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   Madisonville Junior High School

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May, 2013


Clean Up Day Volunteers


It was perfect weather for Madisonville Jr. High's spring clean-up day. Volunteers weeded gardens, pruned plants, and spruced up the flower beds with pine straw. MJH principal Dwayne Kern put his pressure washer to good use. From left to right, seated, are Susan Wright and Troy, Natalie Covington and her mother Carol, and Martha Bateman. Standing are
Allison Laird, MJH principal Dwayne Kern, Joseph Soileau, Cristin Williams, Noah, Joan Duplantier, and Becky Mclain.


Career Day Speakers

Madisonville Jr. High would like to thank the twenty-eight professionals who volunteered their time to address the eighth grade students on Career Day. The presenters spoke about their careers, education experience, and the day-to-day tasks and challenges of their professions. Career Day is designed to help the students explore options for their future.


From left to right are Lt. Matt Keith- US Coast Guard, Pastor Marvin Poole- Soul’s Harbor, Monica Brignac - 504 Fitcamp, Dan Trotter- Sam's Club, Tavia Prouhet- Chevron USA, Lt. Kal Miazza- Mandeville Police Dept. , Dr. Shirley Jacob- Assistant Dean of Education- SELU, Jerrold Rabalais- Edward Jones, Kyle Schellhaas- Audubon Engineering Company, Brian Verberne- Capital One, Jeremy Windom- Mandeville Fire Dept., and David Oehler- Air traffic Controller


From left to right are Dr. Mark Mikelonis- DVM/ Pilot-Delta Airlines, MSG. Michael Huckaby- Army Helicopter Mechanic, Lee Ogburn- Epic Divers and Marine, Jerry Tate- Special Agent in Charge- ATF, Michele LeBlanc- HCA- Social Worker, Dean Duplantier- Architect / Broadmoor Design Group, Katelyn Costanza- Engineer/National Weather Bureau, Wesley Wilson- Musician
Suzette Brantley- Ultra Sound Tech, Maureen O'Brien- STP Councilwoman/ Radio Talk Show Host- Mo Show, JJ Williams- Staff Attorney- LA. District Attorney's Association and Brian Verberne- Capital One.

Not Pictured are Brandon Mier - Owner/Operator Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, Ginger Indovina- Hornets Honeybee, and Dr. Fred Miller- Chiropractor.


Ashley Rodrigue - Northshore Bureau/ Chief Reporter/WWL


MSG. Michael J.Huckaby - US Army/Helicopter Mechanic


Brian Verberne- Capital One Branch Manager/ Madisonville


Maureen O’Brien - St. Tammany Parish Councilwoman/ Talk Show Host - Mo Show- WGSO 990 AM


Commercial SAT diver/gas supervisor Lee Ogburn and Remy Hester



Mandeville Firefighter Jeremy Windom


JJ Williams/ LA District Attorney's Association


April, 2013


Teacher of the Year

Ellen Rutledge, seventh grade math teacher, was voted Madisonville Jr. High's Teacher of the Year for 2013-14 school year. Mrs. Rutledge has been an educator for 21 years, with the last seven at MJH. One of the perks of being Teacher of the Year at MJH is a preferential parking spot. Pictured with Mrs. Rutledge is MJH Principal Dwayne Kern.


Support Person of the Year

Madisonville Jr. High’s “Support Person of the Year” is custodian Mr. Eugene Spencer.  From left to right are Madisonville Jr. High Principal Dwayne Kern and Mr. Eugene Spencer.


Substitute of the Year

For the second year in a row, Mr. Tommy Smith has been selected as Madisonville Jr. High’s “Substitute of the Year. “


Recycling Fashions

Belinda Breaux’s Consumer Science classes showed off the latest trend in fashion apparel during the annual “Recycled Fashion Show” at Madisonville Jr. High. The students designed, assembled, and modeled their original creations made entirely of recycled materials.

Modeling some of the student designs are teachers (left to right) Susan Wright, Renee Davis, and Chasidy Reid.

