 8, Sec. 8(A).