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May, 2013


Garden Club Art Contest

Riverside Elementary recently held an art contest that was sponsored by the
Magnolia Forest Garden Club. Among the winners were the following:

The Woodsy Owl Art Contest For 1, 2, and 3rd grade students

FIRST GRADE: 1st Place, Lilly Livingston; 2nd Place Tyler Tassin and 3rd Place Jade Crowell. SECOND GRADE: 1st Place Tyler Spiehler, 2nd Place Kelsey Ruppel and 3rd Place Madelyn Graham. THIRD GRADE: 1st Place Elexa Landry, 2nd Place Caden Edge and 3rd Place Leila Pichon.

Smokey the Bear Contest for 4th and 5th graders

FOURTH GRADE: 1st Place Bailey Schween, 2nd Place Robert Schulze and 3rd Place Avery Dawes. FIFTH GRADE: 1st Place Angelle Hingle, 2nd Place Emma Lee and 3rd Place Kaitlyn Billiot. Honorable Mention: Ian Coble and Anna Lee.

From Left to right bottom row: Ms. Lynell Braun, Lilly Livingston, Tyler Tassin, Jade Crowell and Mrs. Faye Vogt. Middle row: Tyler Spiehler, Kelsey Ruppel, and Madelyn Graham.
Top row: Elexa Landry, Caden Edge, Leila Pichon

From Left to right: Bottom - Ms. Lynell Braun, Bailey Schween, Robert Schulze, Avery Dawes, Ian Coble, and Mrs. Faye Vogt. Top - Angelle Hingle, Emma Lee, Kaitlyn Billiot, and Anna Lee.



April, 2013


Louisiana Day

Riverside Elementary recently held its annual Louisiana Day where several organizations from the community came to share valuable hands on lessons with the students.

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliarist, Paul Andres, shows a group of third grade students the proper way to huddle in the water if ever stranded in order to help stay afloat. Pictured: Auxiliarist Paul Andres, Natalie Blackwell, Elexa Landry, and Andre’ Bossier

LA Artist Bill Habeney visited students in an effort to share his inspiration for Louisiana Art. Pictured: Artist Bill Habeney is pictured here with students from left to right; Mckayla Huss, Dax Boteler, Andrew Richards, Connor Meyers, Kayne Milligan, Caidence Jennings, Sarah Haish, Logan McLester, Luke Harrell, Hailee Steele, Alaina Durheim, and Logan Clements

St. Tammany Sheriff Office Hunter Safety Instructor and Wildlife Specialist, DY. Howard McCrea and daughter, April McCrea, brought an eight foot alligator and a baby alligator to reinforce their lesson on alligators in Louisiana and what to do if they ever encounter one. Pictured: Safety Instructor and Wildlife Specialist DY. Howard McCrea and daughter, April McCrea, are shown here with students Madison Meyers, Brock Bourgeois, and Keymya Brooks

Zoe Zechenelly holds a baby alligator brought by St. Tammany Sheriff Officer Hunter Safety Instructor and Wildlife Specialist Howard McCrea while students Noah Lawson and Aliyah Stone look on.

Biologist/Public Information Specialist Bryan Massery shares information about Mosquito Control to a group of second grade students during Louisiana Day at Riverside Elementary.

The Magnolia Forest Garden Club visited Riverside students sharing samples and information about several native Louisiana plants. Volunteer Mr. Frank Drake, associated with the Magnolia Forest Garden Club, built and donated a new bird house for the center court yard located outside the library and several classrooms’ windows. Hurricane Katrina destroyed the old bird house and students were noticing that the blue martins were searching for a place to make their homes. Pictured: Ms. Fay Vogt, member of the Magnolia Forest Garden Club, shares a Louisiana plant with students Sarah Haisch and Kayne Milligan.

LA State Troopers use Molly and the roll-over truck to help educate students about the importance of wearing your seat belt.

