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April, 2012

Louisiana Cultural Arts

Marigny Elementary celebrated the variety of cultural arts enjoyed throughout Louisiana including music, visual arts, and dance with a special program April 20 spotlighting fish and wildlife native to Louisiana, Cajun music and culture, seafood culinary delights, and even snowballs, a local summer treat.

Students engaged in a variety of educational and fun activities, everything from taking part in “Sportsman Paradise” fishing, biking and camping to digging for crawfish, making clothespin alligators, and dancing to Zydeco music. A special appearance by Delta Dolphin and Salty the Pelican were especially appreciated.

Sheriff’s Deputy Howard McCrea visited Marigny Elementary on April 19 with baby alligators and the students had the opportunity to hold them.

Bridget Martinez, chairman of the Marigny event, said it brought together 50 parent volunteers with several outside agencies to help the children become more aware of local cultural arts opportunities. “The community response was great,” she said, naming participants such as the Northlake Nature Center, the Mandeville branch of the parish library, the Corps of Engineers, La. Wildlife and Fisheries, and others.

“The kids were definitely engaged with the many interactive and age-appropriate activities we had available,” Ms. Martinez stated. “Every student was able to participate.”

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Field Day

Claire and Austin are having fun at Marigny’s field day. The weather was perfect and the games were fun. Marigny’s field day had games that were all focused around Dr. Seuss books.

Easter Egg Hunt

Kindergarten girls are ready for their Easter egg hunt.

Horsetails Help Readers

T-1 students had special visitors to enhance reading. They participated in the Horsetales Literacy Program that promotes students reading. After the horse came to Marigny the students went on a field trip to visit the horses at the farm.


March, 2012

Leprechaun Traps

Students in Mrs. Fix’s class show off their Leprechaun traps they made. Each students created a trap to try and catch the leprechaun.


Smart Bodies

The LSU Smartbodies exhibit came to Marigny Elementary on March 1 st.  Students had a great time learning about the body.  Students from Lakeshore High ran the different stations and taught the students about the body parts. 

March Calendar of Events

March 6th-Horsetales visits Marigny for T-1 @ 10:00 am

March 16th-field day all day

March 19th-K-Kids Meeting after school

March 20th-PTA meeting at 6:30 pm

March 24th-Marigny Night at the Hive Hornets Night

March 27th-Lakeshore High to visit Marigny with petting zoo

March 28th-PBIS Matinee for the 3rd quarter

March 28th @ 9:30 am - Terrific Kids breakfast

March 29th and 30th Spring Parties


February, 2012

Black History Month

Students reported at morning meeting about famous African American inventors for Black History Month.


Terrific Kids

Marigny Elementary Terrific Kids for the month of February.

Jerseys for Jeremy

Jerseys for Jeremy


January, 2012

Teacher of the Year

Mary Lynn Baumgartner, center, is Marigny Elementary Teacher of the Year.  She is a kindergarten teacher with a high expectations and a love for children! At left is Principal Leslie Martin.


100th Day of School

Marigny celebrated the 100th day of school. Zero the Hero made a special appearance and brought all of the students a 100th day treat.


Starfish Showcase

Our Starfish Showcase night where parents and students enjoyed a fun filled night with curriculum based activities, art gallery created by students, and a chicken dinner.


Mardi Gras Indians

In January, we had the Mardi Gras Indians come to school for a cultural arts experience. The students had a wonderful time learning about the Mardi Gras Indians culture.

December, 2011


Campus Photos



November, 2011


Showing Spirit

Marigny Elementary students wear their spirit shirts to show their school spirit.  Mrs. Waldrip’s class is cheering for Marigny!  Pictured are (top row):  Sienna Allen, Mia Hollier, Ciel Arceneaux, Jaden Fitzmorris, Kate Latino, and Kailey Walker. On the bottom row are Max Eppinette, Tony Calico, and Gavin Bascle.


October, 2011

Saints Rally

Red Ribbon Visits

PBS Support Day

Marigny recently celebrated their first quarter positive behavior support day.  This day was for all students who did a great job practicing the school wide expectations.  Lily Neft and Cecilia Cherry are pictured playing musical chairs.



September, 2011

Open House Visitors

September 13, 2011


Superintendent Visits Club

The K-Kids Club of Marigny Elementary welcomed guest speaker Mr. Trey Folse, Superintendent of St. Tammany Parish Schools, to a recent meeting. Mr. Folse spoke about the club's meeting theme "Setting and maintaining good attitudes toward school," and he read the book The Crayon Box. He also answered various questions from the club members.

