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April, 2012



Earth Day

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary had a chance to celebrate Earth Day with a recycling project and even making "dirt dessert" in the cooking center. In this photo is Kyle Charrier, Letter V and Avery Penn enjoying their treat!


Principal Appointed

Mrs. Phyllis Stephens was recently appointed Principal of Madisonville Elementary School.  Among the many well wishers present to support her were (left to right) Judy Helmstetter, Shelly Jones, Joy Bloodsworth, Amy Haley, Fran Pechon, Olenda Wingo, Phyllis Stephens, Peggy Willie and Mike Stephens.  Stephens served as assistant principal under now retired principal, Lauren Spencer for 7 years.


Art Day

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindegarten Students from Madisonville Elementary enjoyed Art day with face painting. In this photo are Samantha Bostic, Avery Penn and Zoe McGee.


Easter Party Fun

Sammy Lovill enjoyed participating in his class Easter Party with his parents. Sammy attends Madisonville Elementary in Ms. Dona Thomas's preschool class. Pictured left to right are Mary, Sammy and Woody Lovill.

Lilli McCaleb and her dad, Will,  enjoyed spending time together at the Easter Party in Mrs. Kelley's First Grade Class at Madisonville Elementary.  While at the party Lilli and her dad did many fun spring related learning games.


Strawberry Pickin'

Ms. Judy Helmstetter, a Kindergarten teacher at Madisonville Elementary wrote an essay to have all the Kindergarten students at her school attend the Liuzza Produce Farm in Amite, LA. Her essay was chosen by Winn-Dixie, and they sponsored the entire trip for the students! The children had the opportunity to pick strawberries, plant a bean to take home and even see the different animals on the farm. It was a wonderful hands-on field trip. In this photo is Zoe McGee, Judy Helmstetter and Samantha Bostic holding the strawberries they picked.


March, 2012



Leprechaun Visit


Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary got a surprise visit from the Little Leprechaun. They had green pudding with elf cookies inside it and even found tasty gold coins in their classroom. In the photo below are Rose Landry and Kloe Lee.

Mrs. Wehner's  first grade students  at Madisonville Elementary School got a visit from "Lucky" the Leprechaun. They searched for his gold nugget and copied down math problems for him. Pictured below left to right are Isabella Roselli, Joshua Dean, L'ren Stifflemire and Kate Marks.



Louisiana Lesson

Ms. Tammie Magee's first grade class at Madisonville Elementary School recently had very special visitors.  The parents of one Emma Pitre, Brian and Gisela, are deeply rooted in Mardi Gras tradition.  They work in a family owned business called Artistic Creations that is responsible for making the beautiful costumes worn by the courts of many carnival organizations; Endymion and Ceasar to name a few.  Since Mardi Gras 2012 is now behind us, they had the time to visit Ms. Magee's classroom to teach the children all about the production of costumes; starting with ideas, drawings, then finally, construction.  They brought a video, costume parts, and a project board which included photos, articles and drawings.  Since Mardi Gras is an important part of La Culture, the children sat mesmerized while they learned about this unique craft.  The Pitres mentioned that Mardi Gras 2013 is already in the works!

Pictured left to right are Acting Principal Phyllis Stephens, Brian Pitre,
Gisela Pitre, Emma Pitre and Tammie Magee.




Spring Things!

First graders in Mrs. Gammage's class at Madisonville Elementary School recently took a stroll around their school campus.  As they walked, looking high and low, students recorded "Spring Things." Among the things they spotted were birds, buds, butterflies, pollen, doodle bugs, and a blue sky.  The students then took their clipboards back to class to inspire them as they wrote and drew about Spring.

Pictured left to right are Riley Marks, Mac Whitaker, Andrew Bordelon, Nicky Garetano, William Maness, Jessica Tran and Hayden Simms.

