The St. Tammany Parish School Board recognizes and directs that Board members and the Superintendent keep their functions clearly in mind. The Board shall exercise evaluative, legislative, and judicial functions as a Board. The Superintendent shall serve as the Board's Executive Officer and Educational advisor. The final responsibility for educational planning and evaluation of administration shall rest with the Board.

The School Board recognizes that it is the responsibility of the Superintendent, with the assistance and advice of his staff, to prepare and make recommendations to the Board on all business and professional matters. The Board may accept, table, modify, or reject such recommendations. If the Board has formally adopted any policies, plans or programs for the operation of the schools, it is the responsibility of the Superintendent to put these policies, plans and programs into effect in conformity with the Board’s wishes.

The Board has no greater responsibility than that of establishing good working relationships with the Superintendent. Failure to meet this responsibility results in disruption of the educational program of the parish and poor community attitudes about the schools. Unless harmony based upon mutual trust and understanding exists, a good educational program cannot be developed for the children of the parish. The School Board shall strive to develop policies which shall facilitate good Board-Superintendent relations. Practices which facilitate good Board-Superintendent relationships shall include, but are not to be limited to the following:

  1. A sincere desire to work together harmoniously in reaching the objectives of the district;
  2. A willingness to share credit and blame;
  3. A placing of the welfare of the students above personal prestige;
  4. An acceptance of honest differences of opinion and not permitting them to result in feuds; and,
  5. A clear-cut definition of the duties and responsibilities of both positions