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March, 2012


Pet Day

On Friday, March 16, Mandeville Elementary third graders enjoyed Pet Day as part of their science unit about animals. Each student was able to bring one pet to share with friends. Among the different animals in attendance were dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, lizards, and hamsters. Pictured with her dog Emma, a standard poodle, is Alexa Smith and her mom Patricia. Alexa is a third graders in Mr. Brian Fussell’s class.



Dioramas Created

Mandeville Elementary third graders in Mrs. Kristi Tanguis’ classroom created dioramas for their most recent book report. Each student was assigned to read a realistic fiction book of their choice and create either a diorama or float representing the setting. They each presented their project to the class and discussed the book’s characters, setting, and plot. Pictured showing off their creations are left to right: Emma Sonnier, Adrian Romani, Abby Sonnier, and Georgia Jones.   


Louisiana Study

As a culmination of a unit of study on Louisiana, 3rd grade students recently participated in Louisiana Day activities in order to celebrate the culture and heritage of our state. Starting with a beignet breakfast, students enjoyed activities throughout the day including learning to square dance and discovering Louisiana wildlife. In addition, students learned about Louisiana artists, crafts, and festivals.


Presidential Study

Mandeville Elementary students in Marlene Markel’s 3rd grade class dressed as one of the United States Presidents and/or wives as a culmination activity of their government unit of study. Each student researched information about a president, then, in the persona of the president, presented a report to the class. Pictured Front row: (left to right) are Gavin Mann, Veronica Pizzati, Sean Cripple, Ryen Campbell, Kyle Collins, and Savannah Guidry; Middle Row: Emily VanDierendonck, Trent McKinney, Joron Lee, Maddie Leimkuhler, Lionel Penn, Shaviya Cooper, and Jacob Sutton; Back Row: Caden Margavio, Chandler Amon, Kati Robertson, Aiden Fox, Aaron Karansas, Brice Taylor, Hadley Doin, and Hannah Jeannson.


February, 2012



Jerseys for Jeremy

Mandeville Elementary students had fun showing their team spirit while supporting a worthwhile cause. By donating $1, they were given the opportunity to wear their “Jerseys for Jeremy”. All students were very excited to be a part of this event.


Smart Bodies Tour

In conjunction with the LSU Ag Center, Mandeville Elementary students experienced the Smart Bodies exhibit on Tuesday, February 28 th. Pre K through 3 rd grade students toured the human body and learned about the various organs and systems that help keep our bodies growing and healthy. Pictured showing what protein does for their bodies is kindergarten teacher Sharon Turner with her class, from left to right: Camrin Lavergne, Tyler Ellis, Neve Martin, Keegan Gipson, Gracie Morgan, Sarah Margavio, Alex Caceres, Alex Wise, and Christopher Geldert.




Black History Program

As part of our recognition and celebration of Black History Month, Mrs. Cleveland’s art classes read The Crayon Box that Talked and discussed how our differences make life more interesting. Students learned that appreciating one another can create harmony through diversity. Picture are Mrs. Cleveland, Madelyn Green in Mr. Fussell’s class, Laura Hoffman in Mrs. Kernan’s class, Talyn Landry in Mrs. Thompson’s class, and Cyrus Giroir in Mrs. Krogsgard’s class.


Former Principal Visits

Bill Ferrer, Mandeville Elementary’s former principal, came to visit morning meeting. Students were excited and engaged listening to him describe what MES was like when he was principal. He reminded students about the value of education in their lives. The big oak tree that Mr. Ferrer planted in front of MES in 1968 is a reminder of the strength and stewardship he displayed while leading Mandeville Elementary. Pictured with Mr. Ferrer is from left to right is first grader Mead Arabie, third grader Blain Cascio, and third grader Anna Kaushal.



Family Breakfast

From Monday, January 31 through Friday, February 3, Mandeville Elementary hosted Family Breakfast Week. Each day, a different grade level enjoys sharing a nutritious breakfast such as banana bread, beignets, sausage biscuits prepared by the U.S. Gold Ribbon winning MES cafeteria staff with families and teachers. Pictured is 2 nd grader Preston Benjamin with family members, left to right, Sondra Pierce, Preston’s grandmother, Private 1 st class Austin Pierce, Preston’s uncle, and Michelle Pierce, Preston’s mom.

Ryan Ebrahim was busy showing his parents around the cafeteria and morning meeting for 3rd Grade Family Breakfast.

Thomas Ebanks and his father enjoy 2nd grade Family Breakfast.

Cayden Rodriguez was all smiles while his mom was visiting for Pre K Family Breakfast.

Rondrell and Miguel Williams had a wonderful time sharing family breakfast with their family.

Malachi, Makayla, and Malik Martin share time with their family for Kindergarten Family Breakfast.

Preston Benjamin and his family enjoy spending time together during the 2nd Grade Family Breakfast.



January, 2012

Family Learning Night

Family Learning Night was held on Tuesday, January 24 th. The night began with a spaghetti dinner and a brief PTA meeting right before the activities commenced. Families moved throughout the school participating in various activities, including art projects, mind teasers, math games, and science experiments.

Teacher of the Year

Stephanie Cade was recently chosen as Mandeville Elementary Teacher of the Year for the 2012-13 school year. Ms. Cade has been a third grade teacher at MES for 8 years and has a total of 17 years experience. Everyone at MES is proud to have Ms. Cade represent our faculty!