K-Kids is the largest community service organization for elementary school students, with more than 42,000 members worldwide. A Kiwanis club, composed of like-minded, service-oriented people from the community, serves as the club’s sponsor. Mandeville Northshore Kiwanis sponsors the K-Kids Club of Marigny Elementary. Pictured, from left, are parent volunteer club advisor Ginny Guillory, Ella Guillory, Leah Savoy, Frankie Gerrets, Jordon Crosby, Mr. Folse, Charlotte Sampey, and parent volunteer club advisor Brandie Sampey.

Keep Mandeville Beautiful

Marigny Elementary K-Kids Club members, their families, and Marigny Elementary teachers participated in the recent Keep Mandeville Beautiful city-wide clean up event. Over 40 Marigny volunteers helped to clean up the green space around Mandeville City Hall and City Park. Volunteers even helped to spruce up the Mandeville Butterfly Garden at City Hall. Pictured (front row) Beau Bernard and Kiley Bernard. Pictured (back row, left) Ginny Guillory, Ella Guillory, Susan Gauthreaux, Sam Guilllory, and Adam Guillory. K-Kids is the largest community service organization for elementary school students, with more than 42,000 members worldwide. A Kiwanis club, composed of like-minded, service-oriented people from the community, serves as the club’s sponsor. Mandeville Northshore Kiwanis sponsors the K-Kids Club of Marigny Elementary.

Black and Gold Day

PTA and Open House



Wave of Knowledge

Marigny Elementary teachers, Roxanne Waldrip, Melanie DeJohn, and Patti Cerise are ready for a new school year.  This year Marigny is “Riding the Wave of Knowledge” with a fun beach theme to gets students learning!

Kiley Bernard and her son Beau Bernard came to Marigny Elementary Meet and Greet to meet his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Brown.  Beau was excited to start school.

Kayla Amato and Ellie Torman are ready to meet their new first grade teachers at Marigny Elementary Meet and Greet.  Students came to school to drop off supplies and see their new friends in their classes.


Zero The Hero

Zero the Hero came to visit Marigny on the 10th day of school.  Zero the Hero discussed the importance of the number zero and sang a special song with each class.  The students received a special snack that was shaped like the number zero.  Zero the Hero is pictured with students from Mrs. Battle’s first grade class. Pictured are Avery DeFrank, Ella Guillory, Leah Savoy, Nathaniel Thiess, Tristan Carpenter, Katie Gauthier, and Joseph Farry.

Terrific Kids

The Terrific Kids breakfast is a program sponsored by Kiwanis. We hold one each month to celebrate one student from each class that exemplifies the Terrific Kid criteria. Our K Kids Club is a separate club that is open to all students. It is also sponsored by Kiwanis. We hold monthly meetings after school and have monthly service projects around school and around the community. We have a focus each month such as recycling or"being a buddy, not a bully". We have guest speakers and the kids take part in activities also at our after school meetings.

First row seated: Joshua St. Germain, Emily Todaro, Victoria Parr, McKenna Ward, Cameron Fox, Lucy Shields, Brinley Manville, Samantha Stevens & Giana Sanchez.
2nd Row: Sophie Springer, Kayla Amato, Clayton Welch, Emerson Riddell, Abbey Avegno, Madison Scudder, Regan Sisson, Laila Ellis, Dryden Manville, Veta Kinchen, and Miranda Harley. 3rd row standing up – Tatem Richard (President of Northshore Kiwanis), Madison Finnan, Lee Saucier, Cole Brookter, Carly Nixon, Lisa Schreiner, Regan Thibodeaux, Grant White, Alex Beaubouef, Ty Frazier, Brian Crossland and Principal Leslie Martin.



Cap Day


Marigny students were"putting a cap" on name calling by wearing caps and hats during Marigny Elementary's No Name Calling Week. On the back row, from left: Gabe Motichek, Jacob Coyne, Sarah Mayer, Mia Baudoin, Dylan Morgan, Cole Dietrich, Peyton Keen, Sam Eppinette, and Dana Hladky. On the front row, from left: Ryan King, Molly McWhorter, Ella Guillory, Alex Beauboueuf, Austin Veillette, Cody Cook, Trinity Barrios, and David Neft.



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