Football Fun

Madisonville Elementary PTA arranged for faculty, students and parents to attend the opening game of the Voodoo Football season. In this photo is Bowen Mitchell and his Kindergarten teacher, Judy Helmstetter. All the students that attended from Madisonville Elementary had an opportunity to do the high five tunnel with the players and go on the field before and after the game to meet the players. It was a great time!


Reflections Winner

Recently, Vaughn McDaniel, a first grader at Madisonville Elementary, was named a Reflections winner.  He was given Primary Excellence in the Safety Drawings, the highest award in that category!  The theme for Vaughn's poster was "At Work, At Play, Let Safety Lead the Way."  Vaughn did an excellent job and M.E.S. is very proud of him!


Springtime At The Farm!

Recently students from Mrs. Karen Hanagriff's first grade class at Madisonville Elementary visited Red Bluff Farm. Students learned about a variety of farm animals and farming experiences. Red Bluff provided students with many hands-on farming experiences including feeding animals and planting crops. Pictured from left to right are first grade students: Ava Grace Mann, Noah Honeycutt and Christina McNeil planting corn.


Yum Yum...Beignets!

Gina Penn's first graders at Madisonville Elementary recently completed their study of Louisiana. Students enjoyed a tasting party of Louisiana specialties, including beignets, jambalaya, red beans and rice, and pralines all of which were provided by the students' parents. Learning never tasted so good! Pictured from left: Chloe Shartle, Emery Young, Maddison Rorex, and Julia Hopkins.


Heather Cockfield's first grade class at Madisonville Elementary show off what they learned during the unit on the state of Louisiana!

Pictured standing left to right:  Anna Claire Gee, Natalie Neie, Rece Morman. Kneeling left to right: Cody Valence, Breanna Jones and Benjamin Cox 


Oh, the Places We'll Go!

Mrs. Cindy Naka's first grade class at Madisonville Elementary School celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday on Friday.  The day's activities were planned around this theme.  On Friday, Mrs. Naka wore the well recognized red and white hat (from the "Cat in the Hat" book,), white gloves and large red bow around her neck.  Among many special classroom activities, students listened to Seuss stories and made  Dr. Seuss hats. 

Pictured, left to right: Front row (kneeling): Ashton Klink, Jordan Groom, Sophie Brunell, Catherine Plaisance, and Brooke Peltier. Middle row: Aubrey Lane, Mac Whitaker, Landon Martin, Kayla Lemoine, Ali Elzein, and Aidan Pennington. Back row: Ethan Bakker, Jason Konsavich, Cynthia Naka, Cole Matherne, Bryce Paddio, Cheyenne Green, and Reese Sipos.


Measuring Cubes

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary have been learning about measurement. They have had a chance to measure themselves with footballs, bears, and even cubes.

In this photo Avery Penn is measuring Madison Lincoln to see how many
cubes tall she is....they are measure-mized!


February, 2012

Black History Month

In recognition of Black History Month, Madisonville Elementary School had a very special way of teaching the students about this special month.  Each morning during the week of February 13th, a different Black American Leader was honored.  On Monday, students throughout the school enjoyed a short story about Mae Jemison, an American physician and astronaut. She became the first black woman to travel in space when she went into orbit aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour on September 12, 1992.  First frade teacher, Mrs. Dee Bergene read the story to the entire school via the morning broadcast.  As she read, Librarian, Cindy Stumpf turned the pages of the book in front of the camera to provide a "close-up, virtual storytime."  Other leaders that will be honored during this week's morning broadcasts will be George Washington Carver, Louis Armstrong and President Obama.  On Friday students will view an educational video on Harriet Tubman.

Pictured is Librarian Cindy Stumpf as storytime is broadcast throughout the school.


Community Helpers

Recently Ms. Michelle Chauvin's kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary School studied "Community Helpers." During this three week thematic unit, these two students dressed up as construction workers. 

Pictured are Katie Sanchez and Evan Ohler.



Classroom Cooking

Mrs. Marse and Ms. Chauvin's Kindergarten classes at Madisonville Elementary concluded a week of learning about community helpers by becoming chefs! They were able to make their own brownies and cookies!

