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May, 2012


Students of the Month

6th Grade Mandeville Middle April Student of the Month

Rear: Odin Leahy, Grace Courtney, Madyson Hayes, Gabrielle Suter, Ethan Gonzales, and Trevor O’Brien. Front: Alyssa Steib, Alex Deville, Will Fitterer, Kathrine Hancock, Kennedy Andara, and Ed Manix

5th Grade Mandeville Middle April Student of the Month

Rear: Grace Riddell, Meghan Simms, Evan Mayer, Brandon Shows, and Kara Wunstell.
Front: Gabby Gerarve, Christina Ryan, Emily Ashley, Jared Hymel, Parker Orvin, Jeremy, and Haley Lee

4th grade MMS April Student of the Month

Rear - Olivia Jones, Ashtin Blanc, Ciara Moroney, Shaw Corcoran, Sarah Lucido, and Rebecca Ranum . Middle - Delaney Mulkey, Madison Ellington, Bridget Boss, Abbey Lifferth, and Jasemine Brindle. Front - Emilee Breaux, Katia Shostak, and Emma Reeves


Literacy Night

Literacy Night Activities were related to the story Enemy Pie. Parents and students had lots of opportunities to problem solve, use creative thinking, work with each other and enjoy the book fair.

Assistant Superintendant Cheryl Arabie read Enemy Pie by Munson and King to the fifth graders at MMS to kick off our Literacy Night. Everyone enjoyed the story and Mrs. Arabie did a great job reading. Thanks.

Passports Stamped

Sixth Graders recently traveled around the world. Students’ passports were stamped as they entered six different countries. They learned about the country and what it was like to live there. Students visited Thailand, Australia, Cuba, the Netherlands and Burma.


Renaissance Fest

Lords, Ladies, Knights, peasants and Crusaders were seen all over MMS. Sixth graders participated in their Renaissance Fest. Students dressed in costume and participated in activities related to the Renaissance. They got to taste some Renaissance Food, learn a Renaissance dance, write in calligraphy, work with leather and participate in Renaissance games.

April, 2012

NAC Easter Event

The MMS Nutrition Advisory Council group made Easter candy for Ms. Blackwell’s class.
They had a really good time.

Louisiana Scene

Louisiana School Lunch was celebrated at Mandeville Middle School recently.
Students got a chance to fish and enjoy Louisiana culture.

Enjoying Lunch




March, 2012

Students of the Month

6th Grade Mandeville Middle March Students of the Month
Rear: Michaela Hill, William Mallory, Mercedes Kinchen,
Isabella Oakes, and Tina Plaisance. Middle: Sydeny Byrd, Ansley Couvillion, Austin Davis,
Kathryn Quarterman, and Emily Cox. Front: Shane Dalmado, Henry Alsobrook, and Trey Galland.

5th Grade Mandeville Middle March Students of the Month
Rear: Brian Feske, Summer Batiste, Clair Ecuyer, Kristina Couvillion, Katie Glaviano
Middle: Griffin Davidson, Jacob Bromley, Madison Plaisanace, and Reagan Esteves. Front: Gabriel Schehr, Camiryn Sinkinson, Alyssa Thompson, and Daman Angle.

4th Grade Mandeville Middle March Students of the Month
Rear: Brooke Beam, Taylor Barnhart, Mason Schoultz, Aden Elmer, Logan Cognevich, and Spencer Jordan. Front: Sydnie White, Sean Couvillion, Kathryn Roberson, Daniel Smith, Evan Babin , Ben Kugler , Kaleb Vead, and Ella Kirsch.

PTA reflections winners

The PTA reflections winners were recognized at the PTA District Awards Banquet. Pictured left to right: Back Row: Ms. Hart, Anton Pelto, Jordan Hymel, Isabella Oakes and Mrs. Barton
Front Row: Jakob Vedel, Grant Kimbell, Katie Glaviano and Ms. Nunez. Mrs. Reed was also recognized at the banquet as a “PTA Educator of Distinction.” MMS is proud of all the winners.

Smarter All The Time

Making Kids Smarter All the Time - Since January, some of Mrs. Hargrove and Ms. Wiedeman’s fourth grade students have been tutors for other fourth graders to help prepare for the LEAP test. Lizzy Pelto and Alyssa Bush helped organize the program. All the students have worked hard and learned a lot. In the picture, Whitney Nguyen helps Maddie Natal with math.