Zach Crain

Gina Catalanotto

Kayli Orazio  

Connor Whipple

Chloe Russo

Hannah Gomez

Mackenzi Morgan





March, 2013


Solar Ovens

Students in Tammy Williams 6 th grade science class at Madisonville Jr. High used pizza boxes to construct solar ovens.  Laser pointers were used to determined the best angle to prop open the lid in order to catch the reflection of the sun. Within 15 minutes, the ovens reached temperatures ranging from 100-140 degrees. To test the effectiveness of their solar ovens, the students cooked “smores.”

Left to right: Taylor Blau, Kelsey Condon, 6th grade science teacher Tammy Williams, Shelly Edgerton, Madelyn Mendoza, and Caylin Ritter

Left to right: Maya Graver and Chloe Rabuck

Left to right: Evans Wilson, Shelly Edgerton, Nelson Garcia, and Alex Tirado


Golden Students

David LaBorde with his stepson, Zach Crain

Cole, Allison, and Aimee Leachman

Hannah, Anthony, and Lindsay Gomez

Windy and   Annmarie Alessi

Hannah and Alysse Stein

Dacuma Bravo and her mother Monique Hines

Timothy and Rachel Barbrow

Kaitlyn and Melissa Wendt, and Sybil Falcon


February, 2013


Good Behavior Reward

Students at Madisonville Jr. High were treated to ice cream as a reward for their positive behavior. Any student without a detention or ISS during the second nine weeks grading period were allowed to attend. Picture left to right are Paige Ogle, Gina Catalanotto, Rachael Meir, Hayley Pacaccio, and Amanda Pigrenet.


Respect and Kindness

Samantha Yarbrough, an eighth grade student at Madisonville Jr. High, addressed the student body with a moving speech in which she challenged the students to reach out and treat others with kindness and respect. Yarbrough told the students of her own struggles and how one caring person made a difference.

Samantha is pictured with her parents, Glynda and Jim Yarbrough.

As part of Madisonville Jr. High’s Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) Program, the administration presented every student, teacher/staff member, cafeteria personnel, custodian, and office staff with a “This is Where it Starts” t-shirt. The goal of PBIS is to provide a positive school climate. Pictured from left to right are Madelyn Mendoza, Marlies Carter, Dawson Nelson, Cassidy Engolia, and Kayla Rush.

Front row, left to right, Madelyn Mendoza and Emily Breland. On the second, left to right, are Heaven Cauble, ELA teacher Amanda Keith, Brennan Boudreaux, Hannah Culbreath, Hannah Stein, and Kelly Stoltz

Madison Chattelier, 8th grade teacher, Martha Bateman, Oliver Murphy, and Tyler Kinnan


January, 2013



Grant for Televisions

Madisonville Junior High received a $2,500 grant from the Kinder Morgan Foundation. The funds will help purchase televisions for classrooms, which will be used for various learning activities including the Madisonville Jr. High broadcast program.  Pictured from left to right are Allen Fore, Principal Dwayne Kern, Oliver Murphy and Allyson Murphy.


State Treasurer Substitutes
In English Class

Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy visited our school Friday, January 11, to serve as a substitute teacher in Ms. Wright's sixth grade English and Reading class. He substitute teaches from time to time to remain aware of the day-to-day challenges faced by classroom teachers, he said.

“I have been substituting a couple of times a year for the past nine years,” Kennedy explained. “And the reason I do it is because so many of the people in Baton Rouge who make policy for elementary and secondary education have no idea what it’s like to be a teacher today.”

Principal Dwayne J. Kern said Kennedy spent the entire day with them. He also joined school teachers and administrators for lunch. “We are honored to have him volunteering his time with us,” said Kern. The broadcasting class at the school interviewed Kennedy at length during his planning period, asking him questions about his position with the state and the matters he deals with each day.

His students in the classroom also had a chance to ask him questions. “They asked about the state budget and how we spend tax money and what kind of taxes we have. It was a lot of fun. They asked some good questions,” he explained.

Serving as a substitute teacher will help anyone understand public education today in America, Kennedy stated.

Kennedy has previously served as a substitute teacher in the Baton Rouge area. Currently serving his fourth term as Treasurer for the state, Kennedy was elected to the position in 1999.

