A prospective applicant for a teaching position in the St. Tammany Parish School System should make application to the Personnel Department. Should there be a position available which the applicant is qualified to fill, it will be arranged that the applicant be interviewed by the principal of the school concerned. If the principal and the Assistant Superintendent concur in employing the applicant and recommendations are satisfactory, the applicant will be offered a contract. The St. Tammany Parish School Board shall adhere to the guidelines of the Louisiana Nepotism Law. If a principal/supervisor recommends a relative who is not a member of the "immediate family" as defined in the Louisiana Nepotism Law, he/she may do so if the applicant is the most certified/qualified person for the position or if there are no other certified/qualified applicant(s) for the position. If the principal/supervisor recommends a relative, he/she must notify the Superintendent in writing. of the recommendation and justification of same. In addition, the Superintendent shall notify the Board of such recommendation.

A teacher employed in the St. Tammany Parish School System is expected to live in the area where he/she teaches. While this is not School Board policy, it is recommended very strongly. All things being equal in an interview, the person living in the area will be given preference.

Teachers are selected on the basis of their educational qualifications and certification. Teachers out of the field of education are employed only after all efforts to employ a certified person have been exhausted. This situation is to be determined by the Superintendent and Personnel Director.

Ref: St. Tammany Parish Policy Handbook, Revised September 12, 1996