St. Tammany Parish School System records are public records and are available for inspection by any person at reasonable times during working hours. For access to privileged information such as pupil and personnel records, concerned individuals should refer to the specific Board policies for these records. Certain school documents, however, e.g., pupil school health records, pupil report cards, supervisory reports on teachers, budget "worksheets," and personnel folders are in the category of privileged information and are not public records.

No copies of the School System's records shall be copied on School Board equipment or duplicated at a cost to the School System unless it is for official school business. No official records are to leave the school premises or School Board Office unless it is for official school business.

There is no obligation to the School System to reproduce any records except for appropriate official agencies. Copies of School System records will be made at the expense of the requester, except when required by appropriate official agencies.

Any person should request a time to see such records at a mutual, agreeable time with the office of the Superintendent and such time and place will be mutually stipulated during normal working hours.

Records of students who are under eighteen (18) years of age may be inspected by parents or those acting in loco parentis in accordance with this policy. Written permission must be obtained from the parents to release any information pertaining to the student.

Students who are eighteen (18) or over have the right to require their records remain privileged information. Permission must be granted by the student in order to release any information contained in his records.

A record shall be maintained which indicates the parties who request or obtain information from students records, and the interest the party has in the record. This record of disclosure may be inspected by the student, parents, or school officials responsible for custody of the records, and for the purpose of auditing.

Ref: LA-R.S. 44:1-44, 20 U.S.C. Sec. 1232g et seq.