Pi Day Celebration

Mrs. Marino’s sixth grade class celebrated Pi Day on 3.14. After measuring many circles, students determined that Pi is equal to circumference divided by diameter. Students then created a visual representation for Pi by assigning a different color for each digit in pi. They also enjoyed sharing many different circular treats with each other.


A paper chain over 1400 “digits” long was created and hung in the hallway as part of the Pi Day celebration.


Art Fest

We traveled around the world. Students worked on elephant boxes from India.

Japanese fans were created.

Rainsticks from Africa were made and then used to create unique rhythms.

Celtic lettering

Students model the masks they created from Brazil.

Artist Bren Bataclan shared his story with us. His message is to make a difference.
When he finished, he signed the MMS Wall of Fame with an original drawing.

One of his paintings.

MMS's own talented theatre teacher, Mrs. Vigueira sang with the band Bonarama who entertained everyone. She did an awesome job.


Jerseys for Jeremy

MMS students supported the Jerseys for Jeremy Fund Raiser.

Mrs. Tucker’s class pose for a quick photo.

The next photos are from Mrs. Marange’s 4th grade class.

Gabby Adams, Rosie Matthews, Taylor Johnson, and Abby Lifferth

Sean Couvillion and Jaclyn Jasnocha in Mrs. Marange’s class.

DJ Rivera, Bryce Moyers, Grace Saizan, and Bree Hickey

Grant Saizan, Mady Cox, Connor Raynor, and Alex Rosales


PBIS Celebration

Students were able to choose activities to do and spend their “Seagull Slips” on treats.



February, 2012



Social Studies Fair

Mandeville Middle recently held their Social Studies Fair. These students won first place. They will represent Mandeville Middle at the Regional Social Studies Fair at Southeastern on March 7th. Pictured in front are Luke Pocorello, Olivia Wetekamm, Jolie Boullion, and Hannah Helms. On the back row are Natalie Raia, Evan Mayer, Christian Weicks, Jordan Hymel, Rachel Kitchen and Olivia Salazar.

Second Place Social Studies Fair Winners:
Front row: Shaye Hyer, Amanda Sutton, Liam McCauley, Jordan Boullion, Macy Owens,
and Katie Glaviano. Back row: Grant Kimbell, Ben Watson, Taylor Ferguson, and Gavin Ray

Third place Social Studies Fair winners: Front Row: Chris Weinning, Jacob Rodriguez, Erin Pender, Christ Marquez, Angela Fang, and Mason Carbajal. Back row: Anton Pelto, Hayden Goertz, Camille Cardinal, Kathryn Quarterman, Andrew Jones, Ford Gelpi, and Ed Manix.

Student of the Month

6th Grade Mandeville Middle February Students of the Month
Rear: Joe Yosanovich, Ashley Neal, Alexandra Jaeger, Kaiay Simpson, Elizabeth Wangler, and Kaitlyn Dalferes. Front: Rachel Kitchen, Jazmyn Burnett, Alexandra Jaeger, Camille Norton, Kelsey Whittemore, and Christian Palma.

5th Grade Mandeville Middle February Student of the Month
Rear: Cody Moore, Dawson Walleck, Thomas Warren, Payton Cobb, Gerard Gerarve, and Ryan Lambright. Front: Macy Owens, Coleen Howard, Emma Colwart, Presley Molitor, Amanda Palermo, and Taylor Breazeale. Not pictured is Brian Feske.

4th Grade Mandeville Middle February Student of the Month
Rear: Matthew Medina, Rishav Roy, Grace Luscher, Emma Johnson, Logan Porte, Scott Scalia, and Grace Saizan. Front: Zeidy Zapata, Samatha Hagan, Abigail Gongora, Emily Gandy, Samatha Seyffert, and Halle Hunt. Not pictured is Mason Schoultz.


Greek Gods

Mrs. Marino’s sixth grade class had a Greek Fest as a culminating activity for their unit on Mythology. Students chose a god or goddess to portray. They became the god or goddess and shared their story with the other gods. Greek food was shared afterwards. Parents and students learned a lot about Greek Mythology.

Educator of Distinction

Mrs. Ann Reed has been chosen as Mandeville Middle’s PTA Educator of Distinction. She will be formally recognized at the District PTA Banquet.