Pictured from left to right are Brady Domingue, Amelia Dovie,
Peyton Chiasson and Lillian Anderson.


Culinary Kids

Mrs. Karen Hanagriff's first grade class from Madisonville Elementary recently visited Young Chef's Academy in Mandeville. The young chefs learned how to make pizza and king cake.

Pictured from left to right is Jake Tirado, chaperone Cheryl Tirado and Clayton Welch making their pizza dough.



Wash, Wash, Wash

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary had a special guest come visit the class. As a community service, Nathan's Kennedy's Mom Alisha, from Lakeview Regional Hospital talked to the students about the importance of washing their hands to keep those germs away!

Groundhog Cupcakes

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary had a great time making Groundhog Cupcakes in honor of the little fellow. In this photo is Chase Munch and Zoe McGee.


January, 2012


Food Donations Collected

Madisonville Elementary Kindergarten wanted to collect at least 100 items for the Covington Food Bank in celebration of the 100th day of school. They are happy to say they met their goal and then at least a hundred more. In this photo is one representative from each of the ten Kindergarten classes. Pictured from left to right are Natalie Payne, Jordan Froeba, Rileigh Dietrich, Mariah Batiste, Tristan Cupp, Kiefer Kemp, Julianna Thompson, Avrey Dardar, Lexie Laine, and Jacob Lorino.

100th Day Pizza

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary celebrated the 100th Eve Of Kindergarten With their Dad's doing fun science and math centers.
In this photo is Lola Reed with her Dad, Chad Reed. They are ready to take a hundred bites into our 100th shaped pizza!

100th Day Hats

Mrs. Wehner's first grade class celebrated the 100th day of school by making hats with 100 stickers and necklaces of 100 froot loops. Pictured are, top row left to right, AnnaKathryn Granger, Jenny Pigott, and Kate Marks. Bottom row left to right: Bradley Lazaro, L'wren Stifflemire, and Joshua Dean.


100th Day Fun

Jude Condon, a first grader in Tammie Magee's first grade class at Madisonville Elementary School brought in a very cool 100th Day project.  As the photo shows, a photo of Jude was cut into 100 pieces and placed on a poster!  Throughout this special day, students enjoyed numerous activites planned around the number "100." Pictured is Jude Condon with his project.



Hilarious Hamburgers

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary had a chance to make hilarious hamburgers with peppermint patties, vanilla wafers, frosting for the ketchup and mustard. Also, green coconut was the lettuce. Yummy! In this photo is Bowen Mitchell.

Gymastics Fun

Some of the Pre-K students from Madisonville Elementary recently had a great time at Northshore Gymnastics." Pictured From left are Ms. Latanya Haynes, Charlie Bua, Matthew Seal, Ella Vidal, Ms. Donna Shoemake, Sammy Lovill, Ms. Rhonda Talley, Nathan Guiterrez, Robert Sewell, Ms. Dona Thomas, and Timmy Hillery.


Strength in Unity

Madisonville Elementary School cafeteria workers proudly show off their new school sweatshirts.  The sweatshirts were given as a gift of "Continued Unity and Support" to all staff members at the school by Phyllis Stephens, the new acting principal.   The white sweatshirts were monogrammed with the school logo and the wording "TEAM MES - Strength in Unity." Pictured from left to right are (back row) Dianna Braddock, Karen Thompson, Samantha Lane  and Elizabeth Manton. On the front row are Mgr. Darlene Randolph, Asst. Mgr. Chelsie Barcelona, and Jackie Smith.

CHS Child Development
Class visits MES

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary had the opportunity to have Covington High School's Child Development class come teach her students some fun filled projects. In this photo are Brooke Reimonenq, Monica White and Lola Reed.



Teacher of the Year

Madisonville Elementary School's Teacher of the Year Tammie Magee was recently named.  On hand to congratulate the new T.O.Y. were from left to right: Outgoing T.O.Y. Dee Bergene, the new T.O.Y. Tammie Magee, Parishwide Asst. Principal Amy Haley, and Acting Principal Phyllis Stephens.



