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July, 2012

Faculty Retreat Photos

May, 2012


Ribbon Cutting

Pontchartrain Elementary celebrated a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, May 11th. The PTA has sponsored fundraisers for several years with the goal of purchasing a shade structure for the PES playground. This structure is a magnificent sight and has enabled the students to enjoy playing on the playground even during warmer and rainy weather!

Pictured are Kim Thomas, principal, cutting the ribbon.

PES Students preparing for a special presentation.

Left to Right: PTA Board Members-Annie Lombardi, Jennifer Whatley, Lisa Fabacher, and Donna LaCaze; Principal Kim Thomas, Assistant Superintendent Cheryl Arabie, Elementary Supervisor Julie Matte, and PTA Board Member Tammy Maher

Author Night

Students at Pontchartrain Elementary were treated to a very special visit by author Keith Jacobs. Mr. Jacobs lives in California and has written articles for magazine such as Ranger Rick and Highlights. He read his latest book Alicia Without Sight and The Dreams She Dreams At Night. Pictured with Mr. Jacobs is Kindergarten student Gabe Tomasello.


April, 2012

Gallon Guy and Girl

Ms. Barrosse's 2nd grade class creates Gallon guy and girl.

March, 2012

Rock Mining

Pontchartrain Elementary Students participated in a rock mining activity. Diamond Dell came to the school to enrich the students' experiences with a rocks and minerals study.

Students pictured are Emma Bermudez and Kathleen Nicklas from
Mrs. Barrosse's 2nd grade class.

George Washington Carver

1st Grade studetns in Mrs. Kinabrew's class researched, composed and illustrated their writings about George Washington Carver. Left to Right: 1st Row: Robb Butz, Jasey Gandolfo, Reid Jourdan, Catherine Groves, Kendall Jourdan, and Sophie Gros. 2nd Row: Katie Tusa, Chloe Wilkerson, Jack Winters, Olivia Faler, Landon Carrick, Jane Neelis, and Thomas Knight.
Teachers: Student teacher-Jessica Huhn, and Catherine Kinabrew-1st Grade teacher.

Visit to Baton Rouge

Students in Ms. Faciane's third grade class at Pontchartrain Elementary recently visited the Governor's Mansion in Baton Rouge. Students enjoyed visiting the Louisiana State Museum and State Capitol as well.

Visiting the Governor's Mansion -Left to right - Jacob Klein, Madison Scott, Neil Chen, Nicholas Barreto, and Cain Stowe

Visiting the Governor's Mansion - Left to right - Sarah Kate Hendry, Kaitlyn Corales, and Mackenzie Camp

Visiting the Governor's Mansion - Left to right - Bailey Cartwright, Nadia Deroche, Gracie Bryant, and Chloe McGuckin

Visiting the LA State Museum - Left to right - Nadia Deroche, Kaitlyn Corales, Sarah Kate Hendry, Mackenzie Camp; in front - Bailey Cartwright

Students of the Month

Students of the Month for March were chosen at the school's afternoon assemblies. Students pictured are: Front Row, Left to Right: Kindergarterners: Owen Schock and  Ella LeGardeur,  1st Graders: Aiden Freret, and Allie Guillot. Back Row:  3rd Graders: Brooks Creed and  Hannah Russell,2nd Graders: Caleb Bonner, and Kylie Burns.

Dynamic Ceramics

Faculty and Staff at Pontchartrain Elementary School were treated with a night of Ceramics lead by Art Teacher: Paula Ourso. Teachers enjoyed food, friends, and fun ceramic creations!

Pictured are Gayle Camus and Deborah Ginel, 2nd Grade Teachers

Pictured are Leon Hebert, PE Teacher, and Julie Sistrunk, 3rd Gade Teacher

Pictured are Linda Akers, First Grade Teacher, with Art Teacher Paula Ourso

Keep Mandeville Magnetic

Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Aker's first grade classes helped to count Keep Mandeville Beautiful Magnets for the students at Pontchartrain Elementary School. Each student was given a Keep Mandeville Beautiful Magnet to proudly display on their parent's car. Mandeville is applying for the Cleanest City Award. Judging will take place in April. Volunteers can participate in a Keep Mandeville Beautiful clean up day on Saturday, March 17th from 9am to 12 noon.

Ms. Johnson-First Grade Teacher, Johnny Palmer, Cameron Mary, Timothy Schock, Amanda Roberts, Lance Atkins, Dylan Cook, and Augie Bailey; Middle - Owen Laurent, Bryson Darr, Hudson Poole, Cecilia Belmont, Ashleigh Hoggle, Allie Guilliot, Katherine Mylie, and Amy Liu. Bottom - Jace, May, Jyri Hoy, and Jack McNulty.

