The purpose of established fines for overdue materials from the library is twofold: (1) to establish a sense of responsibility in the students, (2) to defray the cost of lost or damaged books.

Every effort should be made by each librarian to establish a positive approach to instilling an attitude of cooperation and responsibility among students.

A library media fine of twenty-five cents per day may be charged for reserve and overnight books. Five cents per day may be charged for regular circulation materials that are overdue at the elementary and junior high levels up to the cost of the materials based on the current list price. High schools may charge ten cents per day for overdue materials up to the cost of the materials based on the current list price.

Payment for lost books shall be based on the current list price if the book is in print. If the book is out of print, an average current replacement cost for a comparable book as suggested by American Library Association will determine replacement costs.

If a student has an overdue book, he may not check out additional books from the library until the fine is paid and the book returned.

Library check-out privileges will be restored when students have either paid the fines, returned the lost books, or negotiated with the librarian and/or principal as to reasons why the fine cannot be paid.

The librarian will notify, in writing, the parents of the students regarding overdue or lost books. Written notifications must be given at least once each nine weeks when report cards are sent home. The notification may accompany the report card or it may be mailed separately.

Ref: Board Minutes, 6-12-86