Recognizing that as a member of a public School Board I am filling a position of public trust, responsibility, and authority endowed by the State of Louisiana, I hereby subscribe to the following principles by which a School Board member should be guided.

  1. My allegiance is first to the children of my parish School System and not to any political party or business organization.
  2. I will not seek through my office special privileges or private gain, nor will I use my position to promote my business or professional interest.
  3. I will seek to provide equal educational opportunities for all the children regardless of race, creed, or location.
  4. I recognize that it is my duty to assist in formulating educational policy. However, I recognize that it is the duty and responsibility of the Superintendent in his capacity as Executive Officer to see that these policies are carried out.
  5. I understand that in the selection of teachers and all other school personnel the Superintendent nominates candidates for these positions and selection by the Board is made from such nominations based on merit alone. I will not bring pressure on the Superintendent to nominate candidates in whom I have special interest. I will insist that the Board reserve to the Superintendent the privilege and responsibility of nominations of candidates for school personnel. I recognize that the training of the child is a paramount matter and that giving employment is a secondary matter.
  6. I understand that I have no authority as an individual Board member but must act with and through the Board as a whole, and I must be governed by the decisions of the Board.
  7. I will keep myself as well informed as possible about the conditions in the School System and about such other matters as will help me serve as an efficient School Board member.
  8. Understanding that I am a representative of the public, I will endeavor to keep the public informed about the progress and needs of the schools.
  9. I will refrain from making any commitment upon any subject which rests within the School Board’s authority for final discussion and decision.
  10. Recognizing that all school personnel should work in close cooperation, I will give any hearty support to the total school program. I will not publicly criticize school personnel but will make such criticism to the Superintendent for investigation and action if necessary.
  11. Recognizing that the Superintendent is the Executive Officer of the School System, any recommendations and complaints that may have been submitted to me shall be referred to the Superintendent for presentation to the Board.
  12. I will affiliate with my professional organization, the Louisiana School Boards Association, and as far as possible will attend the convention and take part in its activities.
  13. Recognizing that the expenditure of public school funds is a public trust, I will endeavor to see that all public funds shall be expended efficiently, economically, and for the best interest of the schools.
  14. With a basic belief in the dignity of the individual, I will respect teachers, and as a Board Member I will not subject their daily lives to harsh or petty restrictions which I would not impose on other good citizens.
  15. I will attend Board meetings with an open mind and listen to what other Board members and other individuals or groups have to say before making final decisions.
  16. I will continue my interest in the school program at all times and as an individual citizen and champion of the schools, I will guard the interests of the school. When citizens and patrons who do not know or fail to remember my limitations of authority call on me to correct some situation in connection with the school, I will not avoid the issue by denying authority but will counsel with the applicant or go with him to the Superintendent for a conference in order that the problem may be resolved in the best interests of education.
  17. As the administration of the schools of Louisiana is conducted on parish-wide or city-wide basis and as my responsibility is to all of the children, I will consider the program for the whole administrative unit in making decisions. I will not try to seek special privileges for my own word.
  18. Recognizing the rights of the employee and the Board, I will insist on following completely the procedure stipulated by law in every case where a teacher or other employee is being tried for incompetency or other causes which might subject him to dismissal