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April, 2013



Support Person of the Year

PES is proud to announce Kelli Carter as our Support Person of the Year. She is pictured here with Mrs. Thomas, Principal and her daughter, Emberli, who attends PES in the 2nd grade. Congratulations Ms. Kelli!!!


Substitute of the Year

PES is proud to congratulate Robin Everett as our Substitute of the Year.  She is pictured at right with Mrs. Thomas, principal. 

Also pictured are two of our substitutes, Robin Everett and Wendi Corales. 

All of our substitutes were treated to snacks as they checked in to school, and they received a gift bag.

Spring Fling

Pontchartrain Elementary's PTA hosted its' annual Spring Fling fundraiser on Saturday, March 9th. There were inflatables, games, food, drinks and fun but, by far, the favorite activity of the day was Pie in the Face. Children were able to spend 5 tickets for the opportunity to smash a whipped cream pie in teachers faces. Teachers pictured are Mrs. Lindelow (PE teacher), Mrs. Ronquillo (computer lab teacher), Ms. Farris (Kindergarten teacher) and our administrator even got in on the action! Mrs. Oatsvall, Asst. Prinicpal is also pictured. The jungle cage was also a student favorite. Mrs. Oatsvall and Mrs. Bermudez (TRT) were pictured happily serving their time in the cage!


Teacher of the Year

PES is proud to announce that Mrs. MaeHelen Breaux was chosen as Teacher of the Year of the 2013-2014 school year. Mrs. Breaux was surprised with balloons by Principal, Kim Thomas and Asst. Principal Gina Oatsvall in her third grade class.

January, 2013


Working on the Dream

After reading about Dr. Martin Luther King, watching streaming videos, and taking an oral quiz on his life, the children in Ms. Kloiber's class worked on their own dream.


November, 2012


Mayflower Voyage

Ms. Farris’ Kindergarten class participated in a journey on the Mayflower.  The students packed their most precious belongings and “set sail” for the New World.  Though the journey was treacherous, all returned safely to shore.


Where the Wild Things Are

PES families were invited to Literacy Night on November 8.  This year’s theme was “Where the Wild Things Are”. Students were invited to wear their pajamas and participate with their parents in Literacy activities designed by their teachers.  A Special treat for the students was Principal Kim Thomas, reading Where the Wild Things Are.


Veterans Day

On November 12, PES invited family members of students who serve or are currently serving in the Armed Forces for a special celebration.  Kindergarten students from Mrs. Penton, Mrs. Schuessler, and Mrs. Savoy’s classes performed songs using bells.  Representatives from each of the First grade classes lead the Pledge. Second Graders from Ms. Barrosse and Mrs. Fry’s classes read a Veteran’s Day poem and our Third Grade chorus also performed. 


Teacher of the Year

Pontchartrain Elementary is proud to celebrate our 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year, Julie Ranzino and our Support Person of the Year, Battina Williams. We are lucky to have them as part of our Pontchartrain family.


Professional Development

Principal, Kim Thomas and Asst. Principal Gina Oatsvall welcome teachers to the October Professional Development Day. Teachers worked in teams to develop a deeper understanding of the COMPASS evaluation system. Other focuses of the day included JPAMS gradebook training, Four Square Writing and Kagan Cooperative Learning strategies.


Musician Performs

PES students were treated to a performance by Johnette Downing from the PTA.

Students and teachers had a great time singing and dancing.


October, 2012


Patriots Day Photos




Family Math Night

PES held our Family Math night on September 27. Here's some of the fun!!!

September, 2012


Patriots Day

Patriots Day at Pontchartrain Elementary!



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