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May, 2012



Students Flash Dance To Show Support

Hundreds of students at Woodlake Elementary School in Mandeville had a surprise for Assistant Principal Tara Dragon-Hernandez when she returned to attend Monday morning’s class assembly. The students performed a “flash dance” to the tune of the Bruno Mars song “Count on Me,” to show their encouragement and support for her family after one of her children was stricken with cancer last year. Ms. Hernandez left the school in December and came back so that the students could see her before the end of the school year. The students decided to show their encouragement through a Flash Mob Dance, something they had seen done on television.


Construction Photos

Work continues on classrooms and the gymnasium at Woodlake.

March, 2012


Special Visitor

Mr. Blake's 2nd Grade Class, at Woodlake Elementary School, recently welcomed a special visitor to their class. 1st Lt. Kelly Candies made a surprise visit from his tour of duty in Afghanistan to see his nephews at school. Lt. Candies also thanked all of the students for the letters they wrote to him and his platoon earlier in the year. He was also bombarded with numerous questions from the students, which he graciously answered. Mr. Blake's class recently received a youth activities award from the Ladies Auxiliary for their letter-writing campaign.
Pictured front to back, left to right, are Lexi Barnhart, Kylie Rich, Charlie Fernandes, Christopher Polito, Aiden Collura, Justin Rowland, Kennice Clark, Aiden Ritter, Jack Gatti, Lane Roberts, Chase Olsen, Ava Fortenberry, Ciarra Carr, Ahmad Johnson, Spencer Fazzio, Jake Glynn, Dominick Polito, Camille Watts, Sydney Johnson, Sawyer York, Kate LeCompte, Gary Robert, Douglas Hooper, and 1st Lt. Kelly Candies.


February, 2012


Jerseys for Jeremy

Woodlake Elementary shows support for the Jerseys for Jeremy fundraiser by wearing their jerseys and making their donations.

Morning Meeting Music

Principal, Lelia Parker, uses Woodlake’s school-wide Morning Meeting to promote student engagement by creating a perfect environment for Affirmation. Students in Mrs. Donaldson’s third grade class have the opportunity to show off their hard work by playing the home-made instruments they designed and created while learning about sound.

Animal Close Ups

Students in Mrs. Burmaster’s first grade class enjoy an up close and personal look at the furs of various animals native to Louisiana thanks to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries exhibit presented during Woodlake’s Cultural Arts Day.

Mrs. Parker and students learn about Louisiana animal adaptations through the experts in the Wildlife and fisheries Department.

Joanne Mehrtens and Pat Roig, two early childhood educators, have written and illustrated several books about their beloved city of New Orleans. Woodlake students got to enjoy the fun of joining with them in the read aloud of their book Counting Around the Neutral Ground. Pictured from left to right, Front Row: Christopher Brindle, Katieana Fleming, Bronson McNeil, Alexis Krieger, Mitchell Prokasy, and Mia Roberto Back Row: Joanne Mehrtens and Pat Roig


Cajun Music Sounds

Students and teachers, dance, perform and enjoy sounds of Cajun music with Skeeter and the Swamp Pop Allstars at Woodlake’s Cultural Arts Day.


Skeeter Thomassie performs with his Swamp Pop Allstars for Woodlake Elementary’s Louisiana Cultural Art Day.

Making Music

From left to right are Aubrey Bradford, William Henrickle, Victor Zepeda, Anaiah Batiste, and Joshua Espinosa.

Rebecca Sellers

From left to right are Keira Adams and music teacher, Ms. Kelly Stomps.

Blythe Hernandez shows off her cowbell talent.



Woodlake Elementary’s newest Teacher of the year, Mrs. Pam Meyer, pictured here with her multiage class of first and second graders who all reside in a little mini-society called Meyerville! On the back row....Nick Miller, Ivan Spath, Owen Mendes, Rachel Oubre, Kate Keyzer, Eva Schluter, Pam Meyer, Carter Davis, Love Mikolavich, Christian Breslin, Ava Hoffeld and Emily Johnson. On the front row, Garrett Gleason, Eila Panzeca, Abby Gaggliano, Holly Hillburn, Clay Tardiff, Maggie Trosclair, Mary Raine Coffey, Caroline Ross, Owen Paschke absent: India Rogers

Perfect Attendance

Woodlake celebrated perfect attendance for the second nine weeks with a Pep Rally for the students. Students enjoyed watching the Fontainebleau High Cheerleaders tumble and cheer for their great effort to attend school each day without arriving late or leaving early. The Fontainebleau mascot, took time to pose for a picture with one of our students, Bennett Beam, who was just one of the many students receiving a perfect attendance award.


Grant Awarded

Woodlake Elementary School received a $2,715 grant recently. Lowe’s Donates Money For Inclusion Garden and Walkway.

From left to right are Stephanie Folse, Will Robinson, Amy Gagnon, and Principal Lelia Parker.

        Woodlake Elementary School has received a $2,715 Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant to build a garden and walkway for use with the Pelican Pals program, a program partnering special needs students with other WES students. Our grant application was based on the goal of building a stronger school community through outdoor education and inclusive friendship. We look forward to sharing the Inclusion Garden with the Woodlake Elementary School community.