Football Measurement

Joan Kinler's Kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary watched a video with Drew Brees teaching Elmo about measurement. Drew measured Elmo with a football. Mrs. Kinler's class measured their classmates with footballs and then wrote about it in their journal. Pictured is Taylor Maher being measured by Noah Reitman.


Octopus Hot Dogs

Ms. Helmstetter's Kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary had an outrageous time making "octopus" hot dogs to conclude their theme of ocean and fish creatures. They sure were outstanding! In this photo is Nathan Kennedy and Logan Scalise.


December, 2011

Farewell To Ms. Spencer

Madisonville Elementary Bids Farewell to a Legacy

On Friday December 16, 2011, Madisonville Elementary sadly said goodbye to their beloved Principal, Lauren Spencer.  After 33 years of service with the St. Tammany Parish School System, Mrs. Spencer is retiring.  Parents dropping off their children in car line, and bus drivers delivering students, tooted their horns to honor her as she opened car doors and danced to holiday music! 

Children came to school for their annual “Pajama Day.”  This special day takes place the last school day before the Christmas holidays in which students have hot cocoa and cookies.  Dressed in their pajamas, little girls and boys, along with her family, filled the school’s office for their final “Good Book.” This is a special tradition that Mrs. Spencer started as a form of positive behavior support.  Every Friday, during Mrs. Spencer’s tenure, students would be selected by their teachers to go to the office where they would be greeted by loud music, cheers from office staff, candy treats, Mrs. Spencer singing and dancing on the counter, and bright markers for signing their names in these special books.

First hired at the age of 21, Mrs. Spencer taught at Madisonville Jr. High, and Mandeville Elementary.  She then served as the RHT at Lee Road and Lyon Elementary schools.  Mrs. Spencer later moved up to Assistant Principal, then Principal at Lyon. Twelve years ago she was named Principal of Madisonville Elementary.    While at the helm of MES, Mrs. Spencer was named “Principal of the Year.”  The school was also voted “Best North Shore Elementary School” by Sophisticated Woman magazine during this time.  Mrs. Spencer felt that one of the most important aspects of her job was to visit the classrooms in her school on a regular basis and to stay in touch with the needs of students and staff. 

Mrs. Spencer stated that she never grew tired of watching children learn and grow.  Her motto was always “Work hard and be kind.”  She will always be remembered as a dynamic and strong leader with a very playful spirit.  Mrs. Spencer will be greatly missed.

Mrs. Phyllis Stephens, the assistant principal under Mrs. Spencer will serve as acting principal through the end of the 2011-2012 school year.  Mrs. Stephens has been with Madisonville Elementary School since January 2005.  Although she will miss her best friend, she pledges to carry on the high expectations of excellence that she and Mrs. Spencer have worked so hard to achieve. 

Pictured from left to right are Olenda Wingo, Tammy Greig, Phyllis Stephens and Lauren Spencer on desk.

A student signing the book.

Pictured left to right are Assistnt Principal Phyllis Stephens, Secretary Joy Bloodsworth, RHT Olenda Wingo, Principal Lauren Spencer, Secretary Fran Pechon, Bookkeeper Peggy Willie, and Counselor Tammy Greig.


Snowman Project

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary had a wonderful time building their own snowmen with recycled garbage bags and lots of other donated items! Now they are displayed around the school to decorate the campus. How snazzy!

In this photo is.Bowen Mitchell, Blair Strawitz and Jason Addington.

All Dressed In Pink

Four little ladies from Mrs. Heather Cockfield's first grade class at Madisonville Elementary School all had the same idea for "Storybook Character Day". On this special school day, students are to dress in costume representing their favorite books. These four classmates all dressed like Pinkalicious! Pictured are Breanna Jones, Brianna Lange, Natalie Neie and Anna Claire Gee.


