It shall be the policy of the St. Tammany Parish School Board to require that school properties be maintained in good physical condition. Safe, clean, sanitary, comfortable and adequately maintained facilities are basic indications of efficient management. Its provision is, thus, a responsibility of highest priority. The Board shall conduct periodic inspections to assure that school plants and grounds are maintained properly.

The Board recognizes that to maintain the buildings, grounds, playgrounds and equipment at acceptable safety-related standards, to adequately repair, alter or improve properties and to effectively plan and construct all commensurate with the requirements of the educational program will require the services and skills of many trained persons. Though its resources are limited, the Board shall insist that safe, clean, and adequately maintained facilities are available for all enrolled students. The Board instructs the Superintendent to assure that all normal building and grounds maintenance, repairs and improvement functions are an integral part of the educational program. Contractual work shall be initiated after Board approval and in accordance with state statutes for items which are not sufficiently repetitive in nature to justify additional employment or specialized staff or equipment.

The following indicate to the public this Board’s philosophy concerning respect for public and private property:

  1. School properties and equipment reflect the effectiveness of citizenship training in our schools;
  2. Building and grounds shall be clean, safe, and well maintained;
  3. Pupils, staff and other users shall show respect for school properties and equipment;
  4. Use of all facilities shall be restricted to educational activities as allowed under current Board policy for facility use.

Additionally, land and property titles shall be duly examined and protected at the time of acquisition for school purposes. All property purchased by school organizations, activity fund accounts, or contributed by outside organizations shall become the property of the St. Tammany Parish School System.

Ref: LA-R.S. 17:100.6.