The St. Tammany Parish Library, Pearl River Branch, manager, Ms. Adele Salzer, visited third grade students sharing stories about Louisiana Animals and closing with the famous New Orleans style second line.



Air Force Pilot Visits

United States Air Force Pilot Captain Jonathan Skinner visited a class at Riverside Elementary recently. The students of Carla Skinner's T-1 class had written encouraging letters to him while he was serving overseas. Pictured are (first row) Andrew Diaspro, Trey Ruiz, and Jacob Cuchinotto. On the second row are Jaycob Smith, Christopher Acosta, and Collin Holbrooks. On the third row are Captain Jonathan Skinner and Carla Skinner. During his visit, Captain Skinner showed the students pictures from his travels and used Google Earth to show where he had flown around the world. The students prepared questions on index cards to ask about military life overseas.

February, 2013


PTA Cultural Arts Contest

Riverside Elementary PTA recently awarded winners of the PTA Cultural Arts Contest, at the school level, during the evening PTA performance night on Monday, February 25, 2013.

PTA Cultural Arts Winners are pictured above. TOP ROW: Left to right - Cody LeCour, Julia Caballero, Deryn Delatte, Jordan Grigsby, JaMyron Dorsey, and Alani Cashman. MIDDLE ROW:
Gage Ticker, Paris Wells, Karlei Mailhes, Camryn Lyons, and Breanna Galiano. 2nd from BOTTOM ROW: Hannah Labiche, Gavin Smith, Thomas Case, Aaron Simon, Logan Clements, Katie Ellington, Brandon Kaske, Bailey Schween, Quinton Laurant, and Shauna Hall. BOTTOM ROW: Malachi Lyle, Corbin Samford, Chance Laurent, Brett Bennett, Kyli Chaisson, and Zoe Zechenelly. Not pictured are Tyler Hendricks, Kyleigh Dakin, Emily Coble, Ian Wallace, and Alexandra Lambert.


Citizens of the Month

Riverside held its January/February “Citizen of the Month” honoring students,
on Monday, February 25, 2013.


TOP ROW: Haylie Wilson, Nevaeh Treitler, Kylie Dakin, and Abigail Leger.
MIDDLE ROW: Landen Crowe, Jaycob Smith, Elijah Morse, and Malachi Lyle. BOTTOM ROW
Trey Ruiz, and Sarah Adams.


TOP ROW: Gavin Lenz, Jessica Maelene Smith, Katelynn Holifield, Destiny Langford, and Skylar Granier, Alaina Durheim, and Isaiah Dupuy. MIDDLE ROW: Rebecca Murray, Joseph Keller, Hayden Murray, Ryan Evans, Cameron Wilson, Brenna Farve, and Kayla Hagadon.
BOTTOM ROW: Andrew Richard, Haley Stafford, Terra Olivo, Landon Jeffrey, Joshua Artiga, Ashley Berry, and Adison Smith.


TOP ROW: Summer Brown, Blaine Bourgeois, Deryn Delatte, Daelan Simmons, Skyla Garrott,
and Alexus Stodard. MIDDLE ROW: Austin Gage Peterson, Taylie Fairchild, Michael Gauley, Jared Meyers, Sara Lang, and Ashlie Holley. BOTTOM ROW: Kaitlyn Billiot, Abigail Mims, Hailey James, Dayton Sanchez, Michaela Taucer, Trinity Smith, and Kaylie Wilson.



Student of the Year

Fifth grader, Abigail Mims, was recently acknowledged as Riverside Elementary’s 2012-13 Student of the Year. She is shown with Principal Mary Lou Jourdan.


Honor Roll

Riverside Elementary’s fourth and fifth graders were recently acknowledged
for earning Honor Roll for the second grading period.

