Application for Use of School Facilities

General Regulations

Before using a St. Tammany Parish School Board (hereinafter “School System”)   property (hereinafter sometimes “facility”, groups, organizations or associations (hereinafter sometimes “Applicant”) must apply and enter into a written agreement with the School System. The written agreement with all its components shall incorporate general conditions applicable to the particular facility or activity as the Superintendent may establish. Requests from non-school applicants will be considered when space is available at times that do not interfere with the School System’s instructional programs, student activity programs or ancillary programs sponsored, administered, or supported by the School System, including the School System’s Parent Teacher Associations. The Superintendent may restrict the use of designated rooms, buildings and facilities due to the substantial investment of special equipment and technology including, but not limited to, computer labs, science labs, auditoriums, kitchens, agricultural and industrial arts facilities or for other reasons that the Superintendent deems necessary under the circumstances. Additionally, the Superintendent may designate certain buildings as community use facilities, restricting other sites from community use.

Safety of citizens, students and employees and care of School System property shall be primary considerations in the use of School System facilities.  The Superintendent or his designee reserves the right to deny usage or terminate any existing contract. Failure to promptly pay all rental charges, or damages sustained during the Applicant’s utilization of the facility or site and to obey all rules and regulations established by the Superintendent may be considered sufficient grounds for refusal to grant continued or further use of school property to an applicant.

Authorization for use of School System facilities shall neither be considered as endorsement of or approval of the Applicant nor the purpose it represents. Advertising distributed by the applicant in connection with the approved activity shall not be presented in such a way that the School System is considered as endorsing the event. The facility name can only appear as a location site. The telephone number of the facility shall not be included. No advertising in connection with the approved event shall be displayed on, affixed to any part of the School System building or grounds unless otherwise approved.

Applicants wishing to utilize School System facilities for public activities must ensure that accommodations are available to provide access to individuals with disabilities who wish to participate in the activities or programs. Disabled persons should contact the group contact designee no later than three (3) school/site operational days prior to the activity so that special arrangements can be made.


Schools have first claim to the use of their respective facilities at all times, and any agreement made with an applicant must be contingent on the needs of the programs of the various schools and such agreements may be terminated or altered at any time.  Site administrators reserve the right to limit advanced bookings to no more than six (6) months prior to the event.

All use of School System facilities shall be automatically cancelled when sites are closed due to inclement weather, work interruptions or any other causes. Any exception shall require the express approval of the Superintendent or his or her designee.

The applicant shall conform to all applicable laws and policies of the School System. The applicant shall ensure that all aisles, hallways and stairways in any building and all exits from any building are kept free from obstruction at all times.

The Superintendent or his or her designee reserves the right to limit or deny use of School System facilities during school vacations or at other times where in his or her opinion such use is not in the best interest of the School System or is not otherwise possible. Inside School System facilities are not open to the general public on Sundays, except in extenuating circumstances approved by the Superintendent.

Organizational/Group Categories:

  1. Applicants permitted to use facilities:
    • Category 1 – Governmental Entities and Youth Group Meetings;
    • Category 2 – Non-Profit Community Organizations and Activities;
    • Category 3 –Applicants with approved Agreement with School System; and
    • Category 4 – Non-Profit and For-Profit Organizations for Other Approved Activities.
  2. School System facilities are not available to the following:
    • Any individual;
    • Applicants seeking to use the building for advertising or profit;
    • Applicants who have adequate building facilities of their own;
    • Applicants using the buildings for a commercial enterprise; and
    • Partisan political activity.
  3. Approved Application Required

Facilities are not available to the Applicant unless the site administrator has approved the Application Form and all of its components and fees have been received.


  1. Use of School System facilities are subject to the following restrictions/prohibitions:
    • Promulgating any theory or doctrine subversive to the laws of the United States or the State of Louisiana or any political subdivision thereof advocating governmental change by violence;
    • Any activity that may violate the canons of good morals, manners, taste or be injurious to the buildings, grounds or equipment;
    • Any use by any Applicant who illegally discriminates upon the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex or disability;
    • Any activity that is prohibited by State or Federal laws or local ordinances;
    • Any use which involves the possession, consumption, or sale of alcoholic beverages or any restricted substances, illegal or controlled, on school property;
    • Non-school related or non-school sponsored groups seeking the use for advertising, profit or commercial enterprise; and
    • Inside School System facilities open to the general public on Sundays, except in extenuating circumstances approved by the Superintendent.
  2. The following activities are prohibited on all School System property unless they are expressly approved in advance by the school/site administrator and supervised by School System officials or other approved individuals:
    • The racing of automobiles, motorcycles and other vehicles;
    • The operation and/or racing of powered go-carts or other small powered vehicles;
    • Horseback riding;
    • Golf practice;
    • Archery practice;
    • Possession or carrying of firearms or discharge of pyrotechnics; and
    • Use of tobacco products.