Science Fair

MMS recently held their Science Fair. Here are some of the students with the Judges. First place winners will represent MMS at the Regional Science Fair at Southeastern in Hammond on Thursday, March 8th. Congratulations to all who entered the fair. There were over 450 entries.





Substitute of the Year

Karen Roth has been chosen at MMS Substitute of the Year. We are fortunate to have her be a part of the MMS family.


Conquistador Project

Students in Mrs. Reynolds' Social Studies class are shown with their recent Conquistador research projects.


Quilt Demonstration

Mrs. Benson's class made a transformation quilt to demonstrate their knowledge of flips, turns, and slides. Back row left to right: Evan Corcoran, Mariya Anderson, Tylan Driver and Warren Martin. Front row left to right: Kristin Thorne, Gabriel Schehr, Jonathan Rigol, Matthew Bollinger, and Drake Rentrop.


Fraction Sundaes

Mrs. Benson's class makes fraction sundaes
Left to right: Mathew Bollinger, Jonathan Rigol, Warren Martin, Drake Rentrop

Mrs. Benson's class makes fraction sundaes
Jonathan Rigol, Warren Martin, Kristin Thorne


Gameboard Created

In Mrs. Rabalais’ 6th grade Language arts class Maddie Abadie and Caroline Ponsetti created a gameboard for their end of novel choice activity.


Activity Discussion

Parker Bosse, Paul Callais, and Brennan Bartlett discuss their end of book choice activity.


Novel Comprehension

Ansley Couvillion and Maxie Guillot create a game to show their novel comprehension.


Enchanted Gameboard

Mrs. Strains’ students Justin Fontenot, Chandler Tillman, and Carson Bergeron work on an Ella Enchanted game board.


Novel Project

Brandon Graham and Andrew West create an end of novel project.

Super Bowl Book

Students enjoy reading the Super Bowl Souvenir Book donated to the school library by the New Orleans Saints.

January, 2012


Award Nominee

Patricia Schoen was nominated as Mandeville Middle Schools representative for the American Legion Educator of the Year Award. This award recognizes teachers who go above and beyond and promote family values. Shown in the picture are Principal Mary Hart, Ms. Schoen, and Assistant Principal Sherri Barton.

Teacher of the Year

Lisa Rhodes has been chosen as the 2012-2013 Teacher of the Year. She will represent Mandeville Middle School well. Shown here are RHT, Paula Nunez, Asst. Prin., Sherri Barton, Ms. Rhodes, and Principal Mary Hart.


100th Day Glasses

Students in Mrs. Strain’s sixth grade class wear their 100th school day glasses while celebrating the special day. Students from left to right beginning with back row are: Tristan Hughes, Carson Bergeron, Devonte Person, Ashley Neal, Mackenzie McGuire, and Caroline Standley. Students in the second row are: Kylee McCaleb, Dylan Fisher, Andrew West, Alex Hollier, and Jared Siemssen. Students in the third row are: Austin David and Leandra Hainey.

Graphing Data

Mason Schultz in Mrs. Shelly Ford’s fourth grade class at MMS is taking data collected in the classroom and representing it on a graph made in EXCEL.

Cade S. is also representing his data with a graph made in EXCEL.

Mrs. Shelly Ford’s fourth grade class has been studying graphs. They collected data from a survey they developed then made a bar graph representing the data. Later, they took the data and learned how to create a bar graph in EXCEL. Students are holding their graphs in the picture. The graphs are now hanging outside the class so others can see the data.

Literacy Stations

Students in Mrs. Rabalais’s sixth grade class work in literacy stations.
Colin Scheuermann and Noah Heier work in a word study station.

Jared Anderson and Joe Yosanovich work together practicing literacy skills.


Adverbs In Action

Parker Bosse, Emma Toole, Brennan Bartlett, and Ansley Couvillion create adverb acrostics.

Maddie Abadie acts out adverbs for Kippie Sullivan, and Maxie Guillot.

Justin Fontenot, Alex Hollier, Caleb Shepherd, and Payton Bates create adverb chains.

Holly Anne Brady, Jared Siemsen, Carson Bergeron, Devonte Person play and adverb game.

Sam Gosen, Nick Lucido and Zack Broussard, sixth grade students in Mrs. Reed’s class review for a test.

100th Day of School

MMS celebrated the 100th Day of School.

Cali Church, Hannah Guillory and Emilie Talbot in Mrs. Reed’s
class on the 100th day of school.

