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May, 2013


PTA Newsletter for May

Click here for the Madisonville Elementary PTA Newsletter for May, 2013




April, 2013


Caterpillars Into Butterflies

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten class had the opportunity to watch caterpillars turn into butterflies. Then they released them in their beautiful school gardens!
In this photo is Logan Blow, Robert Sewell, Ms. Judy Helmstetter and Blake Williams.


Planting Day

It is was Planting Day at Madisonville Elementary on Thursday, April 18th. The students and their parents were invited to help beautify the school. In this photo is Neely Roy with her mom, Erin. Kaydence Cooper with her mom, Brittany and then Kaden Honeycutt with his mom, Sherie.

Krisite Rorex and her daughter helped at Madisonville Elementary Planting Day on April 18th. They had such a good time beautifying the school.


Art Day Explores Nations

Madisonville Elementary celebrated cultural arts day with making and participating in activities from different countries including Japan, Brazil, Australia and many other countries. In this photo is Savannah Andre, Nayomi Nkata, Emily Manguno, Braxton Paddio with parent volunteer, Kristie Osi wearing clothing from Nigeria.


Strawberry Farm Visit

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class from Madisonville Elementary enjoyed the Liuzza Strawberry Farm. They had an opportunity to plant a bean, look at the different vegetables and of course, pick strawberries. In this photo is Kaydence Cooper, Kaden Honeycutt, Neely Roy and Trent Holliday!

Kaydence Cooper and Aubrey Lemonier in Ms. Helmstetter's Class


Children's Banquet

Pictured are Mrs. Candice Hickman, MES Vice Principal, Isabella Munoz, Baylee Spadoni, and Lainey Liner at the Children's Banquet. Three Madisonville Elementary students received an award at the PTA District Level for their Safety Poster drawings.  Lainey Liner was awarded Primary Excellence and Baylee Spadoni and Isabella Munoz were awarded Primary Merit.



The Cat In The Hat

Ms. Helmstetter's Class Celebrated Dr. Seuss Birthday!


PTA Newsletter for April

Click here for the Madisonville Elementary PTA Newsletter for April, 2013


Special Lunch Guests

School Lunch picture:  Phyllis Stephens, Principal, Pat Farris, Supervisor of Food Services, Mayor Peter Gitz of Madisonville, Janet Casey, First Grade Teacher, and Darlene Randolph, Lunchroom Manager



March, 2013


Louisiana School
Lunch Week

Madisonville Elementary celebrated school lunch week during the week of March 4th-March 8th. They had guests join the school to eat in the cafeteria. In the photo is Phyllis Stephens, Principal; Pat Farris, Supervisor of Food Services; Mayor Peter Gitz of Madisonville; Janet Casey, First Grade Teacher; and Darlene Randolph, Lunchroom Manager.


Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Janet Casery, a First Grade teacher at Madisonville Elementary, was named Teacher of the Year for the 2013-2014 school year. On the right side is Tammie Magee who is Madisonville's Elementary Teacher of the Year for 2012-2013.




Louisiana Week

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary celebrated their Louisiana week with a food tasting party. They had jambalaya, red beans & rice, strawberries, Abita root beer, Zapps potato chips, sugar coated pecans, beignets, and sweet tea. It was a great time. In this photo is Blake Williams, Elijah Pierre, Kaden Honeycutt, and Peyton Nicholas.


Tasty Louisiana Foods

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary celebrated Louisiana with having a taste party with different Louisiana foods.


PTA Newsletter for March

Click here for the Madisonville Elementary PTA Newsletter for March, 2013


February, 2013


Substitute Appreciation Day

A substitute appreciation day lunch was held, sponsored by a community partner – Dickey’s BBQ pit. Pictured are Tracey McNeil, Sharon Regard, Librarian Sue Hatchett, Melinda Williams, Dana Lirette and RHT Olenda Wingo.



Happy Birthday,
George Washington!

Mrs. Kinler's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary celebrated George Washington's Birthday by making "An All American Dessert". They mixed vanilla pudding, topped with blueberries, strawberries and cool whip! Yum! Pictured are Caroline Monier, Addison Scarle, Faith Marriott, Dylan Harper, Lisa and Arthur Harper( parent helpers), Carson Phillips, James Anguzza and Jack Myers.