From left to right are Cynthia Arnold, RHT; Assistant Principal Patricia Welch Nelson; Principal Dwayne Kern; Suzanne Gelpi, PTA President; Susan Wright, 6th grade Teacher; Ellen Rutledge, 7th grade Teacher; and John Kennedy, State Treasurer.


Mendow Retires

Cindy Mendow, long-time librarian at Madisonville Jr. High, retired in December after 30 years of service in the St. Tammany Parish public school system.  Mrs. Mendow was honored during a luncheon hosted by MJH’s PTA. As a thank you from the administration and staff, Mendow was presented with a “dedication brick” that will be placed in the courtyard at the St. Tammany Parish School Board office in Covington. From left to right are Cindy Mendow and librarian volunteer Shelly Edgerton.


Stennis Space Center Visit

Eighth grade students from Madisonville Jr. High recently visited the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. The center provided opportunities for the students to expand their knowledge of space through a variety of interactive activities. From left to right are Jordan Holmes and Bree Poche.


November, 2012


Red Ribbon Week

Camo Day: Laura Smith’s Sixth Grade Gifted class was one of the winners for most participation of Madisonville Jr. High’s dress-up days for Red Ribbon Week. Left to right: Front row: Dawson Nelson, Robert Fahey, and Matt Richardson. Middle: Madelyn Mendoza
Back row: Heaven Cauble, Adeline Maillho, Monster Teacher Laura Smith, and Cassidy Engolia.

Cowboy Day: Hailey Lacoste, Teacher Susan Wright and Caylyn Ritter

Eighth grade teacher Martha Bateman and gifted teacher Cherie LaPlace

Gabby Saucier, Lori Firmin, Ava Pierce


Veterans Day

Madisonville Jr. High celebrated Veteran’s Day with a fitting tribute to the U.S. Military and First Responders. Students and staff invited family members, who have served our country, to participate in the program. The performance was organized by choir teacher, Becky Mclain.

U.S. Navy Veteran Buddy Welch, (USS Helena, USS Valley Forge, Vietnam), is pictured with grand-daughter Hannah Nelson, and daughter, Patricia Welch-Nelson (MJH Assistant Principal).


MJH Choir: Front row, left to right: Annmarie Alessi, James Geiger, and Dajon Jones. 2nd Row left to right,: Shelby Jones, Brittany McBeth, Marlies Carter, Dajanea Pollard, Patrick Miller, and Alisha Edgerson. 3rd Row left to right: Stephen Fauries, Jamie Krulisky, Cheyenne Gerrets, Johun Bagent, and Zachary Nelson. 4th Row left to right: Hannah Stein, Madalyn Hensel, Kaitlyn Schenck, Leah Strouse, Kaitlyn Conway, Camille Hebert, Anneliese Mann, and Hannah Harkins

MJH SOAR Show Choir - Front Row left to right: Armando Dealicio, Natalie Covington, Hannah Baham, Abigail Watson, Madison Chatellier, Allie Bjorkner, Madison Babineaux, Colin Bourrouso, Maddie Johnston, Micayla Mendel, and Michaela Bryan. 2nd Row left to right: Julie Pete, Emelie Lasseigne, Mimi Nelson, Jordan Holmes, Camryn Hughes, Courtney Hughes, Megan Homes, Tyler Kinnan, and Nick Savoie. 3rd Row left to right: Hannah Nelson, Lauren Rheams, Shirlen Bookhardt, Allie Revere, Alexis Dean, Madison Adams, Rhia Sepulveda, Lori Erwin, Laura Doyle, and Kristin Melancon. 4th Row left to right: Courtney Laurent, Hannah Willie, Maddie Bones, Kelsey Thomas, Shantell Pollard, Brandon Moore, and Hunter Talazac


October, 2012


Red Ribbon Week

Louisiana State Troopers visited Madisonville Jr. High as a prelude to Red Ribbon Week. Trooper Nick Manale addressed the student body about drug awareness and the importance of being drug free. Teka, a four year old lab, and her trainer, Trooper Mark Fontenot, gave a demonstration on how drugs are found. Pictured left to right are Nick Jones, Lt. Kurt Vorhoff, Kurt Vorhoff Jr.,Trooper Nick Manale, Trooper Mark Fontenot with Teka.

