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   Little Pearl Elementary School

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April 2015

PBS/Reading Celebration Water Day

Learning in Action at Little Pearl


Hands On Learning at Little Pearl

Tyler Harris and Eric Mavor, sort zoo animals by beginning letter sounds.  Later they counted and compared the groups.  They are in Ms. Boushie’s LA 4 class at Little Pearl Elementary.

Adam Hagadone of Ms. Boushie’s pre-k class at Little Pearl, practices writing number 8 in the writing center.

Pe-K student, Regina Washington, matches upper and lowercase lettered eggs.  She attends Little Pearl Elementary and is in Ms. Boushie’s class.

Riley Robin, at Little Pearl Elementary in Ms. Boushie’s class, experiments with geometric solids to see which slide and which roll down the ramp. 

Literacy Stations in Mrs. Collins’ Kindergarten Class

Audubon Zoomobile Visits Little Pearl

March 2015

Showing Off Easter Bonnets

Hats for Habitat

Enjoying Greens Eggs and Ham

February 2015

Learning About Diversity & Working Together

Mrs. Turgeau's kindergarten class at Little Pearl Elementary learned about diversity and working together on Tuesday, February 10th. The class read the story "The Crayon Box that Talked" which accentuated working together. Next, students were challenged to create one cohesive drawing in which all participating made equal contributions. Pictured clockwise are Acadia Jenkins, Kenzy Bernard,  Joswin Jahuey, Jayden Pierre, Donald Diaspro, Kenadie Free, and  Nathan Schmiderer.

Celebrating Black History Month

Students in Mrs. Well’s Kindergarten class at Little Pearl Elementary learned about equal rights on Monday, February 9th. The class discussed Rosa Parks and how she encouraged people to stand up for their rights. They then watched a video about Martin Luther King Jr..

Students in Mrs. Parish’s Kindergarten class at Little Pearl Elementary learned about Ruby Bridges on Monday, February 9th. The class listened to a story about Ruby Bridges  and discussed how she stood for being kind to one another. The students then made red school houses and recorded sentences about how they can be nice to one another.

During the month of February, Little Pearl Elementary School completed a school-wide study of quilts and Black History.  Ms. Brunette's kindergarten class read the text, Stitchin' and Pullin' by Patricia C. McKissack. The students discussed how the quilts were used by African Americans to help them share their traditions and stories. Each child then created a quilt square to "tell" his or her own story.

ZooMobile Visit


January 2015

Kindergarteners Learn About Martin Luther King Jr.

In Ms. Brunette's kindergarten class at Little Pearl Elementary, Milauna Kott, Ellistair Falgout, and Leigha Dillard create a Peace Badge after learning about how Martin Luther King Jr's used it to achieve his goals.

At Little Pearl Elementary, Ms. Brunette's kindergarten class all pledge "Peace Begins with Me" while singing songs and learning about Martin Luther King Jr's great achievements in civil rights. 


November 2014

Veterans Day

Tommy and Matthew Barrois raise the flag at Little Pearl Elementary during Morning Meeting on Veteran's Day.


October 2014

Black & Gold Day



School Year 2013-2014


2011- 2012




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