Students in Mrs. Marino’s sixth grade class completed a variety of activities all related to 100 to help celebrate the 100th day.

Andrew Jone’s is busy making “Derdnuh” (that is hundred backward) , a snack mix with 10 of 10 different ingredients.


District Choir

District 9 Honor Choir was held the weekend of January 22, 2012 in Pontchatoula.
MMS was represented by the following students: Front: Gabrielle Suter, Shelby White, Shaye Hyer, Amanda Sutton, Alexandra Jaeger, Olivia Christensen, Jaden Chou, and Katie Glaviano.
Back: Grace Roberto, HollyAnn Brady, Hope Mejia, Kippy Sullivan, Jaclyn Konicek (Guest Clinician/Conductor), and Kaitlyn Pattarozzi.

Students of the Month

4th Grade January 2012 Mandeville Middle School Student of the Month: Rear Standing: Katelyn Allen, Tylan Gegenheimer, Bailey Saucier, Jackson Heurtin, Aubrey Womack, Grant Saizan, and Carter Ledbetter. Middle: Matthew Roussell, Gabby Guichard, Ryan Hill, Charles Song, and Chance Castillo. Front: Mindy Nguyen, Ashley Marx, and Devyn Mulkey.

5th Grade January 2012 Mandeville Middle Student of the Month - Rear: Andrew Bustillo, Nathan Glynn, Abbey Heffner, Jessica Zepeda, and Jordan Carter. Front: Chris Marquez, Josh Vath, Stephen Legnon, Anthony Pennison, Emari Sabathier, Emily Oubre, and Samatha Brandt .

6th Grade January 2012 Mandeville Middle Student of the Month - Rear: Hope Meiia, Emilie Talbot, Brennan Lanclos, Laci Bergeron, and Catelynn Jernigan. Middle: Hannah Helm, Amanda Lafaso, Meghan Carrigan, Ashlyn Gordon, and Eldon Hendricks. Front: Bonner Smith, Alex Hollier, and Caroline Ponsetti.



Honor Chorus Performs

District 9 Elementary Honor Chorus performing January 21, 2012, at Ponchatoula High School. The following students where selected via audition to represent MMS: Kippy Sullivan, Jaden Chou, Grace Roberto, Shelby White, Kaitlyn Pattarozzi, Hope Mejia, Alexandra Jaeger, Olivia Christensen, Shaye Hyer, Amanda Sutton, Gabrielle Suter, Katie Glaviano and
HollyAnn Brady .

LA State ACDA Honor Choir performed October 2011; the following students where selected via audition to represent MMS. They are Shaye Hyer, Odin Leahy, Gabrielle Suter, Amanda Sutton, and Shelby White.

These students from MMS will participate in the Southeastern US ACDA Regional Honor Choir in Raleigh, NC, Feb. 29 through March 3, 2012: HollyAnn Brady, Amanda Sutton and
Shelby White.

Museum Field Trip

Mrs. Hargrove and Ms. Wiedeman's 4th grade gifted classes
on their field trip to the WWII Museum.



Ms. Wiedeman's 4th grade class after their Biographical Book Review. The students presented their report dressed as the person in their chosen biographies. Students Pictured: Lauren Parmer, William Stokes, Ella Kirsch, Sara Tulli, Shaw Corcoran, Matthew Medina, Bethany Growden, Alyssa Bush, Carter Ledbetter, Brooke Beam, John-Michael Nagle, Michael Oubre, and Maxwell Trosclair.


Japanese Culture Day

Students from Mrs. Hargrove's and Ms. Wiedeman's 4th grade gifted classes enjoyed learning to use chopsticks during their Japanese Culture Day.


DARE Program

The 5th grade students at Mandeville Middle School recently participated in the D.A.R.E. Program. The 12 week long Drug Abuse Resistance Awareness Program is sponsored by the Mandeville Police Department with instruction provided by Officer Darren Powell. At the conclusion of the program the students participated in an essay contest. The winners of the essay contest were presented ribbons at the D.A.R.E. Graduation which was held on December 12, 2011. The winners are: front row left to right: Joshua Vath, Gabriel Spizale, Allie Thompson, Jack Chapoton, Lilly Sampey, and Samantha Brandt. Back row: Jacob Rodriquez, Michael Mullins, Grace Riddell, Hunter Thompson, Taylor Breazeale, and Officer Darren Powell.