        The large garden will replace an existing small garden located in the grassy bricked area by the carpool drop-off/entryway. Children will work with Ms. Gagnon’s class and help plant and harvest herbs and vegetables during recess. A seating area and other garden features will be added to improve the area. We expect that this project will be a benefit for the WES community for many years to come!

All K-12 public schools in the United States are eligible for the Toolbox for Education program.


January, 2012


T-Shirt Artists

Third graders Natalya Schoultz and Sam Dehmer hold their pictures that will be featured on the 2012 Pelican Palooza's T-shirts. Natalya's will be on the Pelican Palooza Carnival T-shirt, and Sam’s will be on the Pel-I-CAN run. The Pelican Palooza will be held on March 24, 2012, at the Jackson Avenue Boat Launch and will commemorate Woodlake’s 25th Birthday.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the faculty and staff at
Woodlake Elementary

Around Campus


December, 2011

Collage of Photographs


November, 2011

Dew Drop Inn Visit


Woodlake Elementary students in Mrs. Hall's 3rd grade class recently visited the  Dew Drop Social and Dance Hall in Old Mandeville. Students met with Alia Casborne, cultural director for the city of Mandeville, to learn about the rich musical and historical culture of the city of Mandeville.

Pictured above, on the back row, left to right, are Nick Mattia, Alex Roux, Jacob Meyer, Olivia Yosanovich, Gabe Hays, Kellie Rome, Lexie Thibaut, and Elise Glorioso. On the second row, from top, left to right, are Tyler Pocorobba, Brian Donner, Michael Perilloux, and Noah Lash. On the third row, from top, left to right, are Mayah Landry, Ge’niya Ziegler, Kaitlin Duncan, Skyler Marr, Shelby Roberson, and (standing) Kate Hankins. On the bottom row, from left to right, are (standing) Mrs. Nancy  Hall, Nick Draughon, Veronica Ryan, and (standing) Ms. Alia Casborne.

Architectural Forces

Third grade students in Julie Bourg's Enrichment program have been studying structures and learning about forces in architectural design. Teams were asked to design their own structure using only tape and rolled up newspaper. Pictured with their structure, inspired by the Freedom Tower under construction in New York City, are standing, left to right, Aiden Foster, C. J. Owens and Trey Alfonso (Woodlake Elementary). Sitting, left to right, are Crawford Stewart (Mandeville Elementary), Quinn Gleason, Jacob Dalton and Mark Ennis (Woodlake Elementary) and Trent McKinney (Mandeville Elementary).

PTA Grant Winners

Woodlake Elementary' s PTA recently awarded over $5,000 in grants to Woodlake teachers. Teachers wrote grants for things such as iPod Touches to enhance curriculum and engage the students in learning. Teachers were presented with their grants during their Professional Development Day. Pictured from left to right: Angele' Thompson, PTA Co-President Gail Owens, Nancy Hall, Pat Richardson, Julie Collins, Koral Wells, Monica Rapier, Pam Meyer, and PTA Co-President Melissa Gourgues.


October, 2011


Woodlake Wild Things Artists

The Southeast Louisiana Refuges office of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service held its 12th annual Wild Things! Youth Art Contest. The contest inspires youth, ages 5 to 18, to create original artwork in the mediums of drawing and painting. The focus of the contest is native wildlife and our environment.

Pictured (left to right) are Woodlake student Paige Pratt who won 3rd place and Maggie Miller who won honorable mention .

September, 2011


August, 2011

Outdoor Classroom

Mandeville Mayor Donald Villere and City Councilwoman Carla Buccholz visited Woodlake Elementary on August 25th to help the school kickoff its 2nd annual Keep Mandeville Beautiful paper recycling program. Woodlake was one of four schools to test the recycling program last year and it was a tremendous success. Mayor Villere and Councilwoman Buchholz then joined Christina Stipe's first grade class for a visit to the school's newly renovated outdoor classroom. This classroom, tucked in the wetlands behind the school, reminds students of the importance of recycling and preserving our environment. Pictured in the back row are, from left to right, Christina Stipe, Woodlake Principal Lelia Parker, Bella Mehojevich, Kenya Loper, Kaiden Lee, Lily Foster, Dominique Zapata, Tristan Simoneaux, Keira adams, Jaylin Akbar, James Bridges, Taylor Ferguson, Mia Canfill, Carissa Juarez, Mayor Villere and Councilwoman Buccholz. Sitting are, from left to right, Kathleen cousins, Sivad Joseph, Abby Colwart, Estefania Peralta, Kayla Wells, Gekyah Ziegler, Sarah Savoie, and Fisher LeBourgeois.


Visit To Maritime Museum



On Thursday, February 24th, 2011, the third grade students from Woodlake Elementary School visited the Maritime Museum in Madisonville. They had an opportunity to learn to tie different types of knots, learn about Madisonville's origins, and learn about boat safety. Pictured are third grade students from Lynette Davis' class. Top row: Brendan Perry and Elizabeth Pelto, 3rd row: Mathew Sterken, Brianna Warren, and Callie Varnado, 2nd row: Cameron Mulado, Macy Mecom, Jackson Heurtin, Bethany Groudin, and Angelle Branski, 1st row: Grace Lesher, Ryan Hill, Christian Hunt, Joshua Wattacam, Gaby Ford, Halley Hunt, Caroline Bonner, Alex Rosales, Zach Raspino, Kyla Vander, and Nate Tennison.




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