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May, 2012





2012 graduates with Mrs. Whitlock



Junior to Senior Car Parade

Juniors gathering for the annual Junior to Senior Car Parade





April, 2012



Slidell High NJROTC at the last competition of the year

The Slidell High NJROTC cadets being inspected

PT standing with Tiger pride!

NJROTC Cadets cleaning up campus



Mathletes Enjoy Game

SHS Mathletes enjoying the Hornets Game


Senior Picnic Fun

SHS Seniors hanging out at the Senior Picnic with lots of good food and fun!


Gardening Effort

Students working hard on some gardening


Slidell High Golf Team

Left to right; David Cooper, Joshua Narcisse, Alexandra Russell, John Harris, Skyler Wilson, Brent Carroll, Beau Clanton, and Andrew Parkin. Coach Frank Simms, back row.


March, 2012


Gumbo Won

The Slidell High Culinary Arts ProStart Team, led by their teacher, Chef Aucoin,  won the Northshore Gumbo Cook-off in Slidell this past weekend!

February, 2012


Body Walk Helpers

Slidell High students helped out during the recent Body Walk learning
activity at Florida Avenue Elementary School.


Book Fair Workers

Slidell High students helped conduct the recent 12 Books Book Fair
at Bonne Ecole Elementary School.



Jerseys for Jeremy


Annual inspection in Slidell High School Gym

Presenting the Colors at special Harbor Center program

Marching in a Mardi Gras Parade

Attending a Military Ball at Pinewood Country Club



Giant King Cake

Slidell High teachers Greg Varnado, Scott Lindsay, Lynda Palao, Judy Williams, and Mercedes Schneider, enjoy a lunch time treat provided by the talented Culinary Arts Academy. Every month the culinary students provide a birthday cake to the faculty and staff, with this month’s cake reflecting the energy of carnival season with a behemoth of a King Cake.


Senior Projects

Bombarded with deadlines, seniors try to meet criteria for their Senior Research Project. Senior English teacher Susan Summers pulls together all the presentations and portfolios as she takes on the projects.


Practicing Chords

Practicing for his Musical Theatre class at New Orleans Center of Creative Arts, Junior Christopher Milligan gently plays the chords to the song he will be performing at NOCCA’s upcoming musical. This has been Milligan’s first year at this prestigious arts school, and he is learning much about the theatre arts. “This experience has encouraged me to push harder towards a career as an actor,” says Milligan.


Junior Research Project

Immersing herself into the words of her author, Junior Courtney Stephens takes on the adventure that is the Junior Research Project. In the search of finding just the right text to prove the statement for her author, she scours endless books to defend her paper. “I’m aware of how much time this project will take me, but I won’t give up until I know my paper is excellent”.


Signing Event

This past week four of Slidell’s class of 2012 fighting Tigers proclaimed their college of choice at a signing event in the school’s professional library. Senior Ali Jung signed to LSU Eunice, Jeremiah Maat to SAGU, Melody Carter to Emory University, and Brennan Broussard to Henderson State University.


Class of Mathlete Winners!

Assistant Principal Dr. Burgoyne (Center Left) stands with New Orleans Hornets Honeybees Tramera (left) and Ginger (Right) visited Slidell High to distribute prizes to the 512 winners of the Hornet and Chevron sponsored Mathlete program. The students earned their rewards by either boosting their math grades or by maintaining an “A” during the first semester of the school year.


January, 2012


Robotics Team

Leading the Marketing team Senior Gabrielle Ferrari begins creating a list of companies that would be generous enough to grant the robotics team a good sum of money. Grants help us supply the team with tools and supplies that are essential to construct a robot so we may compete against other competators in this year’s basketball competition. Slidell High School plans to attend Regionals as rookie team this upcoming year of 2012.

Beginning the Chairmen’s award: Jessica Fletschinger, Chance Phillips, Christian Devereux, Mitchell Spicuzza, and Emily Ruppel diligently collaborate with one another to get Slidell High School Robotics to nationals. The Chairmen’s award represents the spirit of the FIRST competition and honors the members’ accomplishments and team as a whole. Teamwork is crucial to achieve the high goals that are set for team 3946.


Slidell High NJROTC
USS Kidd Field Trip


SHS NJROTC Cadets listening to a Ham Radio Operator before boarding the USS Kidd

SHS NJROTC Cadet Humphrey manning the .50 Cal

SHS NJROTC Cadets Huntington and Murphy doing PT on the deck

SHS NJROTC students in the Galley

SHS NJROTC Cadets heading below decks for bed.


December, 2011

Cheerleaders Varsity Camp

Chris Wiebelt, Holley Smith, Nicole Dupre, Amber Seifert, Victoria Schlumbrecht, Lori Munster, Amanda Kittel, Tori McCoy, Zanita Flemings, Brianna Davis, Ashley Dukes, Brianna Miller, Bailey Luna, Lexi Brown, Missy Alberts, Bria Trosclair, and Victoria Davis.


Holiday Concert

Members of the Slidell High Chorus visited the Central Office in Covington recently to sing a selection of songs from the group's Holiday Concert the night before.

Band Performance

The Slidell High Band during a performance. From left are Bryce Chamberlain, Drew Spencer, Joe Devereux, Chris Samuels, Ryan Creager, Kevin Malone, and Josh Franszczack.


Band Fundraiser


Band students washing cars for new band equipment. From Left: Jeremy Stringer, Sean Maldonado, Janice Spicuzza, Brittany Wilson, Jonathan Ruppel, Katie Coleman, Alanna Thibodeaux, Joe Devereux, Sarah Hernandez, Ashlyn Malter, Stacie Doughty, James Dingman, and Ryan Creager.


Mole Project

Creating the mole project is always a thrilling part of the year for Glenda Schmidt. She enthusiastically accepts Junior Ashley Dukes football mole. “It is a very open-ended project which requires a lot of creativity. I learn a lot about my students through their choice of personal themes,” says Ms. Schmidt.

Drum Line Antics

During a week of excitement, silliness, and all out antics, the drum line puts on a stirring show for a crowd at lunch. With nobody in their school uniform because of the leniency of spirit week, the atmosphere feels more like a rock concert than a lunch break to the students. The drum line has a way with getting a crowd roaring with excitement and always takes center stage when they arrive on the scene.

Yearbook Teamwork

Teamwork no doubt plays a primal role in constructing a yearbook, with deadlines haunting staff members, pictures brimming off of their desktops, and captions wearing away at their sanity on a daily basis, the staff breaks away for enjoyable team building activities giving the staff a chance to breathe. The Slidell High SAGA staff plays a puzzle game where they lock hands until they are one tangled mess then attempt to unravel the puzzle of humanity until they are standing side by side while all at the same time holding hands. “These team building activities are really beneficial to the staff. Providing, having that pressure valve there to relieve all of the days of stress and all of the days strenuous work. It improves morale, keeps it high, builds bonds, and makes for a very productive and positive work environment,” says Senior Managing Editor, Nigil Briant.







November, 2011

NJROTC Activities


Armed Drill team on Flag Detail on Veterans' Day.

Cadet Huntington carrying the flag.

First drill practice in uniform

Armed Drill team at competition commanded by Cadet Dillon Sprague

Cadets doing PT at competition

Drill Team Commanded by cadet Chelsea Blankenship

Cadets at the Mississippi Surge Hockey Game

Cadet Sweeny raising the Colors


Interns At Work









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