4th Grade

Top Row: Michael Lane, Alexis Carter, Avery Dawes, Taylor Lancon
Bottom Row: Haley Miles, Briane Parker, Linzsey Singletary,
Paula Marquez

Top Row: Colby Wilkinson, Neil Olivier, Madison Lang, Isabella
Jimenez, Lexi Fugate, Daniel Zechenelly
Bottom Row: Bailey Schween, Dayton Sanchez, Christopher Graves,
Kayleb Botts, Alexa Ardeneaux

Top Row: Melody Thiel, Roy Smith, Zachary Gornor, Cameron Kelch,
Delbert Gonzales
Bottom Row: Mya Landry, Taylor Watts, Hayden Juneau, Rain Gauley,
Ashly Blackwell, Camryn Himel

Top Row: Caleb Wells, Samantha Rudesill, Sophie Lee, Cody Lecour,
Ella Sims, Torrie Fairchild, Lindsey Gonzales
Bottom Row: Michaela Taucer, Tristan Fournier, Ian Coble, Jonathan Bernard, Melanie Gambino, Lindsey McIlhargey, Connor Youman

5th Grade

Top Row: Kaitlyn Billiot, Anna Lee, Summer Brown, Blaine Bourgeois,
Olivia Sims
Bottom Row: Sophia Bruno, Sean Pilet, Brooke Crawford,
Hunter Zeringue, Paris Wells

Top Row: Deryn Delatte, Nicholas Schmiderer, Allyson Mason,
Reagan Talley, Bishop Grigsby
Bottom Row: Jodi Cutrer, Ember Stiglet, Jessee Gille, Camryn Lyons

Top Row: Trinity Carr, Noah Benton, Brandon Marshall, Emma Lee,
Hunter Phillips, Paolo Pagano
Bottom Row: Hanna Jump, Penny Sanchez, Makayla Price, Serenity Burge,
Angelle Hingle, Matthew Kelly

Top Row: Jordan Grigsby, Beaux Anglin, Breanna Parker, Falen McLester,
Middle Row: Ian Wallace, Danielle Penton, Ja’myron Dorsey,
Kayli Wilson, Julia Caballero, Cameron Lee,
Bottom Row: Abigail Mims, Emily Coble, Britton Rebouche’,
Jessica Wallace, Madison Byrd, Dominic Berger


Perfect Attendance

Riverside honored students who have “Perfect Attendance”
for the second nine week period.

First Grade: Brandon Clements

Second Grade: Top Row: Mavrick Thaxton, Kaylie Martin, Jacob Cirliano-Harper, Charles Waller, Madelyn Graham, Madison Hingle
Bottom Row: Zachary Cashman, Landon Jeffrey, E. J. Anderson,
Skye Joles, Nicole Rougeau, Tristen Stricklin

Third Grade: Top Row: Blayne Bourgeois, Connor Meyers, Dax Boteler, Logan McLester, Leigha Rhody, Makayla Morse
Bottom Row: Ryan Evans, Kayne Milligan, Alyssa Lee, Jazmine Rusk,
Gabriel Olave’

Fourth Grade: Top Row: Cameron Himel, Joshua Bayham,
Alexis Alvarado-Benitez, Torri Fairchild
Bottom Row: Ella Sims, Melanie Gambino, Christopher Graves,
Gage Phillips

Fifth Grade: Top Row: Jodi Cutrer, Olivia Sims, Jacob Giordano, Christian Rhody, Lixi Joles
Bottom Row: Hunter Ziringue, Brooke Crawford, Chase Thomas,
Cameron Lee







December, 2012


NFL Play 60

Riverside Elementary is taking on the NFL Play 60 Super Bowl XLVII Challenge. Two years ago Riverside won a $3,000.00 grant through a NFL Play 60 challenge. This year, Riverside’s 5th grade students kept a daily journal and logged in their physical activity minutes for four weeks. We are excitedly awaiting the results.


STAR Teaching Academy Visit

The STAR Teaching Academy students from Pearl River High School recently visited Riverside Elementary for observations.


November, 2012


Honor Roll Students

Riverside Elementary’s fourth and fifth grades were recently acknowledged for earning Honor Roll for the first grading period.

