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May, 2013



April/May Students of the Month

4 th grade

Front: Bryce Branzski, Madyson Melendez, Grant Traina, and
Lexie Thibault. Middle: Brooke Biller, Carson Cooper, Ruthie Benson, Ireland Boudreaux, William Drake, and Reilly Higgins. Rear: Jeff Lee, Brian Baudoin, Jocelyn Marin, and Gabby Chautin .

5 th Grade
Front: Faith Dale, Kaleb Vead, Katia Shostak, Shanna Baudier,Dawson Mulkey, and
Emily Wilcox. Rear: Tori Graham, Rishav Roy, Percie Melerine,
Elizabeth Ulfers, and Logan Goodreau.

6 th grade
Front: Bailey Wycoff and Briena Thompson. Middle: Wesley Cardwell, James Preston Furman,
Belle Punch, Hayley Miller, and Eddie Vicknair. Rear: Savannah Demonbreun, Summer Batiste, Evan Mayer, Zachary Brinkman, and Davin Gardner


Renaissance Costumes

MMS sixth graders celebrated the Renaissance. Students dressed in costume and went to different stations where they participated in activities related to the Renaissance. We even had bagpipes. Everyone learned a lot about the Renaissance and what it was like to live during that time period.

March, 2013



March Students of the Month

6th Grade (left to right):
Front Row: Brennan Hetro, Olivia Christensen, Johan Molaison
Middle Row: Madysen Nelson, Julia Pertuit, Haeleigh, Ty Priola, Lindsey Cousins
Back Row: Parker Hannan, Cara Hayes, Natalie Raia, Madelyn Gereighty, Isabella Brown

5th grade
Front Row: Sophie Nicholson, Erin Pittman, Gracie Seyffert, Mia Cadiere
Middle Row: Tatihana Varnado, Gabby Adams, Lizzie Pelto, Kahl Williams, Klaire Fairburn
Back Row: Nathaniel Tennison, Aubrey Womack, Tiffani Terrebonne, Morgan Boquet

4th Grade (left to right):
Front Row: Colin Rappold, Oliver Johnson, Kaitlin Duncan
Middle Row: Lauren Hillburn, Su Ann Humphrey, Jessica Pitre, Skylar Monjure, Brynn Hill
Back Row: Harper Wiley, Emily Blake, Ashlyn Spann, E.J. Goldsmith


Author Offers Writing Tips

Guest author Michael Finklea visited Mandeville Middle School recently. He shared some of his books and some tips for writing. He is shown here with some students from Mrs. Hoffman’s fifth grade class.

Author Micheal Finklea is with MMS Librarian Kellie Windom.
Mr. Finklea is holding some of his books.


February, 2013




Students of the Month

4th Grade
Front: Hannah Damiens, Ryan Blankenship, Jack Dehmer, Shellie Bordelon Middle: Connor Prinzo , Kate Hankins, Davis Martin, Ridgleigh Bantom, Shelby Roberson, Chase Johnson Rear: Aiden Foster, Colin McMilian, Bryn Curtis, Tito Ruiz, Brig Simmons

5th Grade
Front: Madelyn Zambiasi, Holly Puza Middle: Sarah Schuebel, Caden Wilson, Shelby Rigot, Carmella Bosco Rear: Madie Matthews, Paola Meneses, Aden Elmer, Ashtin Blanc, John-Michael Nagle

6th Grade
Front: Jacob Rodriguez, Trent Hernandez, Daniel Favrot, Parker Orvin Middle: Emily Ashley, Spencer Workman, Abby Paschke, Sebastian Gates, Scott Rossignol Rear: Breanna Breland, Hunter Thompson, Ashton Adcox, Matthew Bollinger


January, 2013


The Marsalis Family Lesson

Mrs. Becker’s class in Mrs. Vickers' music class were presented a lesson on The Marsalis Family (Ellis, Wynton, Branford, Delfayeo and Jason) all originally from NOLA and nationally known professional musicians.


Sadako Day

Mandeville Middle School 4th grade gifted students recently celebrated Sadako Day. The students presented oral research reports and slide shows on topics related to the story, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, a fiction story based on the true story of a twelve-year-old Japanese girl who developed radiation sickness (Leukemia) after the bombing of Hiroshima. The students left their shoes outside the door, sat on pillows and dined at tables set low to the ground. They enjoyed hot tea, Miso soup, rice, and noodles with chopsticks while watching eachother's presentations. Pictured are Vianne Currier, Regan Foil, Elaina Bachman and their teacher, Cyndi Hargrove.

Brian Fitzpatrick is eating with chopsticks


Greek Fest

Mrs. Marino’s sixth grade class just completed a unit on Mythology. Students chose god’s and goddesses to portray and shared their story at our Greek Fest.