K-9 Unit Trooper Mark Fontenot and Teka.

Lt. Kurt Vorhoff shows the students different types of drugs.

Trooper Nick Manale, Lt. Kurt Vorhoff, and Trooper Mark Fontenot with Teka.


Door Decorating Contest

Winners of the Red Ribbon Week door decorating contest pictured below:

First Place…. Ms. Martha Bateman ( 8th grade ELA)

Second Place…. Mrs. Kathryn Saltalmachia (Special Ed)

Third Place… Ms. Kelsey Fayard (8th grade Social Studies)

Thanks to all who participated!  The students were all really proud of their work, and it was a great way to kickoff Red Ribbon Week!



Little Citizens, Big Change

Students from Madisonville area schools and members of the non-profit organization Little Citizens Big Change raised money for charity by painting and selling one-of-a-kind pumpkins. The students chose to donate the money that they raised to local victims of Hurricane Isaac.

Pictured from left to right are Bailey Finnan (MES), Jence Simms (LES), Brooke Williamson (LES), Camille Hebert (MJHS), Sydnie Hebert (MES), Lauren Hebert (LES), and Britney Williamson (MES). Not pictured are Julia Marcus, Grace Traina, Lucy McAleb, Miley Finnan, and Isabel Paleaz.



"Lynn's Lunatics"

The staff at Madisonville Jr. High wore matching pink "Lynn's Lunatics" t-shirts to show their support for MJH office manager, Lynn Bourque, who has been battling breast cancer for the past seven months. To promote Breast Cancer Awareness school-wide, for a $1 donation, students were allowed to wear pink shirts and blue jeans. $440 was raised and will be donated to the New Orleans Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Pictured left to right are RHT Cynthia Arnold, Assistant Principal Patricia Welch Nelson, Principal Dwayne Kern, Secretary Pam Beyer, Office Manager Lynn Bourque, and Paul Bourque.

Lynn Bourque and her husband Paul.

Left to right: 8th grade ELA teacher Martha Bateman, School nurse Winnie Goodwin, Secretaries Pam Beyer and Crocifissa O’ Neal.

Left to right Kneeling: Jaide Guillory, and Lori Erwin. Back row: Madison Shoemake, Madison Boudreaux, Garrett Williams, Parker Revere, Gabby Saucier, Brianna Bonnell, Ava Pierce, Daniel Burkhalter, Keri Stevens, Julie Pete, and Madison Wilburn-Aucoin


Eagle Dad Speaker

Brad Schroeder, vice president of Commercial Lending at Gulf Coast Bank and Trust, was the guest speaker at Madisonville Jr. High's "Eagle Dad's" dinner meeting. Mr.  Schroeder spoke to the students and their dads about the importance of spending quality time with their children. Pictured are Madisonville Jr. High Principal Dwayne Kern, at left, and Brad Schroeder.


Golden Students

Madisonville Jr. High honored their "Golden Students" with a reception and pizza party for the students and their parents/guardians. Teachers select two students each month that reflect MJH Eagle’s Who S.O.A.R.( Safe, Organized, Always Kind, and Respectful). Pictured left to right are Larry, Sam, and Sharon Orlando.


Fair Booth Honors

Madisonville Jr. High was awarded two top honors for their display booth at the St. Tammany Parish Fair. Their theme, "To Louisiana with Love," honoring the 200th birthday of Louisiana, won First Place and Sweepstakes in the Jr. High division.


Pep Rally Pix


Madisonville Jr. High cheerleaders and dance team kicked off its
first pep rally of the 2012-13 school year.

Front: Taylor Paysse
Left to right: Sydney Short, Megan Holmes, Courtney Hughes
Top: Faith Hano

MJH Eagles football team

Madisonville Jr. High Cheer Squad
Left to right front to back
1st row- Hailey Lacoste, Sydney Koonts, Taylor Paysse, Faith Hayno, Heather Mchaffey, Taylor Blau, and Amelia Bennett. 2nd row- Adella Sengtiane, Aminta Sengtiane, Grace Hano, Megan Atkinson, and Madison Shoemake. 3rd row- Casie Hallaron, Camille Hebert, Maddie Harper, Camryn Hughes, Courtney Hughes, and Gabbie Whitecotton. 4th row- Megan Holmes, Sydney Short, Madison Babineaux, McKenzie Bankston, and Caroline Hargroder