5th – Burke – Front row – left to right – Ryin Couch, Sean Pilet, Sophia Bruno, Skylar Olivo, Paris Wells, and Lindsey Moyle; Middle row – left to right – Summer Brown, Hunter Zeringue, Brooke Crawford, Karlei Mailhes, Julia Acy, and Olivia Sims. Back row – left to right – Anna Lee, Karson Acton, and Blaine Bourgeois

5th – Higgins – Front row – left to right – Jessee Gille, Sarah Davis, Camryn Lyons, and Cain Gorsche; Middle row – left to right – Alexandra Lambert, Jodi Cutrer, Allyson Mason, Nicholas Schmiderer, and Emily Bennett; Back Row – left to right – Ember Stiglet, Ben Stiegler, Reagan Talley, Bishop Grigsby, Christian Rhody, and Deryn Delatte

5th – Pope – Front Row – left to right – Jody Dimaggio, Angelle Hingle, Matthew Kelly, Makayla Price, Penny Sanchez, Christina Sims, and Emma Lee; Back row – right to left– Hunter Phillips, Trinity Carr, Paige Hayden, Gage Peterson, Brandon Marshall, Hannah Jump, and Alexus Stodard. Absent – Carly Collum

5th – Smith – Front Row – left to right – Abigail Mims, Kirstein Lasserre, Dominic Berger, Jessica Wallace, and Brendan Crowell; Middle row – left to right – Britton Rebouche’, Julia Caballero, Madison Byrd, Danielle Penton, Ja’Myron Dorsey, Brady Echols, and Cameron Lee; Back Row – left to right – Kaylee Burris, Breanna Parker, Jordan Grigsby, Beaux Anglin, Falen McLester, and Ian Wallace. Absent – Emily Coble

4th – Coble – left to right – Dylan Solet, Grant Stiegler, Briane Parker, Michael Lane, Paula Marquez, Taylor Lancon, Linzey Singletary, and Alexis Carter. Absent – Avery Dawes and Haley Miles

4th – Eitmann – Front row – left to right – Colby Wilkinson, Daniel Zechenelly, Alexa Ardeneaux, Christopher Graves, Cayleb Botts, Callice Gorsche, and Dayton Sanchez; Back row – left to right – Caleb Gorbach, Madison Lang, Isabella Jimenez, Lexi Fugate, Bailey Schween, Anana Ezeb, Tyler Spiehler, and Neil Olivier.

4th – Johnson – Front row – left to right – Taylor Watts, Melody Thiel, Zachary Gornor, Hayden Juneau, Rain Gauley, and Ashly Blackwell; Back row – left to right – Baylin Polk, Cameron Kelch, Roy Smith, Delbert Gonzales, Taylie Fairchild, Michael Gauley, and Brooklyn Carter – absent – Mya Lambert

4th –Whitehead – Front row – left to right – Trinity Smith, Melanie Gambino, Lindsey McIlhargey, Tristan Fournier, Ella Sims, Jonathan Bernard, and Conner Youman; Back Row – left to right – Samantha Rudesill, Sophie Lee, Lindsey Gonzales, Cody Lecour, Torrie Fairchild, Ian Coble, and Cole Pinterick.


Perfect Attendance
First Nine Weeks

Riverside honored their students that had “Perfect Attendance” for the first nine week period at the end of October 2012. Students were recognized on the morning announcements, were 1st in line in their grade group to eat lunch last Friday, and then were given a pass that allowed them free concessions.