Martin Luther King Speech

  Mrs. Rabalais and Mrs. Strain’s sixth grade classes at Mandeville Middle School have been studying the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, with particular emphasis upon his I Have a Dream speech.  The class listened to and discussed the speech.  Each student had a particular segment of the speech to explain in his/her own words with an accompanying illustration.

Olivia Christensen and Emily Ashley standing in front of their rewritten excerpts and artwork.

Artwork created by Jonah Molaison and Gavin Boudreaux with an excerpt of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream Speech”.

The Martin Luther King Jr. bulletin board display


Food Drive

Mandeville Middle School recently held its monthly food drive. During the month of January, students collected approximately 1,085 items for the Samaritan Center. Way to go MMS! Pictured left to right are Jack Chapoton, Jared Hymel, Palmer Neely, Jamie Knight, Grace Riddell, Jensen Hatherly, and Alex Eschete.


DARE Graduation

Recently, the fifth grade students at Mandeville Middle School participated in DARE Graduation. Drug, Alcohol, Resistance, Education (DARE) is a police officer-led series of classroom lessons that teaches students how to resist peer pressure and live productive drug and violence-free lives. As part of the graduation requirement, students write an essay about the skills they need to avoid involvement in drugs, alcohol, and violence. Pictured are the top fifth grade essay winners: (left to right) Alyssa Bush, Zoe Olson, Julie Hirstius, Grant Saizan, Officer Darren Powell, Sage Moran, Sara Spinosa, Brandt Hartlin, Percie Melerine, and Carmella Bosco.

December, 2012



Paper Cranes

Mandeville Middle School 5th and 6th grade gifted students recently donated 1000 paper cranes to the Pontchartrain Hematology and Oncology Clinic in Mandeville. The student folded the cranes in their fourth grade year after reading Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, a fiction story based on the true story of a twelve-year-old girl who developed radiation sickness (Leukemia) after the bombing of Hiroshima. Sadako’s classmates finished the 1000 cranes after her death, and their wish is engraved on the base of a statue of Sadako in Hiroshima Peace Park:
This is our cry,
this is our prayer;
peace in the world.

Back row, left to right: Christopher Marquez, Haley Gelpi, Lilah Bass, Anton Pelto, Carter Ledbetter, Alyssa Bush, Evan Mayer, Hayden Goertz, Natalie Raya, and Julie Hirstius.
Middle row, left to right: JR Chou, Olivia Jones, Elizabeth Pelto, William Stokes, Aden Elmer, Jakob Vedel, Abby Oosterling, Macy Owens, and Matthew Sterken.
Front row, left to right: Liam McCauley, Joshua Quarterman, Brooke Beam, Stephen Baudier, Josiah Jimenez, Bethany Growden, Whitney Nguyen, Charley Chehardy, Alex Chiu, Max Trosclair, Michael Oubre, and Mrs. Kathy Oubre, representative of Pontchartrain Hematology and Oncology.


Reflection Contest Winners

Mandeville Middle School PTA Reflection Contest School Winners
Each school winners’ entry has been submitted to the District PTA Reflections Contest.
Congratulations to all these students and good luck at the District level.

Dance: Gabrielle Adams, left, and Grace Sheffield, right

Film: Elizabeth Pelto

Literature: Front Row (left to right) Kailey Crochet, Daniel Favrot, Liam McCauley, and Stephen Baudier. Back Row (left to right) Kaylee Combs, Julie Hir. stius, Julia Pertuit, Macy Owens, Abby Oosterling, Katie Glaviano, and Hayden Goertz

Music: (left to right) Olivia Schaffer and Liam McCauley

Photography: Front Row (left to right) Abiagil Gourgues, Iva Thibaut, Madeline Zambiasi, Bridgette Boss, Grace Saizon, and Amelia McGill. Middle Row (left to right) Jacob Rodriguez, Sadie Rose Currier-Honchock, Chris Marquez, Franie Durio, and Macy Owens. Back Row (left to right) Jackson Heurtin, Abby Oosterling, Elizabeth Pelto, Hayden Goertz, Evan Mayer, and Camille Cardinal

Visual Arts: Front Row (left to right) Liam McCauley, Elle D'Angelo, Madeline Zambiasi, Stephen Baudier, Frankie Durio, and Macy Owens. Back Row (left to right) Grant Saizon, Jacob Rodriguez, Chris Marquez, Hayden Goertz, Evan Mayer, and Camille Cardinal

November, 2012


Non Fiction Writing

Mrs. Arledge's class has been working on non-fiction writing. Shown here are students making Rice Krispie pumpkins.


Historic Artifacts

Evan Mayer, Macy Owens and Stephen Baudier in Mrs. Marino’s sixth grade class are sharing their Historical Fiction Artifact Collections. Students chose a historical fiction novel then created a box of important artifacts. Each artifact’s tag explained its significance in the story. Students and parents visited the Literary Museum to learn about all of the novels.


