Reduction In Force (RIF) Policy - Administrators


In General

When conditions appear to necessitate or require a reduction in force, such as the elimination, curtailment or reorganization of a curriculum, co-curriculum and/or extra-curriculum offering, program or school operation; the reorganization or consolidation of one or more schools or programs; the reduction in available funds for any program that results from a decline in enrollment; or the withdrawal or reduction in resources from federal, state or other sources, the Superintendent shall consider all viable alternatives to the layoff or termination of Administrators (hereinafter referred to as “employees”) including projected attrition, retirement, expiration of temporary assignments, voluntary leaves of absence, reassignment, reclassification, reduction in work schedule and displacement.

Board Notification of Reduction in Force

Prior to instituting any reduction in force, the Superintendent shall present his or her plan for the reduction in force at an official Board meeting.

Procedure for Implementation

In order to accomplish the reduction in force, the least effective employee within each layoff targeted subject area or area of certification shall be laid off first. The Superintendent shall proceed with the layoff of as many employees as necessary to accomplish the reduction by proceeding based on effectiveness rating until the number of employees to be laid off has been reached. In determining effectiveness, the Superintendent shall rely on the evaluation an employee receives pursuant to the performance evaluation program established pursuant to La. R.S. 17:3881 through 17:3905.

In cases where two or more employees share the same effectiveness rating and less than all need be laid off to reach the number of layoffs required, the least senior employee or employees shall be laid off first. When employees have equal seniority and certification, those with the lowest amount of academic preparation will be laid off first. For purposes of this section, academic preparation shall be measured as a major or advanced degree. Thereafter, selection for layoff shall be by lot.

Notification of Layoff

No employee shall be laid off without first having been given at least 45 days notice of layoff prior to its effective date. Notice shall be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the employee's address, as it appears on School System records. It shall be the responsibility of each employee to see that his current address is on file. Notification sent to the address of an employee on file as specified herein shall be deemed adequate notification of layoff.

An employee notified of layoff may request a review of the decision by placing the request in writing and sending it to the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall consider the request and provide the employee with the results of the review. If the employee is dissatisfied with the results of the review, the employee may pursue the matter by filing a grievance.

(As per School Board action September 20, 2012)