The names are, front row, left to right, Peyton Murray, Promise Broom, Riley King, Ava Grace Reynaud, and Woody Brown. Middle row left to right Madison Burke, Avery Dunlap, Samantha Rivenbark, Sarah Rumsey, Zoe Boudreaux, Sarah Radtke, Matthew Truehart, and Chase Blahnik. Back row left to right Linda Akers-First Grade Teacher, Junah Butcher, Abi Lewis, Joseph LaCaze, Jacob Watson, Jayden Volk, Collin Blahnik, Max Rousseau, Hayden McWilliams,
Ethan Simpson, and Dr. Kathleen Wiseman, Keep Mandeville Beautiful Representative and Retired Pontchartrain Elementary Principal.


February, 2012

Parade Honorees

PES 2011-2012 Support Person of the Year: Babetter Rader and Teacher of the Year: Denise Cotogno were honored at the PES Mardi Gras parade!


Bippo Visits

February is Dental Health Month and Pontchartrain Kindergartners enjoyed a visit from Bippo the Hippo. Bippo talked to the students about the importance of good dental hygiene.


Students of the Month

Pontchartrain Elementary selected representatives from each grade as Students of the Month for February. Students Pictured: Standing left to right: Second Graders: Ava Chadbourne, Yahya Arain, Third Graders: Hannah Thomas, and Tre'Vonte Manson. Seated left to right: Kindergartners: Ashton Schock, Ava Gandreau First Graders: Ashleigh Hoggle, and Kilian Henderson.

Valentines Math

Students in Mrs. Barrosse's second grade class enjoyed math class on Valentine's Day! Students used conversation heart candy to create graphs and fractions.

Students pictured: Shelby Yokum, Lorenzo Lopez, and Elena Whatley.


Heart-Shaped Poetry

Mrs. Barrosse's second grade class used the website
to create heart-shaped poetry on Valentine's Day!


Pizza Lessons

Students in Ms. Simon's second grade class enjoyed learning about fractions with a hands-on lesson using PIZZA! Students worked in groups to divide the pizza into equal pieces and using problem solving skills to decide the fractional part of the pizza that would be eaten and the amount that would be left over within their group. After the lesson, the students dined upon the pizza!

From left to right Kylee Corales and Andres Jacob

From left to right Jaydon Farr and Koryn Kennedy

From left to right Mason Skeen, Teacher Ms. Simon, and Isabelle Applebaum


Shadowing Day

Pictured are Skylar Schoen sixth grade student at Tchefuncte Middle School and Gina Oatsvall Technology Resource Teacher at Pontchartrain Elementary. Today was sixth grade shadowing day. Shadowing day is when a student goes to a friend, relative, or family member's work and studies what they do so they can have a better idea of the education needed for various careers.

Good Citizens

Pictured are Kindergartners Elise Parnell and Laura Klein with PES bookkeeper Babette Rader.
PES students earn Good Citizen slips for following the school's Bee Rules: Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful. Faculty and Staff have created reward systems for students to trade in their slips for desired items. For example, P.E. teachers allow students extra time on the rock climbing wall for a designated amount of slips while other teachers allow students to sit in the teacher's chair for a day! Bookkeeper, Babette Rader, rewards students with a lunch picnic for 35 Good Citizen slips. Mrs. Rader prepares a "picnic style" lunch complete with table cloth in her office.


January, 2012


MLK Day Research

These are pictures of students from Mrs. Julie Ranzino's Third Grade Class at Pontchartrain Elementary School. They are in front of posters they created for Martin Luther King Day. The students researched his life in class, and created time lines for their projects, at home. Students are listed left to right.

Grady Brechtel, Adelyn Bailey, Camille Butcher, Celeste Allen

Caden Costa, Alexa Dunlap, Sophie Fernandez, Lindsey Carrick

Mackenzie Harless, Brandon Marquez, Geoffrey Mast-Belko, Gabe Gros

Mary Paretti, Emma Pearson, Ashton Mouton, Vani Pandian

Austin Peak, Aarushi Gupta, Caden Costa, Jeremy Saacks Julie Ranzino


Virtual Field Trip

Third grade students in Mrs. Breaux and Mrs. Faciane's class were treated to a LIVE virtual field trip in Mrs. Paula Ourso's Art Class. On January 26th, the students were able to interact via the web with the Remington Museum in Osdenburg, N.Y. Frederic Remington is a famous American Western author and artist. (Our theme this nine weeks is Out West) One class looked at his sculpture called Rattle Snake and learn about the lost wax method. The other class reviewed the most requested painting in their museum... the "Charge of the Rough Riders", a painting of the Spanish American War in 1898. The buffalo soliders ( Africian American soldiers serving in the U.S. military), Yellow Journalism and Teddy Roosevelt, will be highlighted.