MJH Eaglettes Dance Team
left to right, front to back:
1st row-Zoe Martin, Jordan Holmes, and Allie Bjorkner. 2nd row- Sarah Grace Donnelly, Kinsey Moran, and Ava Pierce. 3rd row- Megan Mazerat, Rebecca Samuel, Katya Pineda, and Madelyn Mendoza. 4th row- Macy Boudreaux, Brooke Jakins, Bailey Foret, Hannah Baham, and Amanda Pigrenet. 5th row- Kaitlyn Doyle, and Keely Hall

MJH Band

Left to right- Michael Sulzer, Daniel Burkhalter

Eagle head coach Jason Thibodeaux

Assistant coach Travis Costanza


Coast Guard Speaker

Lieutenant Junior Grade Matt Keith of the United States Coast Guard was a guest speaker at Madisonville Jr. High. In ELA teacher Amanda Keith’s sixth grade class, students were given the opportunity to interview Lt. Keith in order to write a realistic news article.


September, 2012




Patriot Day Photos

For a small donation on Patriot’s Day, students at Madisonville Jr. High were allowed to wear red, white, or blue t-shirts in place of their uniform shirts in honor of those who died on September 11th. Over $200 was raised with the proceeds going to the local Red Cross.

Pictured left to right: Rainey Saune, Michaela Bryan, Hunter Talazac, Shirlen Burkhardt, and Daria McCongeil.


Lauren Black

Office Manager Lynn Bourque

Teachers Martha Bateman, Glen Walden, and Amanda Keith

Left to right: Lauren Black, Alayna Blow, Emily Jones, Regan Martin, Madison Fitzsimons, and Emelie Lasseigne


Touching Lives
Through Theater

Madisonville Junior High School is pleased to announce that they are one of thirteen recipients of a Touching Lives Through Theatre grant. Talented Drama teacher Stephen Cefalu submitted an impressive application that was chosen by a review committee at Pioneer Drama Service, a major play publishing company in North America. Cefalu plans to use the $500 grant to strengthen the Talented Drama program at MJH.


Chamber Meeting

Recently, Madisonville Junior High School administrators met with representatives from the Greater Madisonville Area Chamber of Commerce. Pictured from left to right are Madisonville Elementary School Asst. Principal Candice Hickman, MES Principal Phyllis Stephens, C.O.C. Advisor Michelle Vanderbrook, C.O.C President Jerrold Rabalais, Madisonville Jr. High Principal Dwayne Kern, and Madisonville Jr. High RHT Cynthia Arnold.


August, 2012


CPR In-Service

Madisonville Jr. High staff participated in a CPR in-service conducted by Captain Daniel Schmolke of the Madisonville Fire Dept.

School Nurse Winnie Goodwin

Teacher Aimee Blankenship

RHT Cynthia Arnold

Teacher Ron Kuerner

Captain Daniel Schmolke, Madisonville Fire Department


Luau PBIS Workshop

The PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) Team at Madisonville Jr. High hosted a back-to-school “Luau/Workshop” to acquaint teachers with new policies that will be enacted for the 2012-13 school year. Following the workshop teachers enjoyed an afternoon pool party at the home of one of the committee members.

PBIS committee members Susan Wright, Kelsey Fayard, and Martha Bateman

Special Education Teacher Karen Polk

As part of the in-service, participants created and decorated several bulletin boards around the school to promote the new rewards system of “Eagle Bucks.”


Teach, Motivate, and Inspire

Sporting matching t-shirts with the 2012-13 slogan “Teach, Motivate, and Inspire,” the faculty and staff at Madisonville Junior High welcome students back to school.

Pictured left to right: ISS Coordinator Beth Willys and Principal Dwayne Kern

Secretary Pam Beyer

Assistant Principal Patricia Welch-Nelson, teachers Ron Kuerner and Travis Costanza

Para Nancy Phillips, teacher Aimee Blankenship, Para Melissa Desmond

Teacher Jessica Brewster

Teachers Katherine Saltamatchia and Judith De la Ossa


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