It is the policy of this Board to effectively manage the immovable property inventory currently owned by the Board and that immovable property acquired by the Board in the future.

The Board believes that the best interest of the public and the School System are served when its immovable property is not needed or is no longer needed or is not used for school purposes that such property be considered for disposal by the Board selling, leasing or exchanging the property for fair market value determined by appraisal.

The procedure to be employed by the Board in the disposition of such property shall be determined based upon the nature of the ownership of the land and the terms and conditions as appropriate to each tract at the time of such disposition.

When the Board identifies immovable property for disposal, the Board will give the public opportunity to have input on the subject at a scheduled Board meeting.  The Board shall delegate to the Superintendent to formulate the regulations and procedures governing the disposal of unneeded or unused school property, and the sale, lease or exchange of any school site, building or facility. All transactions related to school property including delegation to the Superintendent and the sale, lease, and exchange of property shall be reported in an appropriate Board meeting and duly reflected in the official minutes of the Board.