Coats for Kids

MMS students participated with WGNO Coats for Kids Contest. Shown in Mrs. Wolff’s class showing what they have collected. MMS collected 714 coats. We know that we have warmed the lives of that many young people.


Meeting AR Goals

Mason Carbajal was the top AR reader in Mrs. Marino’s sixth grade class for the second 9 weeks. Those who achieved their goals in the front row are : Angela Fang, Gavin Ray, Hannah Helms, Mason holding his certificate, Jolie Boullion and Erin Pender. Back row are: Christian Weicks, Andrew Jones, Grant Kimbell, Rachel Kitchen, and Kathryn Rose Quarterman.


Abilities Awareness Day


Brendon Perry and Hailey Latakes play a game testing their concentration skills during Abilities Awareness Day at MMS.


Electric Circuit

Students in Ms. Hebert’s fourth grade class, Callie Varnado; Meagan Parrks (middle) and Miguel Gonzalez, create an electric circuit in science class.

December, 2011

Holiday Concert

MMS Chorus entertained the entire school with their annual Holiday Concert directed by Mrs. Paula Vickers. Everyone enjoyed the concert. We appreciate all the hard work and effort that went into making the concert so entertaining.

MMS band preformed a Holiday concert for the school. Sixth grade percussion did a great job.

The students at Mandeville Middle School would like to thank Carpet Showcase for donating a large carpet for their teachers to use in the classroom. The students from Mrs. Allen’s and Ms. Blackwell’s class will put this carpet to good use. They will be using the carpet in an up-coming project called The Literacy Project. This project will help students in both classrooms. The carpet will be used for discussion groups and the reading corner.

Maritime Museum in Madisonville, LA held its annual children's Village Contest. The contest required students of all ages to create a design for the Children's Village t-shirt. The design was chosen and shown at the Annual Wooden Boat Festival. The following students from Mandeville Middle Schools Talented Art students placed in the contest. Grand Prize winner was Grant Saizan, with his artwork being used on all t-shirts. Grant is in the 4th grade and his teacher is Robyn Kennedy/Talented Visual Arts instructor for St. Tammany Parish. Other winner are also shown in photo. All winners were also place in a coloring book which was given away at the festival.


Wild Thing

Mandeville Middle students participated in the Wild Things Contest this school year under the direction of Robyn Kennedy. All students are in the St. Tammany Parish Talented Arts Program. Winners are shown above. Back row:-Reese Chafin-honorable mention and William Mallory-3rd place. Front row-Victoria Dominguez-honorable mention, Jack Chapton-2nd place, Rachel Eschete-1st place and Emma Colwart-2nd place.

Mandeville Middle Talented Art students participated in the 2011 Internation House of Blues Contest. All art work was created from re-cycled materials or material found in nature. All art was exhibited at the Columbia Theatre in Hammond, LA. Contest was designed to inspire students to create artwork depicting significant events that shaped their lives and world. Teacher-Robyn Kennedy/Talented Art teacher. The following students placed:
Back row-left to right-Christian Weicks-2nd place and Ashton Adcox-1st place
Front-left to right-Seth Martin-1st place and Bailey Wycoff-3rd place.

Each month MMS has a food drive. Our goal this year is to collect 10,000 items.
Students know the importance of giving. So far this year over 4000 items have been collected. Our next food drive we hope to go over 6000 items for the year. In the picture are Dahlia Long, Ashley Marx, Erin Pittman, Sam Guillory, and Danny Hall turning in their class’s items.


November, 2011



Mrs. Hoffman’s and Mrs. Gauthrueax’s classes at Mandeville Middle School had the pleasure of working with Physiologists from LSU on Friday, November 11, 2011. During the “Physiology Understanding Week”, an APS outreach program designed to engage students with hands-on physiology activities. Students learned about physiologists, scientific method, and conducted a lab to explore lung functions. Shown in the picture are Davin , Jason, Mr. Gardner, Michael, Ethan, and Aaron.


Caps for Kids

Caps for Kids Supporters shown here are fifth graders :Jack Getties, Jake Bodie, Kara Winstell, Amanda Ross and Daniel Favroe.

MMS students and faculty participated in Caps for Kids. Shown here are several students proudly wearing hats during the day.
Front row: Grace Ridell, Valerie Perez and Hailee Miller.
Back row: Christian Weicks, Hannah Helms, Ed Mannix, and Grant Kimbell.