Black History Month

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten at Madisonville Elementary talked about Black History Month. In the art center Kaden Honeycutt painted a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Hammering Song

Preschoolers in Ms. Dona Thomas' class at Madisonville Elementary enjoyed hammering and singing to the song, "Nathan Hammered with 1 Hammer" during music time. From left are John Morgan, Audrey Vercher, Skylar Haydel, Ms. Elaine Honeycutt (para), Nathan Johnson, Niklas Sharp, and Robert Sewell.


100th Day of School

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary celebrated the 100th day of school with a pizza party! The  students are Kaydence Cooper, Kaden Honeycutt, and Emma Rorex. It was a yummy day!!!


Preschool students in Ms. Dona Thomas' class at Madisonville Elementary recently celebrated 100’s Day by making a ten’s frame map. From left are Robert Sewell, Nathan Johnson, Audrey Vercher, Skylar Haydel, Ms. Donna Shoemake, and Ella Vidal.


Click here for February PTA Newsletter
(Adobe Acrobat PDF File)

January, 2013


100 Day of School

The students in Mrs. Kelley’s first grade class from Madisonville Elementary combined their 100 th day of school and Mardi Gras together. The students each made their own float with 100 things on them. Pictured are Britney Williams, Julian Pierre, and Hannah Martinez.

Gretta Wright decorated a Blue Dog with 100 beads.

Avery Penn displayed her 100th Day Poster.

Ty Grissom shows off his 100th Day Poster.


Mardi Gras Parade Ready

Pre-kindergarten students get ready for the upcoming Mardi Gras Holiday by creating a parade of their own during outdoor learning. They are, from left to right, Julia McKay, Amelia Warren, Jenna Sturdevant, and Gabby Romano.

Mardi Floats were abundant.


Community Partnerships

Principal Phyllis Stephens, Aimee Noel, David Oriol with the Oriol Law Firm and Assistant Principal Candice Hickman.

Principal Phyllis Stephens, Aimee Noel, Michael Nunmaker with Nunmaker Yachts, and Assistant Principal Candice Hickman.



Snazzy Snowmen

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary made snazzy snowmen with marshmallows, raisins, candy corn, chocolate chips and even cheerios. They were super tasty too. In this photo is Peyton Nicholas.


Partner Gets Plaque

Madisonville Elementary presented Exxon Mobil with a plaque recently for being community partners with our school.  In this photo is Mrs. Phyllis Stephens, the principal, Mrs. Lisa D. Schell, Mr. Michael Saitta, and the asssistant principal, Mrs. Candice Hickman.


Edible Snowflakes

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary celebrated the 80th day of Kindergarten and the season of Winter. They made these edible snowflakes with tortillas, white icing and sparkly sprinkles. In this photo is Adrian Perez having fun cutting out his eighty cuts!


Team Work

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten students at Madisonville Elementary are working in teams to complete a puzzle in learning centers. In this photo is Elijah Pierre and Gavyn Knight.




PTA Newsletter

Click here for the January MES PTA Newsletter.


Christmas Program

Students from Mrs. Hanagriff's class waiting for the program.  Students from left to right. Caroline Curry, Isabella Munoz, Haley Broddick and Aidan Grab.

Mrs. Hanagriff's in the Christmas Program, left to right.  Lainey Liner, Evan Ohler, and Madison Cucinella.

December, 2012



Christmas Costumes


Equestrian Outreach

Ken Roche, owner of the "Equestrian Angel Therapeutic Outreach Program," received a Certificate of Community Partnership from Madisonville Elementary for donating his time and services to Ms. Dona Thomas's preschool class at Madisonville Elementary. From left are Ms. Thomas, student Niklas Sharp, Angel (the miniature horse), and Mr. Roche.


Christmas Tree Cones

Mrs. Karen Hanagriff's first grade class at Madisonville Elementary recently made Sugar Cone Christmas Trees with the study of holiday customs and cultures from around the world. Pictured are student Aidan Grab and his mom Joan Grab.