Liability and Insurance Provisions

Unless otherwise agreed by the School System, prior to approval of any activity, the Applicant must provide the School System with evidence of liability insurance as set forth below, naming St. Tammany Parish School Board, as an Additional Named Insured. Failure to provide the School System with evidence of such coverage shall not relieve the Applicant of the obligation to maintain such insurance for the benefit of the School System.
Coverage shall be provided by an insurance company licensed to perform business in the State of Louisiana.

The Applicant shall provide a certificate of insurance specifying amounts of coverage equal to or greater than the minimum required limits of liability stated below. All certificates shall provide the School System with thirty (30) days of notice of cancellation, material charge or non-renewal.

Commercial General Liability
Bodily Injury Including Death: $1,000,000 Each Occurrence Personal Injury; $1,000,000 Each Occurrence
General Aggregate: $1,000,000
Property Damage: $1,000,000

Note: If the Applicant is an employer, proof of Workers’ Compensation is also required. The Applicant will assume full responsibility for the acts and conduct of all persons admitted to the premises. The completed Insurance and Hold Harmless Agreement Form must be submitted with the application.  It releases the St. Tammany Parish School Board, and its agents, servants and employees from all liability whatsoever resulting from injury or damage to any persons or property because of the use and occupation of the facility, incurred in or upon the premises.

Rental Procedures

  1. Any use of School System facilities will require the submission of an application for use. The Applicant will be given a copy of the Use of Facilities Superintendent’s Guidelines and Application Packet upon request at any School System facility.
  2. All components must be completed including the Application Form, Insurance and Hold Harmless Agreement and proof of insurance and submitted at least two weeks in advance of the requested use.  Once submitted to the site administrator of the facility requested, he/she will determine if the prospective use is compatible with the school/site calendar and assess the appropriate fees, if applicable. The charges will then be indicated on the Application Form. Any deposit, if required, is refundable after the user of the facility has vacated the premises, provided it is deemed that there is no need for the cleanup or repair of the facility and any and all outstanding charges have been paid.
  3. If there is no question or problem concerning the application, the designated administrator will sign the form. The approval signature indicates that a reservation has been made for the requested facilities and that the Applicant accepts the agreement for use of facilities, as herein specified. Once all fees, if applicable, are paid and the necessary proof of insurance is submitted at least five (5) school/site operational days prior to the date of rental, copies will be sent to the Applicant, the Superintendent and one copy will be maintained at the requested site.
  4. If there is any question or problem concerning the application or if the request is denied, the site administrator will contact the requesting Applicant. If issues are not resolved and the request is still denied, the site administrator will mark the Application Form “Denied”, sign it and submit copies to the Applicant, the Superintendent and maintain one copy at the requested site.
  5. The Applicant’s signed copy of approval is also permission for the use of facilities and should be shown to the school official, person-in-charge or custodian at the time of use.
  6. The site administrator or his/her designee shall be responsible for seeing that the facility is scheduled as requested and that adequate time is available to the employees or custodians between functions to clean and prepare for the next use. Any use of School System employees for setup, takedown and/or cleanup shall be billed to and paid for by the Applicant.
  7. Cancellation of an activity should be made at least three (3) school/site operational days prior to the date of an event by calling the office of the site administrator where the approval was given.

Use of Facilities

Regular classrooms, gymnasiums and cafeterias (excluding food preparation areas) are available for use. Administrative offices are normally not available. Areas available are determined on a site-by-site basis. The following conditions apply to the use of School System facilities:

