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Tasty Yellow School Buses

Mrs. Kinler's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary made Yellow School Buses for a tasty treat . We learned about Bus Safety, the color yellow and different shapes to make the treat. Pictured are: Gavin Wade, Hailey Paysse, Meghan Trumble,Mrs. Kerry Bloom, Reed Jouandot,Davis Bloom and Kaiah Wilson. The picture was taken Sept. 2, 2011.

Three Shining Stars

Ms. Judy Helmstetter from Madisonville Elementary was eager to welcome her new students to their Kindergarten classroom. Their class theme is "STARS"! So Ms. Helmstetter is dressed as a star and pictured with her is Samantha Bostic, Zoe McGee and Avery Penn. They are going to shine this year in Kindergarten!

Learning Can Be Sweet!

Mrs. Wehner's First grade class at Madisonville Elementary School used Fruit Loops
to practice making different types of patterns. Pictured are: Joshua Dean, Ashton Martin,
Brady Loman, and Kate Marks

Buckets of Good Character

Students at Madisonville Elementary began the school year with learning how to be Bucket Fillers. Using the children's book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud, students completed daily role playing activities to encourage students to make good choices and be aware of others feelings. As students get caught making good choices, they receive tickets to fill a class bucket. Pictured are Bucket Fillers from Mrs. Karen Hanagriff's first grade class. Left to right are Sydney Schneider, Noah Honeycutt, Clayton Welch, and Christina McNeil.

Black and Gold Day

Mrs. Wehner's 1st grade class at Madisonville Elementary School celebrated Black and Gold Day, Friday Sept. 9th, by wearing Saints colors! Standing left to right back row: Greg Ferro, Dorian Prince, Jacob Huckaby, Abigail Brunell, MaryKate Fitzsimons, Alan Burke, Olivia Lee. Middle row kneeling left to right: Bradley Lazaro, L'wren Stifflemire, Larry Warden, Jerry Jacob,Isabella Roselli, Joshua Dean. Bottow row sitting left to right: AnnaKathryn Granger, Mason Bonnett, Ashton Martin, Kate Marks, Weston Rhodes, Brady Loman

Special Guest

The third grade class of Dana Holiday is shown with their"Special Guest" earlier this year. He is SPC D'Artagnan Grey who was in Iraq during the Christmas holidays and received one of the packages we sent. He was so touched by the supplies and Christmas cards that he wanted to say "Thank you" in person. While he is home for a 2 week leave arrangements were made for him to come to the school. Ms. Holiday and the children were extremely honored and grateful that he was taking the time to come see the kids. "We made the flag behind us, individual special flags (which he loved), and we presented him with a King Cake too," Ms. Holiday said.

Seasons Celebrated

Students in Kris Marse's Kindergarten class at Madisonville Elementary School. Pictures left to right: Ryan Sorbet, Addie Snow, Elise Bakker and Mason Sheps work together in a group to complete a project at the conclusion of our "seasons" theme.

Zoo Visit

Ms. Judy Helmstetter's Kindergarten Class at Madisonville Elementary visited the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans on Friday, April 1st. "No fooling".... it was a wonderful day to visit the animals and have a picnic lunch. In this photo, on the front row: Laura Ludwigsen, Hayes Strawitz, Peyton Sayler, Bella Arnold, Ethan Clapp, and Faith Battaglia. On the back row: Ms. Judy Helmstetter, Natalie Neie, Samuel Weeden, Maddison Rorex, Lakin Chatellier, Aylor Hargrove, Elijah Myers, Noah Honeycutt, Myles Maresma, Alexis Labourdette, and Ava Grace Mann.

Moo Dat Van


This is a picture of Mrs. Sherri Spranley's kindergarten students from Madisonville Elementary School in front of the Saints van to commemorate our Moo Dat (Milk contest) victory! Top row (Left to Right): Jake Brown, Josh Freedman, Mason Bonnet, Gage Garcia, Bradley Lazaro, Trent Buckley, Landon Camp, Jesse Goelz, Alex Enk, and Will Murphy. Bottom row (Left to Right): Anna Claire Gee, Taylor Lightscy, Kali Falco, Zoe Kingston, Gracie DeVille, Sadie Lopez, and Ali Gauthier.

Songwriter Entertains Students

Madisonville Elementary students had a very special guest this past Monday. Students were able to enjoy the songs and stories of Johnette Downing. This award winning singer, songwriter, author is well known for her children's books and music including a local favorite called "Today is Monday in Louisiana". She entertained the school and got the students involved. In this photo is Rory Helmstetter from Mrs. Mary Brewster's T-1 Class, Johnette Downing, and Gracie Deville from Ms. Sherri Spranley's Kindergarten Class. What a great day for all!


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