The St. Tammany Parish School Board shall keep written minutes of all open meetings. These official minutes shall be kept in the office of the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall be responsible for safeguarding all official documents, including the Board minutes.

         Minutes shall:

  1. Note the time, place, and date of the meeting;
  2. Be kept by the Secretary;
  3. Record the Board members present or absent;
  4. Record the substance of all matters decided; and record the votes of individual members;
  5. Record other information that the public body requests be included or reflected in the minutes;
  6. Be public records and shall be available within a reasonable time after the meeting except where such disclosures would be inconsistent with LA-R.S. Ann. Sect 42:6 and 42:6.1; and,
  7. Be approved, without reading but with such corrections as the Board may deem necessary, at the next succeeding meeting.

Except as here stated, minutes shall not include either in their entirety or by way of summary:

    1. The discussions of the Board members;
    2. The statements of the Board members; or,
    3. The discussions or statements of visiting members of the public.

The exceptions to which this provision is subject are:

  1. Any statement in writing submitted by a Board member with the request that it be included in the minutes shall be attached to the minutes as an exhibit and when so attached shall constitute a part of the minutes.
  2. Statements in writing submitted by members of the public shall be preserved in a permanent file to be maintained by the secretary of that purpose but shall be included as part of the minutes only if the Board so directs.
  3. Any Board member desiring the inclusion in the minutes of some particular part of his own statement, the statement of another Board member or the statement of a member of the public shall identify with particularity the portion so desired to be included and the portion so identified shall be included in the minutes.
  4. Any Board member desiring to revise or correct for purpose of clarity any statement made by him at any meeting shall be privileged to do so, subject to the limitation that such revision or correction shall be handed to the Secretary within the three-day period next following the meeting so that it may accompany the minutes when submitted to the Official Journal. Likewise any Board member desiring to make written reply to any statement made at any meeting and to have the same attached as an exhibit to the minutes shall be privileged to do so, but subject to the limitation that such written reply shall reach the Secretary in time that it may accompany the minutes to which it is to be attached.
  5. Members of the Board and interested citizens are encouraged to place in writing, when it can be reasonably done, statements desired for inclusion in the minutes.
  6. The original minutes and all records of the Board including cancelled bonds and coupons shall be filed and maintained in the administrative offices as public records for at least six years unless otherwise disposed of according to law and shall not be removed therefrom.

Ref: Robert's Rules of Order, ed. Rachel Vixmon, (New York: Pyramid Books, Latest Edition); LA-R.S. Sec. 17:81 and LA-R.S. Sec. 42:4.1, 42:5, 42:6, 42:6.1, 42:7.1, 42:9, 42:10.