Preschoolers at Madisonville Elementary participated in story time as Ms. Elaine Honeycutt  read The Gingerbread Boy, and the students told the story on the magnet board. The students in Ms. D.'s class are, from left to right, Niklas Sharp, Audrey Vercher, and Nathan Johnson.



Countries Around the World

Mrs. Kelley’s Class at Madisonville Elementary finished their unit on Countries Around the World by making gingerbread houses. The parents and students had a great time creating their master pieces. Pictured are Chad Ranftle, Kaiah Wilson, and Aliyah Naquin.


Visiting Author Shares Story

The students at Madisonville Elementary had the joy of author, Kim Hill visiting their school.  She shared her story The Adventures Of The Traveling Boots. In this photo is Ella Marquez, Maggie Marks, Mason Hickman and Kim Hill.


November, 2012


November Newsletter

Click here for November PTA Newsletter (PDF Format)


Good Choices

Students at Madisonville Elementary collected canned goods for the Covington Food Bank during Red Ribbon Week to show "They Can Make Good Choices!" In this photo from left to right is Peyton Nicholas, Emma Rorex, Aydan Lemonier, and Kaden Honeycutt from Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class.


Ice Cream

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary had an incredible time making interesting ice cream in a ziploc bag. In this photo are Trent Holliday, Peyton Nicholas, Kaden Honeycutt, Neely Roy, and Maggie Marks.


Germ Free

The Kindergarten students from Madisonville Elementary had the nursing students from Southeastern University in Hammond come speak to them about keeping germ free! In this photo are Elizabeth Hornick (SLU student), Aubrey Lemonier, Ian Breaux, and Courtney Byers (SLU student). The two Madisonville Elementary students are from Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class.  


Cookie Debate

Madisonville Elementary's First Graders had a cookie debate to prepare for the upcoming election. They even had Nabisco come for the debate and formed a community partnership with them. In this photo is left to right are
Alan Freeman, Retail Manager Supervisor; Assistant Principal Candice Hickman; Bambi Perrilous (OREO) Sales/Service; Principal Phyllis Stephens; Loretta Dottolo, Sales Representative; and Ward Blakeman, District Manager of Nabisco.


PTA Newsletter

Click here for November newsletter.



October, 2012


Moms Visit Classroom

Students in Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten class had a marvelous time having their mom's come to Madisonville Elementary to see how much fun they have in stations each day! In this photo is Erin Rory with her daughter, Neely.


Community Partnership

Donna Fritscher, Physical Education teacher at Madisonville Elementary, presents Brody McCoy, of Stone Creek Club  a certificate of “Community Partnership”.  Mr. McCoy gave tennis lessons during Red Ribbon Week to all students during physical education classes.  Pictured with Mr. McCoy and Mrs. Fritscher are, from left to right, Hayden Gold, Remy Santangelo, Mason Hickman, and Haley McCaskill.


Character Day

Students in Ms. Dona Thomas‘s pre-k class at Madisonville Elementary celebrated Storybook Character Day recently at Madisonville Elementary. From left are Nathan Johnson (aka “Letterman”) and Ella Vidal (aka “Jessie”).


Little Citizens, Big Change

Students from Madisonville area schools and members of the non-profit organization Little Citizens Big Change raised money for charity by painting and selling one-of-a-kind pumpkins. The students chose to donate the money that they raised to local victims of Hurricane Isaac.

Pictured from left to right are Bailey Finnan (MES), Jence Simms (LES), Brooke Williamson (LES), Camille Hebert (MJHS), Sydnie Hebert (MES), Lauren Hebert (LES), and Britney Williamson (MES). Not pictured are Julia Marcus, Grace Traina, Lucy McAleb, Miley Finnan, and Isabel Paleaz.



Zoo 2 You

These are from students who sold $480+ for the candy fundraiser.
Zoo 2 You came to MES as their reward.


Pizza Perfect

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary had a perfect time making personal pizzas for the letter P. In this picture is Hannah Bourgeois, Gabbi Cosentino, Ms. Helmstetter, Elijah Pierre, and Aidan Bettencourtt.

In this photo is Kaden Honeycutt and Kaydence Cooper. They were quite the helpers!


