All certificated staff positions within the St. Tammany Parish Public School System shall be created with the approval of the Board. It is the Board's intent to activate a sufficient number of positions to accomplish all School System goals and objectives.

After being employed, all employees shall be responsible for notifying the Personnel Department concerning change of name, address, or telephone number.

It shall be the responsibility of each teacher to maintain a valid, current teaching certificate reflective of all certifications and higher degrees acquired by the teacher in the Central Office personnel file. All certification requirements specified by law shall be strictly observed.

As part of their work assignment, teachers shall perform duties as necessary to maintain the safety and welfare of the students. They shall at all times perform these duties in a reasonably prudent manner. Teachers shall attend the graduation exercises, parent-teacher conferences, open house, faculty meetings, and other activities of their respective school deemed appropriate by the principal. Teachers shall discharge all duties expected of persons employed in this capacity in a satisfactory manner based on predetermined standards.

Duties of Teachers:

Certain duties and responsibilities of teachers are peculiar to the individual school to which the teacher is assigned and should be explained by the principal. There are some, however, that are applicable to all teachers in the parish.

Hours of Duty: Teachers are required to serve duty assignments designated by their respective principal.

Attendance at Meetings: Teachers must attend all regular and special meetings called by the Superintendent, the supervisor or the principal unless previously excused.

Ethical Conduct: Teachers should study the code of ethics and practice ethical conduct at all times.

Discipline of Pupils: Teachers are responsible for the care, discipline and instruction of pupils in their charge except in extreme cases.

Sending Pupils Off Campus on Errands: Teachers should not send pupils off campus on errands without permission of the principal and parent.

Accidents or illness of Pupils: Teachers should report promptly to the principal any accident or illness of pupils.

Ref: St. Tammany Parish Policy Handbook, Revised February 1977