Museum Visit

After visiting the Literary Museum, students and parents enjoyed some refreshments.


Honor Chorus

Louisiana ACDA Honor Chorus: Row 1:  Haley Norton, Olivia Schaffer, Bree Hickey, Mrs. Paula Vickers. Row 2:  Jamie Planchard, Gabby Gerarve, Katie Glaviano


Honor Choir

Picture of the entire Honor Choir: Louisiana ACDA Children's Honor Chorus


Students of the Month

4th Grade November Students of the Month

Front: Will Robinson, Gabby Mc Kee, Bailey Henrickle, Hailly Waterhouse. Middle: Alexis Weicks, Cole Defrank, Sydney Cooper, Mia Ca mpbell, Dylan Knight. Rear: Victoria Vinet, Madison Spann, Abigail Broussard, E.J. Lang. Not Pictured: Emery Rhodes, Lucca Fettante


5th Grade November Students of the Month
Front: Cole Finnan, Sara Spinosa, Gabby Guichard, Nikki Kieff. Middle: Jonathan Manda, Brooke Beam, Ben Montgomery. Rear: Eden Hill, Sissy Wehler, Abigail Meyer, Emily Weller. Not Pictured: Daniel Smith

6th Grade November Students of the Month
Front: Angel Grijalva, Jack Chapoton, Amanda Palermo, Whitney Duncan, Angela Liu
Middle: Ryan Lambright, Madalyn Autin, Macie Hebert, Jordan Carter, Anton Pelto
Rear: Jarrett Roberts, Jack Schwartz, Dariela Reyes, Tatyana Manson


Veterans Day Celebration

MMS held a Veteran’s Day Celebration on November 12. Veterans were welcomed and honored by the students and faculty. The chorus performed, and a slide show was presented representing family members who are veterans. It was a very moving and emotional ceremony. MMS thanks the veterans and their families for participating.

Hayden Goertz lead the color guard at the MMS Veterans Day program.

Below are a few pictures of the veterans and their families.




October, 2012


Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon Week was Celebrated at MMS recently.


Photo Album

Fourth grade students in Mrs. Hargrove's class recently presented their Biography Book Reactions which focused on courageous people. Students created a journal and presented a monologue in character. Pictured from front left to right: Lucca Ferrante (Albert Einstein), Colin Fienberg (Marco Polo), Riley Lemmler (Thomas Edison), Kate Hankins (Sacagewea), Brian FitzPatrick (Pele), Amelia McGill (Rosa Parks); back l to r: Vianne Currier (Jessica Watson), E.J. Goldsmith (Abraham Lincoln), Josh Schaffer (John F. Kennedy), Jake Mayer (Theodore Roosevelt), Regan Foil (Queen Elizabeth I), C.J. Owens (Colin Powell), and Natalya Schoultz (Susan B. Anthony).

MMS recently had an end of the nine weeks PBIS Celebration. Each grade level participated in games and students were able to cash in their “Seagull Slips” for treats.
Everyone had a great time.

Sixth grade student Camille Cardinal was so excited to collect 16 pairs of tennis shoes for the Leukemia & Lymphoma shoe drive at school! What a great example of being a hero.

MMS recently showed it’s support for Breast Cancer Awareness. Students made a donation and wore pink to show their support.

Emily Ethridge in class

Harper Bass working

Mrs. Schoen’s class has been showing how to be hero’s. They are shown here delivering the food they collected for the MMS Monthly Food Drive. Bailey Henrickle, Haley Shants, Emily Ethridge

Abby Gourges on Grandparents Day

Savana Moore and Sis on Grandparents Day

Bailey Boudreaux Remembering 9/11



Grandparent’s Week

Mandeville Middle School recently celebrated Grandparent’s Week.
Students had lunch with their grandparents and then were able to go to the Book Fair in the Library. Everyone had a wonderful time.

September, 2012


Students of the Month

Mandeville Middle School Students of the Month for August/September

6th Grade Students of the Month

5th Grade Students of the Month

4th Grade Students of the Month

Studying the Newspaper

Mrs. Rabalais’ sixth grade class has been studying the newspaper.


Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Lisa Rhodes was recognized at the first MMS PTA meeting as the Teacher of the Year. She received a bell and praise. Shown in the picture is Mrs. Hart, Principal, and Mrs. Lisa Rhodes.

Cave Dwellers

Mrs. Ann Reed’s class has been studying cave dwellers in Social Studies. Shown here they are working on their cave paintings. The finished products are displayed in the main hallway and in the sixth grade hallway.

Book Donated

Liam McCauley celebrated his birthday recently by buying a book to be donated to the library. Here is Liam with Library Assistant Jill Marino. Liam gets to read the book first, then it will be put into circulation. What a great way to celebrate a birthday.

Locks of Hair Donated

Abby Oosterling recently donated her “locks” to Locks for Love.
What a great way to be a hero.


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