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Pitcher Junior High School

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December 2014

Winter Wonderland

On Monday, December 8 William Pitcher Junior High hosted a Winter Wonderland night for students and their families.  There were a variety of activities for them to participate in including testing Mrs. Claus’ sugar cookie recipe using the scientific method and creating an edible Christmas tree using math skills.  The chorus performed several Christmas selections and the talented theatre classes presented their version of Twas the Pitcher Night before Christmas. 

William Pitcher Junior High Chorus under the direction of Mrs. Jackie Pennington.

Parents and students testing Mrs. Claus’ cookie recipe.

Pitcher students Scott Montreuil and Laine Lecorgne perform the experiment.

Jade Cooper, talented theater student, and her mom Candace Metz.

Chorus student Kennedy Hughes with her mom Jennifer Jenkins, Pitcher math teacher, and family.

Pictured left to right: Alyson Rogers, Jade Cooper, Callie O’Bryant, Kailey Clausen, and Hannah Rogers – talented theater students in Mrs. Diane LaSalla’s class.

November 2014

Bench Dedicated to Justin McLeese at Pitcher

A bench was dedicated in memory of former student Justin McLeese, a Marine and graduate of Covington High who was killed in action in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004.


October 2014

Panther Prowl

Students Rewarded for Reading

Above: Jade Cooper, Trevor Johnson and Emilie Piedra enjoy hot chocolate as a reward for everyone in Mrs. Rebekah Steinhauer's 3rd hour reading class reading at least one book this nine weeks.

Above: Ryan Legere and Ashlyn Washington

Honor Roll Breakfast

Pitcher Junior High held its first honor roll breakfast this morning. Below are pictures of the students with their parents at the breakfast. 

Above: Melanie and Jimbo Moore with 7th grade son Brodie

Above: Dr. Raphael Tillman, principal, presenting a certificate to 7th grader Sarah Faust 4th.

Above: 7th grader Bryant Cyprian and his mom, Deline Cyprian.

Above: Richard Weiskopf and 8th grade student Elizabeth Weiskopf.


Cheerleaders & Dance Team Brave the Rain

Pitcher cheerleaders brave the rain at Lakeshore High in the game against Mandeville Junior High. 

Pitcher dance team waiting for the game against Mandeville to get started after getting caught in the rain



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