Students are shown watching the field trip on the Promethean board.

Keep Mandeville Beautiful


Pontchartrain Elementary was recently awarded with a Keep Mandeville Beautiful Award from Mayor, Donald Villere. Student Council Representatives surveyed classmates on ways to keep the city clean. The representatives then met and compiled 100 ways to Keep Mandeville Beautiful.

On stage left to right are Kim Thomas, Principal, Dr. Kathleen Wiseman, Retired Principal and Keep Mandeville Beautiful Representative, Mayor Donald Villere, 3rd Grade Teacher Julie Ranzino, and Student Council President Brooks Creed.

Pictured left to right are Mayor, Donald Villere, Julie Ranzino, and Brooks Creed.


Pennies for Paws

Students at Pontchartrain Elementary collected money during the Christmas season for the Dachsund and Greyhound Rescue Groups. Students collected over $400.00. In addition, students brought in needed pet supplies such as leashes, blankets, toys, and food for the St. Tammany Parish Humane Society. Students pictured are, left, 2nd Grade Teacher Deborah Ginel, Humane Society Rep. Suzy Kaznowitz, Students Tyler Roberts and Riley Ellefson.
On the right: Mollie Gabbert, Jolie Ferguson, Morgan Davis, and Sam Spiegel with first grade teacher Stacy Crews.

Safety Poster Contest

PES students particpated in the PTA Safety Poster Contest. Students pictured have won the school contest and are now entered into the district contest.

Front Row: Cameron Mary, Nick Barreto, Gavin Bardwell, Walker Miles, Jacob Vitter, and Nathan Fontan. Second Row (Kneeling): Ava Chadbourne, Vani Pandian, and Shelby Bundy.
Back Row (Standing): Brianne Leedy, Geneva Thompson, Brooklynn Darr, and Promise Broom.


December, 2011


Moo Dat Quarterback

Principal Kim Thomas and cafeteria manager Rachelle Brady rewarded Caleb Nicotri, a 3rd grader at Pontchartrain Elementary, with a bag of goodies from Fuel Up To Play 60 for gaining the most yards in the Who Dat Moo Dat Quarterback milk carton throwing contest.

Electric Energy

The students from Mrs.Caren Bermudez's third grade class at Pontchartrain Elementary lit up their work stations with a lesson on electric energy. Pictured from left to right are Philip Margavio, Paris Asher, and Kailey Winn.

Students of the Month

PES acknowledged their Students of the Month for December. On the front row are Kindergarten: Reese Ellefson, Mason Mullally; First Grade: Jack Winters, and Miranda Woodall. On the back row are Second Grade: Destini Malbrough; Kazumasa Takemoto; Third Grade: Cade Eckel, and Katie Colgan.

Polar Express Day

Students at Pontchartrain Elementary participated in a school wide Polar Express Day on Friday, December 9th. Third graders, Max Martinolich and Gabe Cullen, enjoy reading with blankets and stuffed animals brought from home.

Wonderful Winter Concert


Third and 4th Grade Chorus Directors, Denise Cotogno and Joanna Roy, with members of the 3rd and 4th Grade Chorus at Pontchartrain Elementary and Tchefuncte Middle Schools. The Chorus performed a wonderful winter experience in front of their peers.

Chorus members pictured are Turner Land and Zachary Meyer.

The Two Bite Club

Dr. Lowery's kindergarten class at Pontchartrain Elementary show their muscles after listening to a book about good nutrition read by Rachelle Brady, the school's cafeteria manager.


November, 2011

Literacy Night


Pontchartrain Elementary hosted its annual literacy night on Wednesday, November 16, 2011. Teachers created literacy stations in which the students worked with parents. Students listened to storytelling, danced on a word walk, and read with special guest, a greyhound named Roxy! All wore pajamas. Donations from local businesses included Fresh Market, Rouse's, Trey Yeun, P.F. Chang's and Macaroni Grill.

Kindergartner Alex Barron reads Biscuit Wants to Play with literacy trained greyhound, Roxy and owner Sandy McMurtry.

Pre-K/Kindergarten teacher gives a big cheer for Shyla Garden as she successfully matches words and pictures at the Cookies and Milk activity.

Computer teacher, Jenny Ronquillo encourages third grader, Christian Ross to brainstorm adjectives describing literacy night!

