In lieu of a first suspension when a student has a satisfactory past record of attendance, grades, and discipline, in cases where insufficient time exists for serving the terms of a suspension, or in extenuating circumstances approved by the Superintendent, the Administrator is authorized to consider utilizing a disciplinary consequence of community service. With the permission of the parents, a suspension may be reduced to an exclusion from school, allowing the student to make up work missed, in exchange for an agreement to serve a specified number of hours in community service. The Administrator may also utilize community service time as a disciplinary consequence. A community service requirement may include hours worked at school or with a non-profit charity that has been approved by School System officials prior to any hours being served. The Administrator shall specify the number of hours to be served and the period of time for completion. In cases, where the student fails to show proof of service time from the approved agency by the deadline for completion, the Administrator may invoke other disciplinary sanctions, including suspension from school for the original violation. In cases where community service was assigned in lieu of a suspension, the community service assignment may not be used to avoid an automatic recommendation for expulsion on a fourth offense in a single school year. In such cases, a recommendation for expulsion may occur upon a third suspension.

The Superintendent is authorized to develop the necessary procedures to implement the Community Service as a Discipline Alternative Program and to oversee the necessary arrangements with non-profit organizations who may participate in the program. The decision as to whether or not a student should be considered for the program or has fulfilled the requirements is that of the Administrator. An appeal may be made to the Superintendentís designee. The decision at the Superintendentís level shall be final.

Board Approved 7/19/07