December, 2011


Winter Celebrations


Chorus Club Performs


November, 2011

Adventure Fest

Each year, the community gathers at MES to celebrate together for our Annual Adventure Fest. . We have a fun run in the morning followed with games, performances, and lots of fun!

Mandeville Elementary kindergartener Lana von Eberstein, left, and third-grader Hope von Eberstein enjoy Adventure Fest at the school on Nov. 12. Hope is winner of the festival T-shirt art contest, as worn by the girls.


October, 2011

Learning To Infinity

Mandeville Elementary School conducted a student art contest for the Yearbook cover centered around this year’ theme “To Infinity and Beyond with Learning”. Principal Mrs. Chantelle Smith announced the winners at Morning Meeting. Third grader Greer Jines submitted the winning art work chosen for the front cover. Caroline Becnel, also a third grader, submitted the winning entry for the back cover. They received certificates and gift cards. Shown on the front row, left to right are Greer Jines and Caroline Becnel. In the back row are Mr. Eddie Strohmeyer, assistant principal, and Mrs. Chantelle Smith.

Shirt Art Contest

Mandeville Elementary School held a student art contest for the third grade Rite of Passage shirt. Third grade students will wear the shirt to the Rite of Passage ceremony in May and may also wear the shirt to school as part of the uniform. Georgia Jones was announced as the winner at Morning Meeting by principal Mrs. Chantelle Smith. She received a certificate and will receive a complimentary shirt with her design on the front. Shown left to right are Mr. Eddie Strohmeyer, assistant principal, Georgia Jones, and Mrs. Chantelle Smith.

Great Dane Visit

Mandeville Elementary students in Jennifer Shalett's 2nd grade class had a visit from Roxie the Great Dane and owner Mrs. Sandy McMurtry. Mrs. McMurtry and Roxie are involved with the program, “Love on a Leash” which provides visit schools, nursing homes, and hospitals as to give shy or handi-capable children and adults confidence to read. Roxie has visited and read to students in Mrs. Shalett’s class twice this year. Roxie was also a guest at Mandeville Elementary’s Nature Club where the students watched a video of her at work as a certified therapy dog. Pictured in back row, left to right, are Mrs. Sandy McMurtry, Mrs. Jennifer Shalett, Isaiah Lott, Dalton Tingle, Jeb Moore, Parrish Ligon, Liam Kusiw, Kenneth Koontz, Isaiah Bolton, Braydon Beadle, Carson Tregre, and Cameron Richey. In the middle row, left to right, are Clara Flynn, Kylie Stock, Lauren Sanchez, and Bridgett Watson. In the bottom row, left to right, are Lilly Cambas, Grace Neuman, Lillian Barnes, Abby Hunt, Alexis Dillon, Jaelyn Pendleton, Alex Chabreck, Caroline Spalitta and Roxie the Great Dane.


Free Dress Day

Free Dress Day was an incentive for reaching our goal for United Way.

Pajama Day

A part of the Red Ribbon Week celebration

Moo Dat Breakfast

Swamp Tour

Third Grade visiting Honey Island Swamp


Moo Dat!

From October 3rd – October 28th, Mandeville Elementary students are encouraged to chant “MOO DAT!” and drink more milk at school every day to keep their bodies healthy. Students will be competing with other schools in the metro area for prizes based on the highest percentage increase of milk consumption versus the previous month. The contest is part of the Fuel Up to Play 60 Black and Gold Milk Contest. Ms. Cindy LeBas, MES Librarian spoke to students at Morning Meeting to promote drinking milk and also for National Book Month as the mouse character from the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, by Laura Joffe Numeroff.

Pictured are students from Ms. Jessica King’s classroom, top row, from left to right: Mary Payton Vigil, Ms. Cindy LeBas and Brooklynn Retzloff; bottom row, left to right: Angelle Pecoraro, Maddy Ditchendorf, and Brian Crossland.



September, 2011

Black and Gold Day

Mandeville Elementary gave their support to the St. Tammany Children’s Museum by enjoying a Black and Gold Day on Thursday, September 8, 2011. Students and faculty donated money for the priviledge to wear a Saints jerseys to school. Students enjoyed singing Saints songs and chanting “WHO DAT!” at Morning Meeting in anticipation of the season opener that evening against Green Bay. Shown in their jerseys are 2nd graders left to right: Dalton Tingle, Tyler Desposito, and Steven Spalitta.

Coast Guard Visit



Coast Guard visits Mandeville Elementary.


Keep Mandeville Beautiful


Mandeville Elementary honored students at Morning Meeting who were chosen to represent our school in the Keep Mandeville Beautiful Art Contest. These students will be competing in city-wide level  for the KMB contest. Pictured are students representing each grade level at MES; bottom row, left to right: Kindergarteners Madison Dufrene, Abdullah Ahsan, Eli Russell, and Sofia Smith; Second row, left to right: First graders Zach Smith, Cameron Richey and Avery Cockrell; Third row, left to right: Second graders Sophie Christ, Trent McKinney, Jayden Dorsett, and Trinity Fegan; Top row, left to right: Third graders Brandon Nolan, Jozette Oliveire, Emma Ebert, and Haley Wren. Not pictured is First grader Vayle Giglione.








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