Perfect Attendance

First Grade –left to right – Christopher Acosta, Dakota Harris, Dorian Lodge, Ewan Monthei, and Charlie Carraway

Second Grade – Back Row, left to right – Victoria Acosta, Brooklyn Galiano, Sydne Tucker, Bryce Pichon, Front – left to right – Christopher Wallace, Makiah Royce –
Not shown – Caleigh Evans

Third Grade – left to right standing – Alyssa Lee, Dax Boteler, Conner Meyers, Joseph Keller, Elexa Landry, Katelyn Holifield, Emma Brady, Taylor Galloway, Middle – left to right – Sarah Haisch, Brock Bourgeois, Joshua Grigsby, Dylan Pagano, bottom left to right – Kendall Acton, Leigha Rhody, Keyma Brooks, Leila Pichon, Kayne Milligan –
Not shown – Madison Meyers

Fourth Grade – left to right – Daniel Zechenelly, Lindsey McIlhargey, Gage Phillips, and Kayla Brumfield. Not shown – Jared Meyers

Fifth Grade – Back – left to right – Christian Rhody, Anna Lee, Logan Byrd, Karson Acton, Kneeling – left to right – Lexi Joles, Reagan Talley, Bishop Grigsby, Bethany Moyle, Olivia Sims, Seated – left to right – Trinity Carr, Deryn Delatte, Paulo Pagano, Emily Bennett, Jodi Cutrer, Seated Bottom – left to right – Julia Cabellero, Ian Wallace, Jessica Wallace, Cameron Lee, Emily Coble, Evan Chighizola, and Sean Pilet. Not shown – Summer Brown

October, 2012


Perfect Attendance Staff

The staff at Riverside with perfect attendance.


Citizens of the Month

1st Grade
Top Row-Zoe Zechenelly, Aliyah Stone, Blake Polk, and Lexi Pichon
Middle Row-Charlie Carraway, Zachary Jarrell, Audrey Livingston, and Madison Armitage
Bottom Row-Christpher Acosta, John Paul Beech, and Regina Pena

2nd Grade

Top Row-Morgan Livingston, Tristin Stricklin, Victoria Acosta, and Elishua Crawley
Middle Row-Jacob Cerliano-Harper, Quinton Laurent, and Tyler Hendricks
Bottom Row-Ethan Lott, and Makayla Williams

3rd Grade

Top Row-Isaiah Evans, Alani Cashman, Emma deBram, and Erica King
Bottom Row-Aaron Simon, Brock Bourgeois, Whitney Pullens, and Brandon Kaske

4th Grade

Top Row-Delbert Gonzales, Blake Marshall, Robert Schulze, and Cole Pinterick
Middle Row-Alexis Carter, Ashly Blackwell, Callice Gorsche, and Kaleb Botts
Bottom Row-Lindsey McIlhargey, Hayden Murray, and John Quirk

5th Grade

Top Row-Logan Byrd, Karson Acton, and Brandon Marshall
Middle Row- Bishop Grigsby, Jordan Grigsby, and Beaux Anglin
Bottom Row-Sophia Bruno, Angelle Hingle, Regina Pena, and Cameron Lyons

September, 2012



Kickoff to Great Learning

Riverside held its annual “Kickoff to Great Learning Night” --Math and Literacy Night this past Thursday, on September 20, 2012. “Kickoff to Great Learning Night”—Math and Literacy Night where families enjoyed a great evening of fun, snacks, prizes, and learning together. Families were also able to show off their Saints or favorite team pride by wearing Saints shirts, black/gold, or their team colors to the event.

Students shown are Cameron Kelch, Isabella Jimenez, Ian Coble, and Jessica Smith, along with Fourth Grade teacher Ms. Coble

Students shown are Emily Bennett, Emily Coble, and Dominique Berger

Features First Grade Student, Isaiah, along with Mother


Grandparent’s Day

Grandparent’s Day was celebrated on Monday, September 10, 2012 and the teachers and students organized various activities highlighting technology and including refreshments in their classrooms.

Student is second grader, Gavin Lenz, with his grandparents


Kickoff to Great Learning

Riverside will hold its annual “Kickoff to Great Learning Night” --Math and Literacy Night on September 20, 2012. Families will get to enjoy a great evening of fun, snacks, prizes, and learning together. Families will also get to show off their Saints pride by wearing Saints shirts or black/gold to the event.



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