Red Ribbon Week

During Red Ribbon Week these students in Mrs. Wolff’s class show their “Team Spirit”. Mary Catherine Nicholson, Presley Molitor, Grace Laney and Britney Nguyen.


Miles Branch Visit

5th Graders visited Miles Branch Settlement. These students learned a lot and had a great time. Shown in Back row: Jack Morgan and Nathan Glynn and front row Desmond Sams, Gabe Spitzale and Christian Lill.


Properties of Matter

Mrs. Strain’s sixth grade class studied the properties of matter. Here are Carson Bergeron and Alex Hollier working on Science Lab.


Pumpkin Lab

Mrs. Haggard’s fifth grade math classes participated in a pumpkin lab. Lots of data was collected and then displayed in the hallways. Pictured here detemining the volume of a pumkin are Warren Martin, Eddie Vicknair and JR Chou.


Fall Round Up

Fall Round Up- Mrs. Duvernay’s class dressed up in western wear to support our Annual PTA Fall Round up held recently at the Castine Center. MMS has an awesome PTA and appreciate all they do.


Bird Beak Buffet

Mrs. Ford’s Class is shown here collecting data for their science investigation “Bird Beak Buffet.” Collecting data are Lizzie Pelto, Lucas Plaisance and Cade Schindler.

Student Council

MMS Student Council Officers are shown here with their teacher sponsors: Ben Hartman and Aaron Dietrich. Officers include: Noah Heier, Elise Hancock, Kathryn Rose Quarterman, Allie Simmons, Kelsey Whittemore, and Jared Siemssem.


Veterans Day

4th grade had a Veterans Day Program. Shown here is Halle Hunt and her uncle Jody Hunt. We appreciate our Veterans.


Computer Lab Project

Students Sadie DeSoto, Jordan Morrow, and Katelyn Allen are working hard on a group project. They are busy finalizing their project in the computer lab.




October, 2011

Motor Mechanic

Andrew Jones in Mrs. Marino’s sixth grade class at Mandeville Middle School demonstrated how an electric motor he and his dad made worked.

Metric Day

Metric Day was celebrated at MMS on 10/10. Olivia Salazar and Jolie Bouillion are determining the length of the hallway in meters using a trundle wheel.

Vocabulary Showcase

Mrs. Hargrove’s class recently had a Vocabulary Showcase Museum. Each of the students  dressed up as one of their vocabulary words. Visitors came to the museum to see what it was all about. Shown are the “trans” group of "words."

Saints Number One

MMS thinks the Saints are  #1. Here are students sharing their writing activity about the saints.


Students of the Month

Zachary Parkins and Aaron Zambiasi are with principal of Mandeville Middle, Mary Hart. These students were recognized at a breakfast for being chosen as “Students of the Month.”

Carpet Donation

The students at Mandeville Middle School would like to thank Carpet Showcase for donating a large carpet for their teachers to use in the classroom.

The students from Mrs. Allen’s and Ms. Blackwell’s class will put this carpet to good use. They will be using the carpet in an up-coming project called The Literacy Project. This project will help students in both classrooms. The carpet will be used for discussion groups and the reading corner.

Teacher of the Year

Mandeville Middle School principal Mary Hart (left) recently introduced parents, faculty, and staff to the school's 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year, Sharon Amie. Aimee is currently in her 24th year of teaching and has been at MMS since 2006. She was named Teacher of the Year by a vote of her peers at Mandeville Middle.

September, 2011


Students of the Month




Around The School

Faculty and Staff enjoying a healthy lunch on PLAY 60 Day. Terri Schaefer, Karelle Lamotte, Ben Hartman and Judy Meyers.

Visiting with friends at lunch are Montana Liggio, Payton Bass and Molly Rossignol.

Getting ready to play: Joseph Faciane, Parker Bosse, Dakota Newman, and Sam Gossen


Tylin Blanc, Rachel Kitchen, Jordan Hymel, Hannah Helms, Olvia Salazar and Jolie Boullion outside in the quiet area.

Playing tether ball at recess: Rachel Ducote hitting the ball while
Hope Mejia is ready to block it.

Play 60 Day: Nick Lucido, Will Mallory, Des’mon LaBostrie and Cody Orvin
Supporting the Saints

Taylor Furguson and Angela Fang enjoying the playground equipment PTA provided.

Andrew Jones and Erin Pender working hard in class.

Mason Carbajal and Ed Manix working on publishing a creative writing project.




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