Pre-Kindergarten Poster


Bus Driver Appreciation

Madisonville Elementary PTA and PBIS Committee sponsored the Bus Driver Appreciation Breakfast held on October 19, 2012. In the photo are Beth Maillho, PTA Treasurer, Kristen Kuhn, Sharon Strange, Ricky Windom, Candice Hickman, Asst. Principal, Tim Windom, Bobby Milton, Phyllis Stephens, Principal, Tim Miller, Pauline Smith, Eric Graham, Adrienne Willie and Christen Lang, PTA Secretary. Not pictured is Kelly Windom.



Fire Prevention Week

Madisonville Elementary observed Fire Safety Prevention Week with visitors from Fire District No. 2 in Madisonville. Student Will Tamplain in Ms. Tammie Magee's First Grade class  experienced what it was like to wear a fireman’s gear. Pictured are Calvin Klein, Larry Macaluso and Joey Sanders with Madisonville’s Fire District No. 2.

Madisonville Fire District #2 visited Madisonville Elementary during Fire Safety Prevention Week. Pictured are (1st row)  Lauren Kearns, Aidan Boles, James Anguzza, Weldon Clark, Jesse Cummings, Jace David, Cooper Fletcher, Marshall Estrada, and Faith Marriot; (2nd row)  Mrs. Joan Kinler, Phoebe Jouandot, Alice Powell, Caroline Monier, Zoe Dieringer, Luke Ortego, Jack Myers, Carson Phillips, Addison Scarle, Logan Callahan, Katelyn Wilson, Ruby Dwight and firefighters Larry Macaluso and Joey Sanders.  Not pictured is Calvin Klein.


Painting Fish Pix


Global Wildlife Visit


Choose Your Tray


PTA Newsletter

Click here for the PTA Newsletter for October


September, 2012

Hurricane Isaac Victims Helped

The students at Madisonville Elementary donated relief supplies that were packaged into care packages for the families of the town of Madisonville that flooded during Hurricane Isaac. The students and faculty donated enough supplies to make 35 care packages. The project was the idea of first grade teacher Janet Casey, who is a lifelong resident of Madisonville and the daughter of Mayor Peter Gitz.

Mrs. Casey stated that some of the residents that flooded this time had never flooded before and these residents had lived here most of their lives.  The care packages were handed out on Saturday, Sept. 8 by six teachers and their children along with the principal, Phyllis Stephens and Vice-principal, Candice Hickman. These faculty members walked around the town and handed out the care packages to many of the families. The recipients were very appreciative.

Pictured on the top row from left to right are Janet Casey, Candice Hickman, Riley and Joan Kinler, Sharon Posseno, Amy, Gayle and Jacob Desselles, and Fran Pechon. On the bottom row, from left to right, are Rory and Judy Helmstetter, Staci Kelley, Phyllis Stephens, Samantha and Natalie Bostic.


Chamber Meeting

Recently, Madisonville Elementary School administrators met with representatives from the Greater Madisonville Area Chamber of Commerce. Pictured from left to right are MES Asst. Principal Candice Hickman, MES Principal Phyllis Stephens, C.O.C. Advisor Michelle Vanderbrook, C.O.C President Jerrold Rabalais, Madisonville Jr. High Principal Dwayne Kern, and Madisonville Jr. High RHT Cynthia Arnold.


Waiting for the Bus

Pictured are four 1st grade friends waiting for the bus at Madisonville Elementary School. Pictured left to right are Clayton Burke, Hays Fyten, Davis Nowicki and Kaitlyn Skinner.


Happy Birthday!

Students  and staff at Madisonville Elementary School recently helped their principal, Mrs. Phyllis Stephens, celebrate her 50th birthday!  She stated that it was a day that she would never forget and wanted to thank everyone for their part in this special day!


Gold Shining Welcome

Ms. Judy Helmstetter, a Kindergarten Teacher at Madisonville Elementary, welcomed her new students with a gold shining star medal for the school year, in honor of the recent Olympics. They certainly will each shine in her class this year. In this photo is Lucy Reed and Judy Helmstetter.


Click Here for the September
PTA Newsletter

(Adobe Acrobat PDF Format)



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