November, 2011

Yummy Ice Cream

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary made ice cream in a ziploc bag! How interesting and of course, yummy... In this photo is Madison Lincoln, Chase Munch, and Kes Chestovich.

Potter Visits Class

Mr. Bob Satterlee brought in his potter's wheel to show the Pre-k student's in Mrs.Burkhardt's class at Madisonville Elementary School how to make colorful spin art. His daughter Olivia was the star of the week.


Pictured are L to R:  Olivia Satterlee, Bob Satterlee, Elijah Cummings, Tristin Green.

Service Dog Visit

Kelly Doolittle, Occupational Therapist, brought in her service dog to teach Mrs. Burkhardt's pre-k classsat Madisonville Elementary how to be safe with animals. Costeau, the service dog, showed the children how he can open and close doors and even take off socks! Pictured with Costeau is Rain Bertaut.


Transportation Projects

Students in Mrs. Kinler's Kindergarten class  at Madisonville Elementary made transportation projects with their families. They presented their project at the end of their study. Pictured are:Caroline Curry had a school bus, Kiefer Kemp had a rocket, Kaiah Wilson had a speed boat, Noah Reitman had a shrimp boat and Frances Broussard had a fire truck.


Veterans Day

Mrs. Wehner's  first grade class at Madisonville Elementary celebrated Veterans Day by reciting a poem and songs on the morning broadcast. Pictured are front row left to right: Saige Borja, MaryKate Fitzsimons, Ashton Martin, Greg Ferro, and Weston Rhodes. On the second row from left to right are Jerry Jacob, Joshua Dean, Jacob Huckaby, Bradley Lazaro, Abigail Brunell, Alan Burke, Jennifer Pigott, AnnaKathryn Granger, and Mason Bonett. On the back row from left to right are Olivia Lee, Brady Loman, Kate Marks, Mrs. Wehner, L'wren Stifflemire, Isabella Roselli, and Larry Warden.

911 Lesson

The Kindergarten Students at Madisonville Elementary had a chance to learn about the importance of 911. In this photo is Erica Anderson, Keitisha Young ( the 911 Coordinator) and Ava Catalanotto. Both the students are in Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten class.

Turkey Cookies

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class from Madisonville Elementary had a terrific time making turkey cookies. They have a LOT to be thankful for! In this photo is Ava Catalanotto and Madison Lincoln.

Making Ice Cream

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary had an intriguing time making ice cream. They had to put all their ingredients in a bag and got to shake it to create their own ice cream! You scream we all scream for ice cream! In this photo is Madison Lincoln, Chase Munch and Kes Chestovich.

Character Day

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class from Madisonville Elementary celebrated "Character Day" on Friday, October 28th. The students had to bring in their book and share their favorite part from the story. Of course, they had to tell us which character they were dressed like. In this photo is Jason Addington dressed as a Droid from Star Wars, Trace Andry dressed as Popeye and Chase Munch dressed as Jack from the Treehouse book series.

Write The Room

Two students in Ms. Kim Fitzpatrick's kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary School "Write the Room".  This is one of many activities where students go around the classroom and complete various writing activities. Pictured are:  Hannah Keyes (bottom) and Natalie Corkern


October, 2011


A Horse Of Course

Is that really a horse at Madisonville Elementary? Joan Kinler's  Kindergarten Queen of the Week, Frances Broussard brought a miniature horse to school for Show and Tell! Frances taught the class how to take care of a horse. Each child got to feed "Missy" a snack and got a chance to pet her too. Pictured in Front: Morgan Loyd,Laura Ludwigsen, Hailey Paysse, Kaiah Wilson, Menley Jane Daussin, Caroline Curry, Taylor Maher, Meghan Trumble, Ethan Jones, and Fisher Lalonde. Middle: Ryan Monier, Reed Jouandot, Yong Ni, Trent Buckley, Gavin Wade, Davis Bloom, Kiefer Kemp, Cameron Casnave, Noah Reitman, and Jacob Kelly. Back: Mrs. Joan Kinler, Mr. Mike James, Mrs. Beth James, Missy the Horse, Frances Broussard, and Megan Broussard.


