Pearl River High School

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Catering Instruction

Russell Ann Howard and senior student Gloria Parker are preparing a recipe for the Professional Development Luncheon (Oct. 11th) for teachers. Students participate in catering events as part of the Nutrition and Foods classes. Nutrition and foods classes are the pathway for the Hospitality & Tourism Career Cluster which prepares students to work in the lodging, food service, tourism and recreational-related industries. This is one of the largest career fields especially for Louisiana, and PRHS offers students the opportunity to receive Industry Based Certification (IBC) through the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation and the school-based enterprise—The Pearl

Painting the Scenery

Talented Theatre Senior Sarah Pazos is painting scenery for the upcoming play. All theatre students participate in set design and construction; as well as, “Tech” work with all productions.

Studying the Script

With Talented Theater teacher Laurie Jo Koster looking on, Talented Theatre Senior Laura Pazos studies the script for the upcoming performance of “Freckle Face Strawberry” on October 30-31st.

Learning how to use graphing calculators

Diane Shay, “St. Tammany Parish High School Teacher of the Year,” is engaging her 9th grade Algebra I students in a measurement activity using graphing calculators. Students learn the foundation skills in academics to connect mathematics to the “real world” each day as they prepare for college and career readiness through the Guaranteed Curriculum.

These students use their academic classes to master skills they will need in the Career and Technical classes.

Learning how to check blood pressure

Northshore Technical Community College nursing instructor Lizbeth Caminita, guides her Health Science I students as they learn how to accurately take blood pressure and record findings. Mrs. Caminita also teaches Medical Terminology, Certified Nursing Assistant, and EKG that are dual enrollment college classes. Students in the Certified Nurse Assistant class earn IBC provided by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. Not only can students enter the medical field with this certification, students can advance in the medical field by obtaining licensure for LPN or RN.

In the shop building shelving

Northshore Technical Community College construction instructor Keith Dykes works with construction students to build customized shelving for a customer. Students Ian Singletary, Gage Schexnayder, and Josh Picou earn a national NCCER Core Certification for this dual enrollment college class. This is also the “Pearl River High Construction Co.” which is a School Based Enterprise. Drafting and construction classes are the pathway to the Architecture and Construction Cluster

Learning how to use AutoCad software

Northshore Technical Community College drafting instructor Keith Dykes is working with Advanced Drafting students Justin Cinquemano and Leo Fagan as they blue print projects using AutoCad, a “state of the art” computerized drafting program. In this dual enrollment college class, the students receive a national NCCER Core Certification and an Industry-based certification.

A sample of a glass-topped table built in the shop

Billy Mayfield’s Ag welding students display the custom-made “PR-logo” metal table that was created by using the computerized Plasma welding machine/table. The student weld projects for re-sale to customers for their School-Based Enterprise.

Using the plasma cutting table

Welding students simulate on-the-job skills using the Plasma welding table in class while adhering to Federal safety standards to create a customized “PR-logo” metal table with glass top. Pearl River High students gain valuable knowledge, experience and skills needed to compete for the high job demand for welders. Agriculture production, management and entrepreneurship are the coursework pathway for the Agriculture, Food & Natural Resource Career Cluster.

Adjusting the welder

Senior student Joe Bond adjusts traditional arc-welding machine before he begins his assigned job. Skills that students learn in this class are used when they compete in District and State FFA competitions throughout the year.

Welding a spot

Senior student Joe Bond makes repairs on a customer’s boat as part of his “job” in the Northshore Technical Community College dual enrollment class. He receives a national NCCER Core Certification and an Industry-based certification. Joe plans to continue his Career Technical training in welding after graduation this year.

Preparing an order in the meat processing shop

Students in DJ Fischer’s Meat Processing School-Based Enterprise “Honey Island Smokehouse” are preparing an order for a customer in the PRHS Meat Center. Students in this class earn an Industry-Based Certification that prepares them for the real world as they learn skills to butcher and prepare meat for resale. Pearl River High is the only St. Tammany Parish high school that has a Meat Center to teach students business skills in the meat processing industry and is certified by the Louisiana Meat Processors Association.

Training students in basic work skills

Teacher Sharon Lewis works with her students in the PAES lab. Students simulate “real world” work skills in the lab to prepare them to be ready for job placement in the community.

Learning a food services work skill

Paraprofessional Kathy Naramore works with senior student Deborah Crowe as she learns job skills. The students complete their Community Based Vocational on-the-job training in local businesses that include Marco’s Pizza and Precious Pearls.

Shane Ducote improves his construction skills in the PAES lab that will help him succeed in the construction class and on the job site.

Learning cash register basics

Senior student Jeannette Crowe is instructed by her teacher Sharon Lewis to complete transactions on a cash register in the PAES lab. Jeannette uses these job skills when works in the Community-Based Vocational Education program at her work site at Marco’s Pizza.

Updating the main office bulletin board photos for Working Together for Success

Gabriel Kern is a second year STAR, Students Teaching and Reaching. STAR is an IBC through the Louisiana State Department of Education. Gabriel hopes to return to St. Tammany Parish to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a teacher.