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Mandeville Elementary School

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May 2015

Field Day Sack Race

Snowball Day

First Graders Visited by Mandeville Veterinarian

Veterinarian Kristen Fisher, from MedVet in Mandeville, recently visited the first graders at Mandeville Elementary School, with dogs, Shout and Spider.

April 2015

Humane Society Presentation

Gallery Night

Louisiana Discovery Center Field Trip

March 2015

Trip to the Lakefront

Mandeville Elementary is very fortunate to be close to the lakefront! Students in Ms. Montreuil’s class work as a team following the FISH philosophy. The students have worked hard to earn compliments for the “Class Compliment Chain". Every time a teacher, administrator, or parent compliments the class, they earn a link for the chain. Once the chain gets to the floor, the students get to brainstorm ideas for a reward. They voted on a walking field trip to Sunset Point. The students observed nature and wildlife on the way. They saw turtles, tadpoles, lizards, and fish in the ecosystem. They talked about Lake Pontchartrain and how important it is to Mandeville, not to mention how beautiful it is! They also tracked how far was walked and the calories burned. This was good, because the students were given a small ice cream from a parent volunteer to enjoy while sitting on the pier.

Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday

February 2015

Cultural Arts Day

Krewe of Crawfish

Students Enjoy Domino's Smart Slice Pizza

Students in the cafeteria enjoyed the first time trying Domino’s Smart Slice Pizza. This line of delicious, nutritious pizzas is created specifically for schools to meet nutrition guidelines and is delivered hot and fresh from the local Domino’s Pizza store. The cafeteria served 505 slices of pizza, which is a 40% increase in sales, from typical pizza days. We think the students loved it, and we are looking forward to enjoying it again!

Famous Louisiana Leaders

Mandeville Elementary School third graders, in Ms. Marlene Markel's class, dressed up as famous Louisiana Leaders and gave oral presentations on their leaders lives and accomplishments.

Celebrating 100 Days of School

Making King Cakes

January 2015

Experimenting with Magnets

Eden Martin, Jursey Foote, Stella Ledig, and Lila Berget enjoy experimenting with magnets in their first grade classroom at Mandeville Elementary School.

Mandeville Elementary Receives United Way Superintendent's Award

Mandeville Elementary Assistant Principal Eddie Strohmeyer is pictured with Superintendent W. L. “Trey” Folse, III at the January Board Meeting after receiving the Superintendent’s Special Recognition Award for 100% participation in the United Way Campaign.

December 2014

Students Display Gingerbread Houses

Heather Cutrer's first grade students, at Mandeville Elementary School, display their Gingerbread Houses that were made during their study of German Christmas Traditions.

November 2014

Discovery Center Field Trip

Mandeville Elementary School students enjoyed creating art projects, rock climbing, drama and acting activities, along with learning about EMS/EMT services on their recent field trip to the Discovery Center in Hammond, Louisiana.  Pictured are second grade students: Kai'den Dempsey, Emma Dugas, Elise Levert, Deanna Padilla, and Ellie Smith.

"Go, Glow, Grow" Tasting Party

Holly Hansen, cafeteria manager at Mandeville Elementary School, recently held her "Go,Glow,Grow" tasting party in Toni Bourg's kindergarten class. The tasting party introduced various vegetables and fruits to the students and educated students on the importance of eating healthy and making good choices for healthier lives.  Pictured with the kindergarten students are Mollie Dunbar, Holly Hansen and Toni Bourg.


October 2014

Storybook Character Day

Mandeville Elementary teachers and para-professionals dressed for the annual Storybook Character Day as the crayons from Drew Daywalt's book, The Day the Crayons Quit. Pictured are: Sharon Turner, Ellen Cascio, Toni Bourg, Laurie Wetekamm, Tori Jones, Mollie Dunbar and Kay Krogsgard.

Black and Gold Day

Sara Barnett, Hannah Millet, Lance Butcher and Colin Gonzales supported The Children's Museum of St. Tammany by participating in Black and Gold Day at Mandeville Elementary School.

Charlotte's Web Fair Projects

Students in Ms. Marlene Markel's third grade class at Mandeville Elementary School pose with their Charlotte's Web Fair projects.  The students created dioramas, word webs, and newspaper articles about the Charlotte's Web unit they just finished reading.

Raising Money for United Way

Mandeville Elementary faculty, staff, students, and parents all stepped up to the challenge to help raise money for United Way during the month of October. As part of the effort, students won the privilege of wearing pajamas to school. In addition, students watched Mr. Strohmeyer, the assistant principal, shave off his beard as a reward for their hard work. Student donations totaled $1,350 and the entire school raised over $4,000.

Pictured are Katie Barberousse, Destiny Davis, Madison Crowder, and Marissa Dufrene.


Kind Kids Club Sends Kind Messages to Schools

Mandeville Elementary's Kind Kids Club has sent KIND messages to schools across St. Tammany Parish. The Kind Kids Club is hoping that the recipients of these KIND messages will "pay it forward" by sending KIND messages to other schools in their community. The Kind Kids Club will track the classrooms Mandy the Whale has visited by having the participating classes email photographs of Mandy the Whale and the participating students to MES. The Kind Kids Club at MES is open to students in Pre-K through third grade. This club of 114 members is sponsored by the school's PTA. Pictured are on the Buddy Bench created by the Kind Kids Club last year are:  Dylan Fuentes,  Jayden Shaw,  Myles Buehler, Veronica Ise, and Ava Calamari.


September 2014

PTA Named National PTA School of Excellence

Mandeville Elementary School's PTA has been named a National PTA School of Excellence for the 2014-2016 school years. National PTA's School of Excellence is a program that supports and celebrates partnerships between PTAs and schools to improve the educational experience and school environment for every child. Pictured are:  Noelle Wager, MES PTA President, Giselle Allen, Louisiana State PTA President, Chantelle Smith, MES Principal, and Trey Folse, Superintendent of St. Tammany Parish Schools.

2014-2015 PTA Officers

Mandeville Elementary School PTA officers for the 2014 - 2015 school year are Leigh Peters, 2nd Vice President; Jennifer Jett, Treasurer; Katie Gruntz and Noelle Wager, Co-Presidents; Andree Person, Treasurer; Holly Carstens, Secretary; not pictured, Daniela Eversgerd, 1st Vice President. Mandeville Elementary School's PTA was recently named a National PTA School of Excellence for the 2014-2016 school years.

Grandparent's Day Bingo

Mrs. Shalett's second grade students enjoyed playing BINGO during Grandparent's Day at Mandeville Elementary School. Pictured are: Evelyn Miller, Katelyn Isaacks, Emily Karns, and Landen Vasquez.

Students Create Artwork from Reading

Zachary Thornburgh and Jursey Foote created craft stick puppets and construction paper illustrations representing Aesop's fable, "The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse". Mandeville Elementary School first graders are working on the reading skill of retelling using characters and settings.


Box Communities

Students in first grade at Mandeville Elementary School recently created "box communities" to enhance their understanding of jobs in their communities and their role of individuals as consumers. Pictured are: Michael Pelak, Audrey Shannon, and Reagan Mitchell.


3rd Grade Teacher Takes Ice Bucket Challenge

Mandeville Elementary School third grade teacher, Marlene Markel, took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge after being nominated by one of her students.   As part of her challenge, she encouraged students to bring in food items to help the Samaritan Center in Mandeville.  Her students donated over 100 food items, and enjoyed watching Ms. Markel get soaked!


August 2014

Kindergarten teacher, Toni Bourg, and her first grade daughter, Adison, were all smiles on the first day of school at Mandeville Elementary School.



School Year 2013-2014




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