Welcome to the Bat Cave

During a lesson on bats, students in Kris Marse's Kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary School, were able to read books about bats and pumpkins in a "bat cave." They used flashlights to look at pictures and find words that they knew. Pictured from left to right are Conrad Cadis, Alex Shoepflin and Aliyah Naquin.


Exploring Pumpkin World

Ms. Sherri Spranley's kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary School have been busy exploring the world of pumpkins. Pictured from left to right are Kara Henry, Brody Stevens, and Jacob Lorino.

Volunteer Recognized

Kelli Mueller is the Volunteer of the Quarter, at Madisonville Elementary School for the 1st nine weeks.  Her daughter, Madison, is in Ms. Helmstetter's Kindergarten class.  Kelli volunteered 95 hours this quarter.  She enjoys helping in the workroom, cafeteria and classroom.  She also helped with Grandparent's Bingo, Picture Day and Teacher Treat Day. Pictured are Kelli and Madison Mueller.


Good Foods

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary had the opportunity to learn about all the "good foods" on their plate with the help of the school cafeteria manager, Darlene Randolph. They got to name different foods in the various groups and then taste some too. In this photo is Julian Pierre with Ms. Darlene Randolph.

Signing the Good Book

Every Friday morning at Madisonville Elementary, children who have earned the honor, get to sign the "GOOD BOOK."  They also get candy and cheers from the office staff.  This is a regular event that the children look forward to.  Pictured at three students from Ms. Fitzpatrick's kindergarten class who earned the honor.  Congratulations! Pictured are: Gianna Portinari, Jamaine Hill, and Lola Himmaugh.


National School Lunch Week

Madisonville Elementary celebrated National School Lunch Week with very special guests.  This years theme was “School Lunch – Let’s Grow Healthy” which will help students understand where food comes from while highlighting the overall benefit that school lunch helps kids grow strong and healthy.  

Joining our students for this special lunch were (back row, left to right) Assistant Principal Phyllis Stephens, Cafeteria Monitor Jan Fisher, Asst. Cafeteria Mgr. Chelsie Barcelona, Cafeteria Mgr. Darlene Randolph, Cafeteria Staff members: Elizabeth Manton, Samantha Lane, Dianna Braddock, Jackie Smith, Karen Thompson and Principal Lauren Spencer. On the front row, seated left to right, are Madisonville Mayor Peter Gitz, Supervisor of Child Nutrition Pat Farris, Superintindent of St Tammany Parish Schools Trey Folse, Assistant Superintindent Cheryl Arabie, Elliot Heintz and District 2 School Board Member Elizabeth Heintz.


Mom's Moments

Preschooler Ella Vidal enjoyed her mother's visit during Mom's Moments at Madisonville Elementary School. Ella is a student in Ms. Dona Thomas' class.


Children in Mrs. Kinler's Kindergarten at Madisonville Elementary enjoyed a Nifty Fifty Day with their Moms. They made rootbeer floats, 50 piece poodle snack, a count by 10 record headband and Moms made a record message to their child. Noah and Rebecca Reitman enjoy rootbeer floats together on Oct. 27, 2011.


Understanding Nouns

Students in Mrs. Cockfield’s first grade class at Madisonville Elementary School demonstrate their understanding of nouns! Pictured on the top row, left to right: Anna Claire Gee, Breanna Jones, and Ashley Delorimier. On the bottom row, left to right, are Jake Brown and Cody Valence.

Making Scarecrows

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class and Ms. Janet Casey's First Graders from Madisonville Elementary got together to make scarecrows to learn about the season of Fall. It was a fun filled time and the best part was learning how to cooperate with others. In this photo is Chase Munch, Mason Sheps, Sean West, Jence Simms, Madison Mueller, Madison Lincoln, Ella Robinson, Emily Lammon, Erica Anderson, and Elijah Myers.