Second grader, Bryan Alexander and Dad, Bryan Alexander builds a pyramid diorama after reading a book. The diorama includes the story elements such as the main characters, setting, and plot.

First graders Alex and Dean Hopper with Mom, Allison, enjoy milk and cookies from Mrs. Lapeyre, Librarian, and Mrs. Lott, Counselor before listening to a guest story teller.


October, 2011


Using Photography

Pontchartrain Art Teacher, Paula Ourso, and Computer Lab Teacher, Jenny Ronquillo recently presented a workshop on Using Photography In The Classroom. Teachers participate in monthly workshops to increase their knowledge of various technology. These workshops are called "Share Fairs."

Paula Ourso and 2nd grade teacher Angela Barrosse

Jenny Ronquillo and 2nd grade teacher Jeri Angeron


Pontchartrain Elementary Principal Kim Thomas taught a lesson on metamorphosis to Gayle Camus' second grade class. Mrs. Thomas used books and puppets to illustrate her lesson.

Storybook Characters

Storybook Character Day! Students and faculty dressed as their favorite storybook characters on October 28, 2011. Pontchartrain Elementary Principal Kim Thomas dressed as the Cow that jumped over the moon. Second grader, Shannon Kelly dressed as the Cat and the Fiddle!

Doughnuts for Dads

Pontchartrain Elementary hosted a "Doughnuts for Dads" breakfast. Dads were invited to eat beignets and professional photographers were on hand to take pictures. The cafeteria served over 700 breakfast plates! Pictured: Tyson Carter and Jordyn Carter with dad Rex Carter.

October Students of the Month

Pontchartrain Elementary School has chosen their Students of the Month for October.
These students exemplify the school's four "Bee Expectations" on a daily basis!
Kindergarten students: Gabriel Tomasella, Ce'Ara Green
First Graders: Matthew Formel, Naomi Bayley
Second Graders: Gabby Kleinschmidt, Evan Abraham
Third Graders: Raedan Stephens, Hannah Thomas

Jim Henderson Visits

Third grade parent Jim Henderson came to talk to Mrs. Denise Hernandez's third grade class about the Port of New Orleans. Mr. Henderson explained the various products that New Orleans imports and exports. The children viewed a powerpoint presentation showing various aspects of the port. From left to right are ( front row) Peter Schwartz, Raedon Stephens, Caleb Nicotri, Axel Henderson, Charlotte Richardson, and Celia Wilson. On the back row are Nicholas Reardon and Katherine Colgan.

September, 2011

Math Night


PES recently hosted a Family Math Night! Teachers chose hands-on manipulative based math activities for students and parents to solve together.

Kindergarten parent Monica Roark with daughter Chloe sort and classify shapes.

Kindergarten teacher Linda Savoy and student Jillian Augello uses a scale to determine weight of objects.

Third Grade parent Laura Rosser and daughter Rachel roll the dice during a place value game.

A special station at Math Night was the "Who-Dat, Moo-Dat Quarterback." Students were able to purchase milk, drink it, estimate how far they could throw the empty carton. Then, students measured in yards the distance thrown. The winning quarterbacks are, from left to right: Zachary Roy, Dylan Bowles, Caleb Bonner, Brett Eiermann, Burton Stubbs, Kelsey Diamond, and Jordyn Carter.

Moo Dat Kick-off

Pontchartrain Elementary Principal Kim Thomas, Cafeteria Manager Rachelle Brady, and Book keeper Babette Rader, attended the Moo Dat kick off at the Superdome in New Orleans, on Friday, September 16.


Patriots Day Photos

Pontchartrain Elementary honored first responders on Patriot's Day, Sept. 9, 2011. The day began with Mandeville police officers, firefighters, and Louisiana State Troopers coming to the school. The first responders talked with the students during morning recess. The responders were entertained by the third grade chorus directed by teacher Denise Cotogno. While enjoying the music, the responders ate a delicious breakfast provided by the school cafeteria. Many classes showed their appreciation by creating cards and banners for the officers. The day continued with a Blood Drive. Parents and members of the community were encouraged to "Donate life in honor of those that were lost on 9/11." The drive was a huge success! The goal of achieving 30 pints of blood was surpassed!

Parent Monique McGee donating blood on the Blood Center Mobile

Parent Sara Silva donating blood on the Blood Center Mobile

Officer Miazza visiting with his daughter, Sophie who is in Kindergarten.

Officer Michael Zulli is presented with cards of appreciation by second graders
Madison Hogan and Alexa Badeaux.

DARE Officer James Kindler is presented with a card of appreciation by first grader, Sydney Bray.



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