  1. For use of indoor facilities, an employee of the School System may be required to be on duty at the School System property at times when the facilities are in use. It will be determined by the site administrator if the employee must remain on site during the event.  The appropriate fees will be assessed.
  2. Adequate adult supervision (18 years of age or older) is required of all Applicants. It is the responsibility of the Applicant supervisor to ensure that the participants, spectators, and children remain within areas approved for use, that damage to building and grounds is not permitted and that all group participants leave the site on or before the ending time of the rental agreement.
  3. Rubber-soled shoes must be worn at all times in the gymnasium for all sports activities.
  4. Applicants are not allowed to store furniture, equipment or material in School System buildings. Any furniture, equipment or material brought into or onto the property of the School System by Applicant is the responsibility of the Applicant and must be removed at the end of the activity. The use of such equipment must have approval of the site administrator prior to the event.
  5. Parking for events must be confined to the School System’s parking lot or street parking. No parking is allowed on the site’s field or paved playground unless otherwise approved by the site administrator. The Applicant is solely responsible and liable for all vehicles that enter or park on School System property to attend the activity.
  6. The Applicant shall be responsible for crowd control measures, including the employment of police protection at its expense when required. Such control shall be arranged in advance by the Applicant when deemed necessary by the Superintendent or his or her designee.
  7. An event that has a large number of participants or spectators may require additional personnel to assist in the clean up during and after the rental time.
  8. All vehicles on School System property are subject to the traffic laws of the state, parish, city (when applicable) and any rules adopted by the School System or the building or site administrator.
  9. No facility may be rented later than 10:00 p.m. unless by the specific permission of the School System principal or site administrator.
  10. The Applicant shall not drive nails, tacks or screws into the floors, walls, ceilings, furniture or any other School System property.
  11. The Applicant shall not paint, wallpaper, mark or deface any School System property.
  12. The Applicant shall not wire or connect electrical equipment such as stage lighting equipment or adjust the heat or air conditioning controls.
  13. Any personal injury or property damage must be reported to the facility representative immediately.  A completed incident report will be required.
  14. All fire safety regulations must be strictly observed. The seating capacity in the gymnasiums and cafeterias must not exceed the Fire Department’s limit indicated on the capacity listing posted in these facilities.
  15. Concessions may be operated only with the principal/administrator’s approval.
  16. Any special circumstances not mentioned above require the expressed permission of the site administrator.

Use of Playing Fields

  1. For use of outdoor facilities, an employee of the School System shall open and close the assigned areas. It will be determined by the site administrator if the employee must remain on site during the event. The appropriate fees will be assessed.
  2. The School System has the right to determine availability of fields at any time. Consideration will be given to:
    • Impact on the educational program;
    • Safe condition of the playing field;
    • Wear and tear on playing fields; and/or
    • Necessary field maintenance and renovation.
  3. Approved schedules for playing field use may be changed or revoked for the following reasons:
    • Conflicts arising from School System needs; 48 hours’ notice will be given unless emergencies occur;
    • Abuse of facility, as determined by the school/site administrator;
    • Disregard of School System or school policies and/or special conditions as noted on facilities request; or
    • Failure to pay fees.
  4. Each Applicant is to designate a contact person prior to the start of each participant season for direct communication concerning problem areas that may be special to School System sites.
  5. No Applicant may physically alter a field or apparatus in any way without first submitting a written request for school/site administrator’s approval.
  6. Fields may not be available during the season of that fields’ designated sport.
  7. Fields are to be used only for the activities for which they were designed and provided.
  8. The Applicant or his/her designee is required to contact the school/site administrator for direction regarding postponement or cancellation of activities if any of the following conditions exist:
    • Measurable rainfall within 24 hours prior to the activity;
    • Standing water which will affect play; and/or
    • Irrigation, electrical systems or turf conditions creating a health or safety hazard.

If unable to contact the school/site administrator and any of the conditions in a, b or c above exist, the Applicant must cancel and reschedule the activity. Applicant will be responsible for any damages they cause to wet fields.

Use of Equipment

School System equipment is designated primarily for use related to the School System’s instructional programs. With the exception of tables and chairs, the use of School System equipment for an Applicant is at the discretion of the school/site administrator. Only tables and chairs that are currently housed in the requested school/site may be used provided: a) they are not already in use by the school/site, b) the school/site administrator has received sufficient notification of the intended use of the tables and chairs and c) the school/site custodian is aware of the use of the tables and chairs and the number required. If a request for the use of School System equipment is approved by the site principal/administrator, additional fees may be charged. Sporting equipment, such as basketballs, volleyballs, bats, balls, scoreboards, etc. are not included as part of the rental agreement. The setup of the equipment is the responsibility of the Applicant, under the supervision of a School System representative, unless specific arrangements have been made.

Facility Fees

Facility fees are as follows:

Building/Grounds Rental Fee

Category 1

No rental fee

Category 2

No rental fee

Category 3

Based on the cooperative Agreement

Category 4


A facility usage fee shall be charged unless the mission of the Applicant is in line with the mission of the School System, or a Cooperative Agreement is in place.  Approval of an Application for Use of School System Facilities constitutes the Applicant’s understanding of these guidelines, thus establishing the School System’s understanding of any cooperative endeavor (if no fee is charged) or agreement (if a fee is charged) by the School System and Applicant.

Personnel Fees

Personnel fees for individual events will be twenty-five dollars ($25.00) an hour with a two-hour minimum. Assessed charges will be clearly noted on the Application Form. In cases where a non-profit agency uses a facility for a season or series of events, the non-profit agency may negotiate and provide payment to employees for services.

The Superintendent or her designee reserves the right to limit or deny use of School District facilities during school vacations or at other times when in her opinion such use is not in the best interest of the System or is not otherwise possible.Inside School System facilities are not open to the general public on Sundays, except in extenuating circumstances approved by the Superintendent.