Mystery Reader

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary have a "Mystery Reader" appear in their classroom once a week. The students have three guesses to figure out who is coming to read to them on that day.  That day the students did not guess who it was...but loved her books she shared with them. In this photo is Lola Reed with her mom, Alicia Reed.

Staying Safe

Here is a great photo of kindergarten teacher Judy Helmstetter and her class with two Troop L, Louisiana State Troopers.  They came to teach her class about staying SAFE!

Grandma Volunteers in the Classroom

Harper Gianelloni in Mrs. Sharon Posseno's Kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary had a chance to have her "MiMi" come help in her classroom and eat lunch with her too. In this photo is Jean Krieger and her granddaughter, Harper Gianelloni.

September, 2011



A Special Guest

Mrs. Gina Penn's first graders at Madisonville Elementary School were treated to an exciting visitor on Wednesday, September 21. Faith de la Houssaye and her father Michael de la Houssaye brought an extremely large bullfrog to show the class. The bullfrog's name is Elvis and measured over 8 inches long! Elvis was found near the bridge in Madisonville and currently resides at the Route 22 gas station in Madisonville.



Madisonville Elementary had their first spirit night at the Chick-Fil-A that is located on Hwy 21. The theme for the night was "Fun with the 50's". As you can see Ms. Judy Helmstetter, a Kindergarten teacher had fun with her student Lola Reed and her sister Lucy. The proceeds for the evening will go to the school improving their technology.

M&M Math

Children in Mrs. Kinler's Kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary School had a special visit by Zero, the Hero on their 20th day of school. He gave them a treat of M&M's that they graphed. Pictured are Kiefer Kemp, Laura Ludwigsen, Ethan Jones, Jacob Kelly, Frances Broussard, Kaiah Wilson, Caroline Curry, Fisher Lalonde and Morgan Loyd.

Children's Museum

Recently students across the parish supported the St. Tammany Parish Children's Museum with Black and Gold Day. For a dollar donation, students, faculty and staff were allowed to sport their favorite Saints black and gold. Students from Mrs. Karen Hanagriff's first grade class from Madisonville Elementary are ready for some football! Pictured are: Back row (left to right) Troy Beaujeaux, Gage Garcia, Noah Honeycutt, Nicolas Cassesi, and Jake Tirado. Front row (left to right) are Rahtheos Neupauer, Jesse Stapler, Jaiden Nicholas, Vaughn McDaniel, Christian Sanchez, and Clayton Welch.

Zero the Hero

Zero the Hero makes his appearance to Madisonville Elementary Kindergarten classes each time they reach the 10's. He soars into each of the rooms with his mask and his cape with 100's of zeros on it. Pictured in this photo is Bowen Mitchell, Zero The Hero and Kyle Charrier who are both in Ms. Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class.


Zero the Hero

Ms. Spranley's kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary School celebrated our 20th day of school with Zero the Hero. The top row from left to right are: Jacob Lorino, Raul Pelaez, Kadyn Carboni, Joshua Harkins, Aaron Nitschke, Brody Stevens, Zero the Hero, Dane Schumacher, Austin Pounds. Houston Philips, and Nolan Byers. The bottom row from left to right are: Madison Cucinella, Ellie Forwood, Tessa Sansone, Kara Henry, Gretta Wright, Emilia Dealecio, Hannah Gowland, Lillian Horton, and Danasia Buckhalter.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

After reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom , Mrs. Brewster's T-1 class at Madisonville Elementary made their own chicka chicka boom boom trees. Shown with their finished products are: Landon Camp, Baylee Spadoni, Luis Alvarado, Emily Marquez, Davis Nowicki, Lakin Chatellier, Bella Hoffman, and Skylar Rutherford.


Easy As Pie

Aidan Mann in Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary had a chance to taste pumpkin and apple pie to decide which one was their favorite. The class created a Venn Diagram to find out the results. The winner was apple pie.


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