The duties and obligations of an individual Board member may be enumerated as follows:

  1. To familiarize himself with the Louisiana State School Laws, regulations of the State Department of Education,
    St. Tammany Parish School Board policies, rules, and regulations;
  2. To have a general knowledge of educational philosophy, aims and objectives of the System;
  3. To work harmoniously with other Board members without trying either to dominate the Board or neglect his share of the work;
  4. To vote and act in the Board meetings impartially for the good of the district;
  5. To accept the will of the majority vote in all cases and give wholehearted support to the resulting policy;
  6. To represent the Board and the Parish School System to the public in such a way as to promote both interest and support;
  7. To refer complaints to the proper school authorities and to abstain from individual counsel and action; and,
  8. To abstain from voting or taking any action on any matter in which he could be reasonably accused of having a personal or vested interest.

While the Board members represent individual districts, their duties extend beyond the district from which they are elected. Consequently, they must continually demonstrate dedicated concerns for the welfare of the entire St. Tammany Parish Public School System. The minimum statutory obligations imposed on Board members is to attend a minimum of six hours of training on the school laws of Louisiana.

Ref: LA 17:52C and 17:53.